Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


31. The Joys of Jogging and Stealing Spaceships


~The Joys of Jogging and Stealing Spaceships~



They ran for a long time. For how long Everett wasn’t sure. Skylar was silent. Reese gave constant updates on the future. Everett just kept running. They skirted around the fog and they were just running, onwards and onwards.

He wasn’t even the first one to complain; it was Reese. “Skylar we need to stop,” she breathed out exhaustion clear on her face.

“We can’t stop,” Skylar said desperate to get as much space in between the Goons and them as possible.

“We’ve lost them until tomorrow,” Reese tried but it didn’t work.

“That’s not good enough!”

“So we’re just going to keep running until we lose them forever?” Reese questioned, pain visible on her face as a stitch made its way into her side, “You do know that’s an impossible concept don’t you?”

“We need to stop Skylar,” Everett tried and it was Skylar that stopped up in front of them.

“I know,” she sighed, “I don’t want them hurting you or…” she couldn’t finish the sentence. She looked dejected, “We’ll set up camp. I’ll take first watch.”

So they did that and everyone could see how tense Skylar was. “What did the dart make you remember?” Everett whispered to her as Reese retreated to bed.

“When the Miracle captured me, I never knew how long I was there for, it was so unreal. I kept telling myself it was a nightmare but it wasn’t.” She looked at him with haunted eyes then seemed to shake it off, “What did you remember?”

“When I was in prison,” Everett laughed.

“You were in prison!” Skylar expressed in shock and Everett felt compelled to tell her all about NASA and prison and building the Space-onator.

“We’re all a little messed up then,” Skylar said in a monotone and Everett knew how to cheer her up. He had to sing.

“Seven devils all around you. Seven devils in my house. See they were there when I woke up this morning…” he sang until he couldn’t no more, exhaustion taking over. But he saw a slight slip of a grin on Skylar’s face, maybe it was because his voice could not mimic Florence Welch’s in the slightest. He wanted to take over watch but Skylar refused so he went to bed and Skylar was left sitting, waiting for the Goons to emerge from the trees once more.

Morning hadn’t even come when Skylar was waking them up once more. Four or five hours sleep is what they got and Skylar got nothing.

“How are we going to get into Zaro?” Everett was asking around a wide yawn. He was not prepared for these early mornings but he had to try and dissipate Skylar’s paranoia.

“There’s a weak link in the fence about a mile or so away from here, we can duck in there. I know a guy that can give us some passes so we won’t get flagged by the government.” Reese mentioned and hiked her bag further up her back as she led them to the weak fence.

Zaro was guarded by a fence alright, a series of three fences stacked like a small maze until you could get into the centre. Skylar knew it was like Zeldor but less towers and more wide buildings. She was grateful that Reese had come along because she knew all the blind spots of the fences, where the guards didn’t patrol that often and where they could slip free.

It reminded Everett of prison but that thought was quickly swept away.

Reese directed them through the city reminding Everett not to gawk too long otherwise he would look like a tool and give them away. She led them to a small attic and took some money out of her bag, the guy behind the desk doling out passports and lanyards.

“They scan you sometimes so it’s good to have these,” Reese said matter-of-factly as she led them out of the attic.

“How do you know all of this? And don’t just say that you can see the future,” Skylar questioned, looking at her passport. Everything looked legit, too legit if you asked her.

“I have connections,” Reese replied and Everett quirked his lips at how vague she was. It reminded him of himself actually.

They explored the city, actually wandering around for a while. When the spherical scanning machines came round they didn’t detect any foreigners and therefore Skylar was rest assured that what Reese had got were real, or at least real enough to fool the scanners.

Skylar wanted to lay low and hide but Everett and Reese had something to say against that. “Can we not have a normal day here without running?” Everett asked.

“We could get ice-cream?” Reese suggested and Everett lit up like a small child.

So they got ice-cream. Even though Skylar advised against it. Ice-cream on Zeld reminded Everett of the sadly fictional universe of Harry Potter; there were many combinations available. He got a triple shot, three scoops of ice-cream with three flavours within them. There was pecan, burnt caramel, roasted chestnuts, espresso chocolate and blood orange. Those were the normal combinations, obviously they had different fruit on Zeld than on Earth so there were flavours called Blogion and Florx. They were delicious because Skylar got them after some persuasion – hah, that was a pun right there. He didn’t know what they tasted of but they were good.

Reese bought some more clothes and bracelets, decorating her arms with beads and even putting some beads in her hair, which she had braided by a pretty woman at a stall. No one knew how she procured the money but she did.

