Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


16. The Goddamn Trees


~The Goddamn Trees~



Everett had no clue where he was besides the fact that he was in a forest somewhere. There were so many goddamn trees, thin and tall. So many that the light tumbling through them made the tops of the tree trunks look blurry and disorientating.

When his limbs finally became limbs rather than pudding, he used his strength to take off his helmet to be able to see well and risk being able to breath or not. The air was crisp and floral and his sensors detected more oxygen percentage here than on Earth.

That was his first clue that he had teleported somewhere else compared to his home planet. But he knew of no planet with recorded lush forests like this one. Either that or NASA had lied to him which wasn’t anything new.

He came across nobody, not one soul that he could possibly ask about his whereabouts. That was just typical. It was just trees, goddamn trees. The thin trees descended into bigger trees, trees thicker than a group of ten people hunched all together. Everett was amazed.

So he just walked and hoped that he would come across something, anything, that wouldn’t harm him, and would tell him where he bloody was.

Then; noise. A burst of static type sounds and footsteps, radios and voices. Everett was going to go up to them and ask them where they were but they looked intimidating. They looked humanoid at least but their skin looked like a light grey and their faces were long with small, beady eyes. Not one of the men had long hair and all of them wore long billowy trench coats.

Everett was definitely not on Earth. He knew that now.

He followed them, keeping to the trees as cover. He didn’t want to risk being cornered by these guys. He followed them to a pond surrounded by rocky structures and there was a woman sat on one of the rocks.

Her hair was light and cut short, but that wasn’t the strange thing. The strange thing was that her skin nearly gave off a weak light. He could only see the back of her but her shirt was backless, only tied to the bottom of her back with leather that connected to her breeches. The jutting knobs of her vertebrae were visible and her spine appeared long and elegant. She must have just finished bathing in the pond because her hair was wet and curly. What a good time to be hunted down by a group of strange men, Everett decided. He was in a conflict with himself on whether or not he should help. On one hand she was a woman and while she could handle her own, there was ten men, TEN MEN. But then on the other hand, Everett was just a human and he didn’t know what these people were. Even the neck of the woman looked a bit too long to be human.

The woman stiffened as the men got closer and soon they surrounded the pond besides being directly in front of her.

“We have never seen you around these parts,” one of them spoke and his voice was like ice. Everett had to repress a shudder, who and what were these people?

“I have never seen you around here as well, that means that one of us does not belong here,” the woman spoke and her voice was a lot lighter than the men’s. “I would like to think that I do belong here.”

“This is Woodland Territory, the only thing that belongs here are the plants.” Another man spoke and he moved his trench coat aside, a wicked knife lay in the inner pocket and Everett had to stop himself from breathing. It had just went up a notch when it came to seriousness.

“Well I was here first,” the woman sighed and didn’t even turn when the man took his knife out. “Didn’t your mother ever tell you that it was rude to point a weapon at a lady? I think you and your men should chuck them all in the pond.”

Everett wanted to call the woman for her suggestion but then he was perplexed when the men actually did what she said. The first man, the one with the wicked knife, chucked his hilt first in the pond, and his men followed. They took guns and knives and hatchets out of their coats, and they all went into the pond. They all looked horribly confused.

The main man, the one who used to have the wicked knife, took a step towards the woman and the woman just held her hand up. “Why don’t you just knock yourself out?” she called, and the man knelt and bashed his head against the nearest stone, careening to the side in a dead faint.

The men now looked terribly confused. One of them rushed at her and did not get very far. “Take a dive will you, and stay there?” and he went straight into the pond and did not come back up from the water.

“The rest of you why don’t you fight amongst yourselves until you’re all knocked out.” The woman was calm and she hadn’t moved from where she sat. This time she was combing through her hair with her fingers to try and get it to straighten.

Everett was so perplexed. How was this possible?

The men fought with their fists going at one another with punches and kicks. There were grunts of frustration and exertion as they fought, and soon they were falling as they were knocked unconscious. The blows to the head or to the ground worked too well. Soon not one man was standing and the woman was still at the pond combing her hair.

“Whoever is out there must show their face, it’s only polite,” the woman called out once more and Everett inwardly protested. But his brain wanted to go out to face the woman, to come out of hiding behind the huge tree and see who she was. His body had a mind of its own when his foot moved and his lips moved to protest against it. But his body would not listen to him and he moved all on his own. Soon he was walking around the rocks to face the woman.

