Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


52. The Final Battle


~The Final Battle~



When she first tried to open the doors she found them annoyingly locked and barred. She grew frustrated, a burst of pain enveloping in her temple as a headache arose. The world was against her, she was sure of it. 

Her frustration turned into rage and her rage transcended into her Power and she shouted, with all her might, in her mind for these damn doors to open. Her hands were splayed against the lit wood and she begged and ordered the metal locks to move and for the wood to be at her will.


She held the force of untamed tides at her fingertips and the doors yielded before her.

What she walked into next was not what she was expecting. In front of her lay a large room, making the inside of the ship larger than what the outside portrayed. It was overtaken by a monolithic tree, the roots sprawling towards the ground in front of the doors. The trunk of the tree was thick and it had to be because it split to reveal a lateral eye shape. Within the cavern there lay water, defying the laws of science, as it floated there without being enclosed in glass. Skylar then knew why they called it the Ocean Room because the water looked like it was an ocean itself and within the water the octopus form of The Miracle swam, her tentacles free floating.

“I expected you to come here,” The Miracle crooned and Skylar removed her goggles.

“It can’t end any other way,” Skylar agreed, walking closer between the tangles of roots that uprooted the very flooring of the ship.

“I believe the best decision is in your pocket my dear, I can feel it like an itch on my skin, being bonded to a Stone is something magnificent to behold.”

“I never asked my mother about the specifics but no, I am not going to willingly hand the Pantheon over.”

“Then you are a stupid girl,” The Miracle tutted and with a wave of a tentacle water from The Miracle's ‘tank’ was flung towards her. Half of it sharpened into deadly icicles and the other half remained as powerful slaps of water. 

Some of it she dodged, ducking and diving to bruise her chest on tree roots. All the while The Miracle laughed at her attempts. Others she tried to Persuade to move, her head aching with the effort to move something that did not have a willing conscience.

One icicle she did not account for, and when she looked up it was on course for her head. That would kill her instantly. Suddenly she was shoved to the side, her body rolling down the side of a root. The icicle connected with her hand instead, pinning her hand to the tree. She screamed as it cut through skin and tendons.

When the pain cleared to a dull throbbing, Everett’s body appeared out of nonexistence as he knocked his goggles off.

“I believe you are looking for Earth, well you found it you Ugly Bitch,” the capitalisation and overconfidence was meant, and he took a step closer to Skylar and The Miracle.

“Well aren’t you an interesting fellow,” The Miracle tilted its bulbous head, transforming from an octopus to its human form and stepping out of the water. Her human form had an expiry date and she needed water in order to transform, that was why she had retreated from the battlefield.

“And I can sense that damn flower in your blood but something about  your biological composition makes it null and wonderfully void,” and The Miracle twisted her hands. In one second Everett was on his knees.

“The blood contains vital water that the body needs, humans especially so. I know your kind, I was there when the Protectors made the very first DNA for Earth, and I am a Being of Water. That means that I can take that water away, or flood your cells with it, or move your limbs beyond your will.”

Another twist and Everett curled unnaturally inwards, a tight knot that folded and bent and fell against the tree roots. Tears sprang in his eyes as his body moved uncomfortably and his face was pointed towards Skylar.

“Now give me the Pantheon Skylar or I will come over there and kill your dear human.” The Miracle walked towards them and Everett twisted tighter, his head pushed firmly against a root while his body turned the over way. It was painful and he whimpered, tears streaming down his cheeks as he tried not to scream. God, this was excruciating.

“Why do you need me to give it you?” Skylar asked, gritting her teeth as she tried not to look as the icicle in her hand causes blood and melting water to coat her skin.

“Because your bonded silly and I can't just forcefully remove it. There's choice in everything we do, even when we destroy."

Maybe the bond was the thing that would kill The Miracle, maybe that was why she wanted Skylar’s choice and her mother’s choice. The Miracle had many chances to take it forcefully from them both and the bond was the one thing that kept her from doing that.

Skylar’s eyes widened. The Miracle’s hand moved again and a scream tore itself from Everett’s lips.

“Stop!” Skylar shouted, “Stop and I will give it to you.”

The Miracle’s hand stilled.

“You promise?” The Miracle uttered like she was a child and not a Being of Chaos. Desperation was indeed transformative of even the Beings.

“I promise.”

The Miracle walked closer and her hands remained still. Finally, she kneeled in front of Skylar and stared into her eyes.

“I saw you, The Beings of Consciousness are wonderful things, and they can see when another being shares their powers. I saw you and I saw a person that knew the true art of destruction. That’s all I wanted and that’s all that Colosseo encourages. Not many see it in the way that we do.” The Miracle looked back at the tree behind her, looking wistful as the top branches grazed the ceiling and stuck there, “I saw the Jung seed in my travels and it feeds off of electrical currents, defying the very means of modern advancement. I liked that, creation in terms of destruction. That is what I encourage and I need to test that on you.”

The Miracle stared deep into her eyes, purple meeting brown that blackened like the very Goon’s she commanded.

Then the room started to shake, the top branches of the Jung tree unloosening from the ceiling, the roots losing their hold on the ships foundations.

Everett uncurled from his pained position, his head banging against the floor.

“Let the destruction in Skylar, allow your Persuasion to go to its full capacity. You are capable of great things if you try, it’s why I saw us as allies.” The croon was spoken into her mind and Skylar shut her eyes.

If she wanted to use the Pantheon she had to be in a position close to The Miracle, extremely close. The Miracle wouldn’t allow her that far is she didn’t trust her.