But the fun didn’t last. Skylar was right, although she wouldn’t admit that out loud. There were people in government official uniforms at the edge of the line of stalls they were at. They looked imposing and Skylar swore that one of them had blackened eyes when she looked twice. She flagged Reese and Everett to take a look, “There’s something not right about those people,” she murmured and both of them looked.

Now that didn’t look obvious at all.

But Reese smiled and bounded up to the group. “Brian!” and she leaped into a guy’s arms. Both Everett and Skylar looked at each other in alarm.

Brian was apparently Reese’s first love after she moved from home to Zaro a few years ago. That was what Reese explained anyway. His arms were as comforting as she remembered. “How are you doing?” she murmured into his chest and she could hear the chuckle billowing out from his chest. The other government officials looked weirded nothing but did nothing with the hugging pair.

“I’m good Recking Ball,” he laughed, “What are you doing back here?”

“Visiting with some friends,” she said confidently. And she drew him away to sit with Everett and Skylar. They picked up some more ice-cream, this time Everett gorging on Cherry and Blossomfever which was a curious mix if you asked him.

“So how did you meet Reese?” Skylar prompted and Everett knew it was only because she was paranoid.

“Her family moved here a few years ago, back when I was in training for the Gov. She had the cutest braids back then,” he stroked one of the braids now and Reese giggled. “She was my first love.”

“Stop it,” Reese slapped and they elapsed into story time once more.

Reese’s family had moved under the desire of a change of scenery, that was the official story apparently and Everett felt there was more to it that Reese didn’t want to share. Her and Brian met and it was the cutest thing possible, she was buying flowers as a welcome to her parents and he helped her pick them out, dissolving his manly reputation to the Gov in one gesture. They had started to date until Reese had moved away again after her mother’s death under an illness. On their last date Brian had delivered the exact same kind of flowers that he had helped her pick out on their first encounter.

Their whole relationship was sickly sweet and delicious.

Brian was even more handsome than he had been in his youth, and he had finally grown into his electric blue hair and large purple eyes. He had extraordinary strength and that made him all the more useful to the Gov.

Suddenly Reese wasn’t sitting in the booth of the ice cream parlour anymore. She saw herself being led off by Brian, going back to what looked like his apartment, going to his bed. Suddenly she wasn’t even in his bed anymore, she was facing a mirror, a smile on her lips and Brian’s face came into the reflection of the mirror. His eyes had blackened, for just a moment, his lips widened into a slight smirk. His hands were quick and his strength was great as he cracked her head against the sink.

Suddenly Reese was back sitting in the booth of the ice cream parlour. “Everett, Skylar how about another round of ice cream?” she motioned and kissed Brian’s cheek to still give away the façade. He had to believe that he still had her even though he technically didn’t.

Maybe that future wouldn’t come to pass. Maybe it would.

Off from the booth she whispered in their ears, “We have to get out of here,” and she told them why. She could see that Skylar wanted to tell them that she told them so.

They slipped out of the back of the parlour. And they knew that that was way too obvious. They didn’t have a lot of time. Too little time. They ran again and they didn’t know where they were running to.

It seemed like they were nearly always running. They dipped into alleyways and nooks and crannies, to try and escape Brian. Reese kept looking behind her and cursed her nervousness in not being able to look for the future. But she saw him once, storming towards them. Then she saw the Gov and she ran quicker.

Then a flash, something quick, just a brief glance, not enough for Reese to understand it properly. But she saw a building. “In here,” she called back to them and they turned a corner into what looked like a garage with a garage door. Quickly she found the button on the wall to close the door and she watched as it slowly made its way to the ground.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Damn, there was another person here.

The man was kneeling over what looked like a spaceship and both Reese and Skylar were staring back at him. Everett was too busy panting. God this was why he hated running and jogging, he got no joy from it anymore.

He was not a Powerful but a Creature, a humanoid body made out of what looked like Lich. Everett was only happy to let Skylar explain what Lich was; a stone that looked like transparent marble and it was only forged on Zeld. Lich was indestructible. Apart from that the man had silver hair going to his chin and a spanner in his hands. He looked perplexed as to why they were there. Everett didn't blame the guy for that. 

Another flash, finally Reese could see the future since her nervousness had downgraded a little, the interior of a spaceship. She voiced her opinion. 

Everett knew what Reese was thinking as well, he had that knowing look in his eyes.

“Sorry dude, but we’re stealing your spaceship.”

The dude made out of Lich gawked. 



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