Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


54. The End


~The End~



Let the sky fall.

When it crumbles.

Space was all enveloping. It encompassed his body like a lover and he fell without the oxygen to supply his lungs. He didn’t know how long he fell, it couldn’t have been for long because his body didn’t come apart instantly. But his hand had missed Skylar’s even though her fingertips had closed around the still existing Pantheon.

When he fell he had been afraid to have open eyes but in this instant he opened them. He was floating and falling, falling slowly yet quickly, and Space was beautifully and strangely clear to him. There was a cluster of amber, edged with reds and pinks surrounded in a sea of blueness. The burning wreckage of the ship was above him, falling with him, and the green planet was below him.

Skylar was falling somewhere to the left.

It was perhaps the sudden shortage of oxygen that clicked his brain into over gear and he remembered the Spaceonator in his backpack. It was pressed firmly against the fabric and his hand fumbled to the button nearest to him. He pressed it and the space suit erupted from the backpack, the seams crumbling around him as the suit uncurled.

It came around his body like Iron Man’s suit, and as the helmet pressed into place oxygen was delivered back to his lungs, the thrusters pulling him up straight. For a moment he hovered, lost in the playfulness of having oxygen again but then his eyes narrowed to where Skylar was still falling, the stone in her grip and her eyes screwed shut.

He descended towards her and pulled her into his arms, the stone sitting uncomfortably against his sternum. The suit was then uncurling around her and soon there was the close press of their bodies against one another in a suit that was made to fit one body alone. Her eyes opened as the oxygen reached her and she looked up at him, smiling as she realised that they had won and survived.

They flew downwards towards the green planet, and with one hand he inputted the coordinates of Lake Morgana, not knowing what would be there when they reached it.

We will stand tall

And face it all, together.




The fight was tiring. The explosion had caused a laceration on her forehead, possibly splitting her eyebrow and blood was blinked out of her eye as it dripped down the side of her face. She turned, ducked, dove, jumped, all around the mass of bodies, partially to avoid the hits of other Zeldian’s and to strike at the Goons.

The fires had started when most of the Goons were incapacitated in the holes created by the explosion. Gathering them in the holes made it easier to shoot them, and some of the Zeldian’s even had bow and arrows that aided the fight immensely. The Goon’s had retaliated by setting the dock on fire and then allowing it to spread into the fighting crowd. A coordinated explosion had blew the banks of the lake and the scenery was uplifted between one moment and the next.

Then something exploded in the sky and they were all looking up towards the moons. The trees obscured parts of it but a purple blotch worked its way into the reddened sky, small in the distance and blooming outwards like spring had finally come. As they were all looking upwards none of them noticed the Queen stumble her way towards the bank of the lake and collapse with a scream.

Reese watched as the Queen's arms were flung out, her head pointed towards the ground, and green mist came from her fingertips. The scream created a wind all of its own and they were all forced to duck their heads into their arms. Fitz made his way to her and hugged her towards him, away from the mist in safety and comfort.

When the scream tapered off, becoming sobs that later turned into silence, Reese lifted her head away from Fitz and gazed around her.

From where the Queen lay, still on her knees and motionless, green grass and blooming flowers spread out to cover the disturbed earth. The lake had twisted into the nearest hole and then stopped, a new bank being formed as the bodies (some of which were still alive) floated to the top. The other holes were covered, the Goons sitting on new solid earth. Saplings broke the surface and looked ready to grace the earth with budding flowers.

The war had stopped, stilled in the green, green world and the Zeldian’s gaped like fish and held onto their new freedom with a white knuckled grip.

A gasp came from Reese’s left and she detached herself from Fitz, trailing a hand behind her so that he would know she wasn’t going far, and made her way over to the nearest hole. Five Goons lay there and screwed their eyes shut as though they couldn’t stand to look at the beauty. But it was not that, for it looked like their skin unfolded from their body, scraping back to reveal another layer of fresh, new skin.

Each Goon’s skin was different, tanned or pale, mottled grey or sharp blue. They continued to gasp until their skin dissolved into the very ground they were lying on and they opened their eyes. The pupils were no longer blackened but bright, lighthouse yellow. They were Icarus’s.

Icarus’s were creatures and Powerful’s deemed too dangerous to interact in society, they roamed the forests or the rest of the galaxy because the civilization of Zeld would not house them. Their powers were too free and too untamed to be safe and that made them vulnerable and susceptible to war and death.

One of them sat up, blinking his eyes and smacking his lips to avoid the thin layer of dust and grime. When he looked at her his eyes went downcast and tears burst into fruition at the corners. A hand reached for her leg and the other grasped the earth beneath him.

“I’m sorry, so sorry.” He muttered wetly not to her but to his general surroundings.

She was so shocked that she stumbled backwards into Fitz and she felt better when his arms came around her, his gun strapped to his back once more.

A blue blur, like that of a meteorite, ripped its way through the sky and trees, drawing their gazes up again as it landed near them. They recognised it as the suit Everett had made, the deep blue contrasting with the green hills. Skylar and Everett were ejected from it without a moment's pause, the helmet coming undone to show them beaten up and burnt and Skylar’s hand was bloodied and broken.