Her hair was too pale, terribly pale, and her eyes were big and lilac. The sclera, the white of the eyes, were dots in her eyes as the lilac dominated. Her lips were thin and then they turned into a curve of surprise.

His own mouth fell open in shock.


Skylar knew that people were coming for her when they were thirty paces behind. But she forced herself to stay there and fight, it wouldn’t do to panic and leave half of her belongings in the middle of nowhere just because she had been bathing. She didn’t want to focus too highly on the trees in front of her because they were great distractors. It could be people from the Corporation, tracking her down from where she had ran from, or it could be the goonies of The Miracle. It could have been anyone.

She would have preferred the Corporation at least her father’s men, the army of Zeldor, would be lenient with the travel back home. She could easily escape them. She could not escape The Miracle so easily if they came for her now.

Then they were upon her and she dealt with them easily, her power coming in handy more than it ever had since she ran from Zeldor. But then her powers picked up someone else, someone with a rough cut mind signature. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it because it was so strange. Their mind felt like granite and not like water dripping at the edges of her mind.

She called for them to come out and they did at least unwillingly. They all seemed to come unwillingly. It was a man with some blue bulky contraption on. He had sweaty hair, blond but much darker than her own, more yellowy as well, like cheap straw. His skin was darker and more like a peach, which she had never seen before. What was the most shocking thing though were the eyes, a brown like coffee with flecks of a colour that looked like amber and gold, and the colour was surrounded by white. There was so much whiteness, the sclera dominated each side of his iris. Each eye was framed by a dark eyebrow, bushy and unkempt, his lips were pink like meat and full. He even had stubble on his chin!

There was never stubble on Zeld, only clear shaven skin or a full on beard.

“Human,” she gasped, the breath rushing out of her.

“Alien,” he fired back in the same gasping nature.

“What did you just call me?” she asked as she stood and allowed the black leather of the breeches to accentuate her legs. His eyes did not waver from her own however, and hers did not flicker from his.

“Alien, are you not an Alien?” the man couldn’t seem to find the words to spit out. Was there something wrong with him?

“I am a Zeldian if I have you know, a Powerful to be exact.” Skylar said with indignation because the word Alien was affronting to her.

“A Zeldian does that mean we are at Zeld…?” the man didn’t seem sure of his words and his eyebrows furrowed. He held a weird thing in his hand, almost like a big blue bowl. Everything about him was strange?

“We are in Zeld, the third planet in the Supernova Galaxy,” Skylar said matter-of-factly and started to gather up her belongings. It would not do to stay there for much longer.

“Your eyes,” the human appeared to be amazed and his senses must have left him because he lifted his hand to touch her.

“Don’t you dare,” Skylar said and the hand was immediately dropped, “Have you never heard of the phrase don’t shoot if they have dots for sclera?”

“No… but purple,” the human made no sense whatsoever.

Skylar sighed, “You really are a human,” and he was the first human that she had ever seen.

Zeld knew about humans from history books but they had never managed to document a sighting of one. Skylar knew too much about humans for her own good but she didn’t know about this one. She knew too much to just leave a human out there and leave without him.

God why? Humans came with emotions and a thousand other tricky things.

“And you are a Zeldian?” he said and did not move when Skylar put her bag on her back.

“Yes we’ve been over that, now come along…” it wasn’t an order like it would have been if she concentrated and used her power of persuasion to make him but it still carried. And he didn’t move.

Skylar stopped a couple of paces into her walk and looked behind her, “Look human if you stay here you will be devoured by Bandesnack’s by nightfall and you don’t want to sit in their digestive juices for days.”

She waited a couple of seconds before the human yelped and moved to follow her, tripping over his feet as he went.

She rolled her eyes as she waited for him to get beside her. “What’s your name human? It will be easier than saying human,” why was she making conversation with him?

Because you’re alone and you’ve been alone since The Miracle kidnapped you.

She told that voice at the back of her mind to shut up and she moved on.

“Everett,” he said as he continued to look at her. He hadn’t stopped looking at her since he met her and it was slightly annoying. Humans were annoying.

“Skylar.” He wouldn’t know who she was if he tried so it was at least a bit safe for him to know her real name. “You look like an Everett.”

“How do I look like an Everett?” he retorted and switched the hand that the blue bowl was in.

“Humans have dumb names like that and you are human.” She answered and he squawked.

“You have a normal name for an Alien,” he mused thoughtfully and Skylar hated him just a little more.  

“I am not an Alien thank you very much!”

God why did a human have to come to Zeld? Humanoids hadn’t been to Zeld in billions upon billions of Sun cycles. 



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