Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


32. The Journey out of Space


~The Journey out of Space~



“What? You can’t just—“ The Lich man tried to say wielding his spanner as though it was a capable weapon. It wasn’t.

Skylar didn’t want to use her power on him but she would if she had to. “Look there’s a hoard of people from the Gov right outside your door, we’re sorry for bringing them to you but you can either join us or deal with them when we leave.”

Everett shot her look which clearly said that he didn’t want the man coming on board with them. But it was the Lich man’s spaceship, it was only common courtesy that she was offering.

“You’re lucky I can fix it on the inside,” the Lich man sighed and Everett squawked this time.

“You’re not coming with us…” he adamantly said, “I can fix it.”

The Lich man cocked an eyebrow at that statement.

“But then who will fly it?” Reese said crossing her arms as she looked at Everett, “I don’t know how to fly a spaceship and neither does Skylar I don’t think?” Skylar shook her head at the question, she could figure it out but the ride would be a bumpy one.

“Okay man close the outside up and hop in,” Everett grumbled. He didn’t like how there was another engineer on board that would try to outdo him. Just because he was human did not mean that he was a wiz at inventing and fixing things. He had made the suit so he was more than proficient at it.

“Why don’t you hop in?” The Lich man grumbled as he picked up a toolbox and a box, and motioned for them to go into the spaceship.

From the outside it appeared that the cockpit was sunken at the front and then the other rooms went up and back from there. It was blue and the all surrounding rings were red. Everett would have made a joke about American patriotism, maybe throw in a Captain America joke as he painted white stars on the upholstery, but it would have went over the Aliens heads.

Going into the spaceship was a bit anticlimactic for Everett. There was one window in the cockpit and that was the windshield. Only one, two - five seats; four lined up on the long side of the rectangular prism and one sitting opposite, besides the two sitting by the steering controls. The first noticeable thing was the utter lack of motion. It did not feel like any sort of future tech, it felt like the back of a truck. It was barren, smooth, it appeared as dirt brown walls in the lack of light, with sharp corners at the vertices; but where was the motion? Maybe the bedrooms and other areas leading off from the cockpit would be better? Everett did not have a chance to find the answer out however, because he was pushed into one of the two seats in front of the controls. The controls were the only things in the cockpit that looked futuristic, a series of dials and buttons and levers. It was like a car, if a car had been modified to fly out of space. It even had pedals. The girls were strapping themselves into the harnesses on the other seats as the other man came in. He sat in the chair next to Everett.

“You’re good to start it,” he said with a smirk, “It’s fixed enough for an out of space journey, whenever we get out of atmosphere I’ll start fixing it from here.”

Everett kept his eyes on the controls and turned the ignition. These Zeldian’s weren’t as cocky as they seemed since they had never driven a car like Everett had. He may have never been in a spaceship before but he survived his 18th birthday present of driving in a professional racing car and he had survived the trials of NASA and their speed force tests. He could do this.

The purr from it was like a baby lion, ferocious but cute at the same time. He could do this. The man made out of Lich pressed a button a remote control and the roof of the garage rolled back like fast peeling paint. The man nodded and Everett floored the accelerator and the upthrust. He could hear the engines ticking over as they ascended out of the garage and he was glad that he was harnessed in. This would not be a delicate flight.

They all got a brief look at the Gov officials hanging around the garage before Everett pushed his foot down further and they were zooming upwards, outside the sky light in the roof of the garage. 

“Do we have to go this fast?” Skylar called forwards and she looked slightly nauseous.

“Yes!” Both Everett and the Lich man called back and they looked at each other.

“Not for much longer though,” Everett said as he located the button that looked very familiar to his suit. The button that made them go so fast that they would break the atmospheric barrier. He looked at the Lich man as he pushed it and he braced himself. He felt himself vibrate for a moment and the world blurred but the clouds were white blurs in the windscreen. Finally his finger came forward to press it once more and the world slowed.

“Did you really have to do that?” Skylar shouted and she seriously looked green this time.

“Yes!” Everett called and finally he was directing the spaceship in a direction that wasn’t straight up. They had broken the barrier with a bang, not a whimper, but a shout. Then he was zooming to the left, turning the steering wheel, which was made of actual polished wood, to navigate them so that they could see the planet they had just left. They were just out of orbit now, no longer risking going sideways with the spins of the planet.

He hovered for just a moment, “Just a bit further out and you can hit this button here,” he pointed to a red button, “It’s for stasis so that we can stay here for a couple of hours.”

“A couple of hours!” Reese called and she could tell that Skylar was worried that the Gov would follow them and in extension the Goons.

“I need time to fix the ship otherwise we’re going nowhere but back down,” the Lich man watched as Everett did what he asked and as soon as the ship gave a final jerk he unharnessed himself, “You didn’t do anything too serious to warrant a Spaceship fleet did you?”

Skylar shook her head, the man was right, the Gov would have to report a serious crime to order a Spaceship and that would expose that the Goons were in the Gov.

“We didn’t commit murder if you’re asking?” she replied.

“Good.” The Lich man answered and moved off.

“Wait what’s your name?” Everett shouted back to him, he couldn’t keep calling him dude in his head. Well, he could but it would be easier to have a proper name.

“Fitzgerald but call me Fitz,” Fitz shouted through.

“May I call you Gerald instead?” Everett called just to be annoying.


“Alright Gerald,” Everett could hear the groan of frustration coming from the back as Fitz dragged his toolbox to the engine room.

He himself unharnessed himself because the ship was turned and Zeld was in full view. Zeld was certainly a green planet. It was like a seriously reversed Earth, a nearly entirely green surface mottled by a few smatterings of blue, where the trees weren’t deep enough to hide the seas.

It shouldn’t have been geographically possible, not to his human brain at least, but it was. Zeld was like a green apple, if an apple had clouds and moons floating around it. The moons from here were astounding, not what Everett was used to, but lovely all the same.

“I’ve never thought that Zeld would look like that,” Reese mused as she unbuckled herself and stood by the windshield. Skylar was still sitting, trying to get her breath back, maybe the spaceship owned by The Miracle had never moved in her time there. She had never felt the rush and swing of her stomach before.

“It’s lovely isn’t it?” Skylar muttered as she stumbled over to them as she finally stood.

“How far do you reckon we are from Earth?” Everett asked as he looked at the planet instead of their faces. Reese sort of guessed that Earth was the planet that Everett had hailed from but the proper revelation of the fact he was a full human, something of legend on Zeld, was astounding for just a moment. She hadn’t took notice of him, since he dressed in the way of Zeldian’s and he was under the protection of Skylar’s companionship. Plus, his muscled chest was more than distracting.

“Several hundred light years at least,” Skylar answered looking at him sadly.

“How could I travel several hundred light years to Zeld but not to Earth’s Moon?” Everett couldn’t comprehend the logistics of it. Had he built the suit to go so fast that he overshot the moon entirely by hundreds of lightyears? If so, how fast had he been going and how come he hadn’t died?

“You call your moon, Moon?” Reese asked flabbergasted, as she sat chuckling going "Moon moon."

“Yeah…” Everett replied but his brain was stuck on Earth and not on the spaceship floating nearly adrift in the Supernova Galaxy, a galaxy Everett had never even known until his Space-onator had brought him in it. 



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