Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


20. The Girl Named Reese


~The Girl Named Reese~



Working as part of the Moracci tribe was everything that Skylar had dreamed of. She had always been taught that the Moracci boasted hard work in order to gain peace. Everyone had their place in the world and if they all worked together serenity would be reached.

Everett did the work without complaining which exceeded Skylar’s expectations. The work was simple; farming, collecting herbs, making poultices for healing, transcribing things. For every day they completed money was given to the both of them for their actions. Skylar reckoned that by the time they had spent just over a week there they would have enough money to go on for now. She would stay longer if she could, more money was always welcome in this world, but she couldn’t risk the safety of the tribe.

It was nearing the week's end when The Priestess approached her again, “Skylaric I think there is someone here who you will benefit from,” she recommended and took Skylar's arm from where she was crushing some leaves in a mortar. Skylar’s eyes went to where Everett was in the corner, chopping wood with a hatchet. Since his question about her knowledge on humanity things had been a bit strained. Everett knew that he had overstepped and had retreated. Something nagged at the edge of Skylar’s mind that told her that Everett wasn’t used to human interaction past the personal barriers that Everett decided that everyone had to some degree. Something had happened to him. But she couldn’t focus on it right now.

“Yes Priestess, I would like to meet whoever this may be,” being in such a place of peace and sophistication had shifted her dialect back to what it would have been in the palace. The Priestess directed her to a vegetable patch where a young girl was sitting cross legged in the dirt.

“Skylaric I would like to introduce you to—“

“Reese there’s someone I would like to introduce you to. Not that she would encounter you on a normal basis. For the most part she’s too involved in her own implosion, and she finds it so lovely to be amongst the heat. She’s like you in a way, but not a freak to others. She’ll prickle you but she’s worth it. I think you’ll both learn something from each other, if that something is how to explode rather than implode and how to turn the future to absolute mush.” The girl implored mocking the tone of the Priestess. Skylar would have expected a reprimand from the elder woman but she just smiled. What was going on here?

The girl, who Skylar presumed was called Reese since she mocked what the Priestess had said to her in the first place, looked insane. Literally insane. Her hair was like fire but tangled around her face and the sweeping full fringe didn’t help. Her purple eyes framed in long, long eyelashes were manic as they switched what they were looking at every five seconds. Something about her didn’t seem all there. But that could be a good thing for all Skylar knew.

“This is Reese,” the Priestess finished, “I’ll leave you two to get acquainted,” she announced and turned on her heel to leave. Skylar watched her go and then turned back to the peculiar girl.


“Skylar, runaway princess, I know,” Reese crowed and plugged her hands back into the dirt. She seemed to do it because she liked the feeling of the dirt on her long fingers but Skylar wasn’t sure, she could have been doing it for any reason. “How did I know that? That was your next question wasn’t it?” Reese smiled as she looked up at Skylar. “You see I have this power,” she admitted in a close whisper. She wiped a dirt ridden hand on her rolled up pants and then swept up her fringe. On her forehead, right above her eyebrows, was a mark in the shape of an eye.

“Is that a tattoo?” Skylar asked because it had a red tinge that made it look like it was ink.

Reese shook her head and then turned back to playing in the dirt, “A birthmark, it emerged when I was five,” she re-planted a flower and then shook her hands in an attempt to get rid of the dirt. “Can I tell you a secret?” she whispered and picked up a watering plant.

Skylar nodded and kneeled, being careful to not dirty her white pants. Reese had hers rolled up so that her ankles showed and she was barefoot, it was what made Skylar notice that she had a tattoo on her ankle. This proper tattoo was a flower done in a botanical style.

Reese leaned towards her, dead close, so that she could reach Skylar’s ear. “I can see the future,” she admitted and smiled as she retreated from Skylar’s personal bubble. Skylar’s eyebrows went up. Reese laughed, going straight on her back in the dirt with the force of it. Her stomach wobbled with it and Skylar frowned.

Then Skylar got to thinking, if Reese could see the future she could potentially work out the steps that the Miracle was going to take.

“Have you heard of an entity called The Miracle?” Skylar questioned standing, this could be a breakthrough and she hoped that it was.

“Of course I have,” Reese looked insulted as she laid on her back, her eyebrows drew close together which scrunched the eye on her forehead. “I know what it looks like.”

“What does it look like?” Skylar was leaning forward as her curiosity peaked. Even she didn’t know what The Miracle looked like, she had only heard its voice like many of its goonies had. The Miracle may have been powerful but its identity was a closely regarded secret, only reserved for its closest goonies.

“Like I would tell you that,” swore Reese and Skylar actually swore. “There’s no reason for that sort of language.”

Skylar wanted to throttle her more than Everett.


Seeing the future was subjective for Reese. She saw maybe a dozen versions of one event sometimes and other times she could see a version that would never actually come to pass. At first they emerged when she was asleep, approaching as dreams or nightmares. She viewed them like she imagined a fish would see, through a circular haze clouded around the edges but sharp near the centre. People were warped around the edges and she had to swivel her head to get the full scope of the event. Colours were either heightened or hindered and sometimes she had to guess what she actually saw. As she got older the visions came on more during the day and she was most often found spacing out watching an event that may not happen for two years or ten years from then.

People viewed her as strange. She didn’t mind, strange was better than boring. She first saw Skylar in chains, angry eyes swelled and bruised after someone punched her. A needle had been pushed into her cheek, her head squirming away from the prick of it, and in seconds the swelling and blackness was nothingness. Skylar spat at whoever held the syringe and she was backhanded in the process.

The second time she saw Skylar in a vision, she was deposited in her bed by a man with blackened eyes. Seconds later the man was gone and a voice from outside the room was calling for the princess to wake up.

The first time she saw Everett in a vision, he was smacking a tattooed guy over the head with a lunch tray. He had spaghetti dripping from his hair after his own collision with someone’s lunch and he was wild with fury.

The second time she saw him he was exploding. That one had been a brief flash and a nightmare. She had never learned if he had survived in that outcome or not. But Reese knew now that Everett was Skylar’s companion and so that outcome had never happened in reality or he had survived it. She’d have to ask him when she met him.

When she met Skylar properly in the Moracci tribe she knew that Skylar would ask about The Miracle because that was who she was now. An ex-goon of the Miracle now rebelling against their decision. She knew that the other girl was annoyed with her but that was life and so she would have to deal with it.

Skylar took her to meet Everett officially and Reese had never seen this outcome in any of her visions. Some outcomes never revealed themselves to her. She supposed that the future didn’t want to be messed with sometimes.

When she met Everett properly, in the tent that Skylar had previously been in, he was shirtless and chopping wood with a hatchet. “Damn son,” she whistled and that made him turn.

His eyebrows were close together as he tried to piece together where she knew that term from, “How do you—“

“I saw you say it,” she said calmly and his eyebrows melded into one.

“She sees the future,” Skylar stated and closed the space between her and her companion.

Space meant something different to everyone. To Skylar it meant physical space, the space she put between herself and others both mentally and physically. To Everett it meant Space as in solar systems and stars, because it was the emptiness and adventure that fuelled him. To Reese space meant the time she could spend in her own head without a vision encroaching on her own thoughts.

“Damn son,” Everett repeated in response to that revelation.

She and Everett would get along quite nicely. Especially if he kept going around shirtless.



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