She took a chance, a risk worthy of her Power and she called on her Persuasion. Her mind opened up like the cosmos, she could feel the tree, feel the weight of it against the ship as she ordered it to self-destruct, the bark unfolding down its trunk, its leaves falling to the ground and scattering, the roots disintegrating into the floor.

The Miracle laughed and when Skylar opened her eyes she saw that her minds image had come to life. Her brain throbbed but her work wasn’t finished yet.

The Miracle was kneeled beside her, her head coming to rest against Skylar, forehead against forehead. “Ah, I knew what I saw in you, together we can go to Earth, seek out Colosseo. Imagine that, the Pantheon and Colosseo together at long last, the first time since its conception.”

The Miracle was distracted, turned delirious in her arrogance of being powerful enough to trust Skylar. But Skylar was not a Being, she was a Powerful and they were an untrustworthy species. Her intact hand unzipped her pocket and felt the rough stone against her palm.

With opened eyes she gave it one order; destroy The Miracle with everything you have. With those words spoken, she reached inside herself for the heat that resided in her chest. The bond thrummed and then she ripped it from herself wrenching at it with all of her might. It did not belong to her or her mother anymore. The glow imploded, the bond snapped and as The Miracle opened her eyes, the Pantheon was shoved against her brown eyes.

It was a pleasure to see the shock on The Miracle’s face, her glamour disappearing as her octopus form swept her skin. The Miracle stumbled back swiftly away from Skylar and towards the destroyed Jung tree but it was far too late. Quickly the red skin turned purple, brown eyes widening as the stone melded into her skin. Her body bulged as the stone forced its way into the space where The Miracle’s brain lay. The purple colour splinted and The Miracle’s limbs shook.

Then The Miracle became kerosene and the Pantheon was the match. The Miracle became a bonfire lit in purple flames and she exploded in every sense of the word. Flailing tentacles got caught in the spreading blaze and the former Being became destruction itself, like a supernova occurring within a spaceship. But like any supernova it couldn’t be contained and so the flames caught on the Jung tree and licked upwards, enveloping everything in purple flames.

The smell was sickening and Skylar coughed, watching as smoke billowed upwards and the roof looked compromised. Everett was standing and making his way towards her, his hand against his mouth and nose to try and keep the smoke out.

“We have to go!” he said to her as he reached her and his eyes swivelled to the icicle still in her hand, it was melting under the heat of the flames but some of it still remained, made impervious by the power The Miracle had put behind it. Everett didn’t hesitate as he ripped her hand away from the icicle, her scream of pain directed to his shoulder as he hauled her up.

The roof collapsed. Chunks of spaceship raining down on them. They tripped over roots and the Jung tree, overcame with the flames, leaned backwards and took out the back wall of the spaceship.

The smoke changed directions as the frigid air of space was welcomed into the ship. They were both pulled further towards open space and sweat dripped down foreheads as they tried to resist it. 

Everett stopped and cursed, looking for another way out. “The ship is going to go!” he shouted in her ear but Skylar wasn’t paying attention.

There, in between two burning branches, meters away from open space, sat the Pantheon, the flames glistening in its rough cut surface. She shrugged off Everett’s arm and leaped for it. Everett cried behind her.

The ship tilted sideways and as Everett reached his fingers for Skylar’s hand, and Skylar’s hand reached for the Pantheon, they were forced into open air, out of the ship and into the cold stillness of space.




Maeve Kingsley was a goddamned Queen and she was not one to be crossed. Her daughter had crossed her and put the Pantheon in danger. Her fists punched the door of her prison angrily and it was on perhaps the hundredth blow, where her fists were bloody and she was still angry, that her husband awoke.

“You’ve missed a bloody lot,” she muttered behind her, “Your daughter not only went off with the Pantheon but now she intends to use it against The Miracle in a feat that may destroy it and not even destroy that monster.”

“Why is she my daughter all of a sudden?” Jonathan groaned as he sat up, blinking out exertion from his eyes.

“You’re the one that tried to kill a Bondge the first time I met you, who thinks they can come up against a fifty foot dragon with only a gun? She gets her daring attitude from you.”

Jonathan rolled his eyes, “I take it we need to get out of here then,” he motioned as he gazed around their prison cell.

Maeve looked at him and didn’t say a word. Her husband sighed and made his way over to the door, grunting as he punched it.

The one gift that Jonathan had been given was to be able to withstand monumental physical pressure when exerted on him. The hit to the door would reverberate back on him and he would use that to his advantage. The door blew off its hinges and when both of them stalked down the corridor to the cockpit Maeve saw war.

She saw the very vision the Pantheon had shown her in the throne room, fire and death, blackened eyes and earth mused due to explosions. Bullets ripped through the air, swords clashed, knives were thrown. Death ran rampant.

“Get me down there,” she whispered to Jonathan and they were opening the door and rushing out from between the trees. Lake Morgana was disturbed, the banks overflowing but the influx of water was not enough to calm the flames that had emerged.

What had become of her beautiful world?

She felt it when she was walking towards the battlefield. Her heart being ripped out of her chest but not in the literal sense. She fell to her knees, the sudden loss of a part of herself horrifically withering. She was just a body, a vessel, an empty bottle with no ship or water. The Pantheon, and the bond between them, had been obliterated.

She screamed, flinging out her arms as the pain rushed through her, and her thoughts turned into mush and buzzing.

It was the power from the bond snapping that made creation overcome the destruction wrought from the final battle.




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