In her other hand she held a familiar purple stone and she smiled, “The Miracle is dead.”

The words sounded perfect, music to everyone’s ears and a cry of exhilaration howled its way into the air. Reese had never felt more elated, for them to all survive and for victory to be on their side. She turned around and on her tiptoes, connected her lips to Fitz.




It felt awkward to watch both of his friends kiss so instead he pondered whether their team would be given a proper name now that they had saved the planet.

Saviours or Wardens sounded pretty good. He liked the way it rolled off the tongue and he preened, the suit shrinking around him so he could hold it in his hand.

Skylar was looking around her, no doubt wondering how the landscape could have been transformed into a work of art seconds after a war. Then her eyes narrowed to the form of her mother, kneeling heartbroken near the lake.

She pushed her way towards her, Everett following at a distance and watching as her father curled around her mother to offer some protection. Skylar kneeled across from them, “Mother, mother look,” she pushed the Pantheon towards her, forcing her hand to touch it.

Maeve looked up, blank eyes not focussing on the stone at first and then snapping into clarity. She gasped, an odd sound erupting from her mouth and she grasped the stone with trembling, shaking fingers. She hugged the stone to her chest, rocking back into her husband.

After some moments, her eyes grew cold again and she stood, shaking off the hand her husband offered.

“You stupid girl,” she muttered and with the other hand she slapped her daughter. Skylar’s head snapped to the side, she stumbled and Everett was there in a heartbeat to steady her. “How dare you,” Maeve seethed, “Who do you think you are?”

“I was only doing what I thought was right, and I was right, The Miracle is destroyed, the planet and universe are safe.” Skylar tried to reason with her mother, holding a hand to her now red cheek. She didn’t understand why her mother was so angry. Surely the protection of the planet and universe was worth more than one stone?

“You don’t understand what you have done.” Maeve continued, looking briefly at the stone in her hand. Then her gaze hardened her words directed to the Zeldian’s around her, “You Skylar Kingsley are arrested for Pantheon Endangerment, a direct order of treason against Zeld. Along with your companions Fitzgerald Malloy, Reese Turner and Everett Tyson you will stand trial under the eye of the law.”

“What?” Skylar was bewildered and even more so when the Zeldian’s around her, those who were not from their team, rallied against them and placed hands on their shoulders, “Mother what are you doing?”

“I’m doing what it is right, you are a danger to this planet and I am almost disgraced to call you my daughter,” Maeve hissed out and Skylar crumbled against him. Her eyes were then directed towards Everett, “If you don’t want to stand trial then you will go back to the planet you come from and if I dare see you again then you will be charged with treason as well. There was a reason your planet was hidden from the rest of the universe.”

“And it’s not for the reason you are thinking of,” Everett gritted out, looking around him as Fitz and Reese were torn apart and forced to their knees, their hands crossed behind their back in a sign of surrender.

“Ever–“ Skylar tried, choking on her breath as a hand came more firmly against her arm, trying to force her into the surrendering position.

“No, it’s okay,” he hushed, placing both of his hands against her cheeks, “I had to go back some time, I don’t live here.” He tried to excuse it and failed. He leaned close to her, their noses touching, “Every time I look up at the stars I will remember you and Zeld. Do not think this as a goodbye, think of this as an ‘I’ll see you sometime soon’. This isn’t the end to us and our adventures Skylar Kingsley, far from it, you are too beautiful for me to leave you for long.”

He didn’t hesitate as he kissed her, warm breath mingling. They pulled apart and took shallow, shaky breaths. It was Skylar this time that tilted her head and met him for a lingering kiss, something that stole his breath and made him never want to leave. When they parted they didn’t open their eyes at first, staying mere millimetres away from one another and as their eyes finally opened Everett could feel the universe in Skylar. They kissed again, afraid to be separated, afraid to feel alone even though they would be metres apart. He smiled ruthlessly as they were finally pulled away from one another, Skylar being torn away by her father.

She was hitting his chest, begging and pleading with him and her shock was interspersed with the desperate cries of his name.

He looked at Fitz and Reese and nodded to them, “Thank you for being part of my team, for being with me and fighting with me and showing me this wonderful galaxy and planet. What a glorious world to discover, especially from an error in my calculations.”

He smiled at them and unshrunk his Spaceonator 3000, the suit unfolding in his hands. The Zeldian’s gave him some distance and the spacesuit locked onto his body once more. It was in that moment, when his visor came back over his eyes that he met the struggling eyes of Skylar and he knew. He knew that to fight against that woman was to court with death and he pitied Maeve for daring to try.

The coordinates to Earth, the numbers only he knew, was brought up, his journey to Zeld being reversed with some clicks and presses. One more look at Zeld was all he got, one more gaze at the people he was going to leave behind, galaxies and light years away. 

His journey had come to this, summarised by afflictions and serenities, packed into bundles of thoughts and dreams. He had managed intergalactic travel and now he had to return to what he used to know. This was his equilibrium, this was the universe's way of keeping the balance. 

Then the scene faded to a pinprick; his struggling team, the galaxy eyes of Skylar and the vast greenness of Zeld collapsing like a house of cards.

He travelled to Earth between one heart beat and the next and he was sad to see everything go.  




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