Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


28. The Distractor


~The Distractor~



Sometimes she was let out of her room – The Room. She was always escorted around the corridors, the chains and rope wrapped tightly around her wrists. She could never get far from the Goons but she always tried.

They liked to preen, to show off their prowess in front of her. Part of the preening process was to take her around the ship, the sea salt stronger in some areas over others, and the green lights made everything look ill and disorientating.

She didn’t know how long she had been on the ship. Still she had not let the secret slip, she didn’t know where the Pantheon was located in the palace (that was a lie but they didn’t know that) and her mother was her mother over being the Queen.

They had hurt her, backhanded her, and sometimes she woke up having lost time, chunks of her memory being black or grey.

Once they took her to what they called the Construction room, a room of prototypes and stolen cargo. “The Miracle always takes a miracle from the planets they destroy,” the Goon said cheerfully.

Skylar wouldn’t have said that the fact was cause for cheerfulness but each to their own.

In the centre lay a blue stone and Skylar lost time again. When she came to again she was on the floor and the Goon assigned to her was frowning. “I should have known you’d look straight at it, dumb Zeldians,” he muttered and Skylar wanted to curse at him. She refrained from it however, but barely.

“What is that?” she questioned as she made herself get up.

“It’s called the Distractor, it’s distracts the person that looks it straight in the eyes,” The Goon said it in such a matter of fact tone that Skylar had to resist rolling her eyes.

If she could get her hands on that stone she would be better off.

But the Goon was escorting her back to The Room and her chance was taken from her.

Sometimes she wasn’t latched into the chairs, she was locked into the room but she could walk around time to time. It was on one of these walks around her room, the chains weighing heavy on her wrists, that she heard the Miracle for the first time.

Why are you so resilient?

At first Skylar looked around the room to see who the voice belonged to. It didn’t take long to realise that no one was in the room with her. The voice was coming from inside her head. That was disconcerting.

“Who are you?” she spoke in a whisper to the room.

You know who I am. You’re smarter than that. Why don’t you just let go? The universe would be so much easier if you did.

The voice wasn’t male or female, it was just a voice. That was even more unnerving.

“So you could destroy my planet and everyone I’ve ever loved?” Skylar’s voice was getting louder with her anger and she realised how crazy it would be to look into the room and see her talking to nothing.

I don’t destroy the planets that have potential, I make them my own. The planets that are useless go but that’s for everyone’s benefit. 

“How?!” she stared up at the ceiling and threw her arms out to either side of her, making the chains jangle at her movement.

I get rid of their ignorance, they were destroying the planet anyway. Every being made out of the cosmos is dangerous, it’s how dangerous that makes them of use to me.

The voice turned wavy and soft, so soft that Skylar had to resist turning her head to the side. No, she was not going to fall for its charms. “Shouldn’t everyone be given the choice to live or not?”

Even that decision is a dangerous one.

The voice chuckled and would not speak again. Skylar huffed in irritation.

More time passed and she began to see a system. The syringes held different liquids, purple was to knock her out, yellow was to make her feel fuzzy, the blue was to keep her fed and watered.

On her walks around the spaceship she began to notice something, dots in the flooring following her as she made her rounds, almost like high heeled marks as they struck the floor.

For a second they tinted yellow instead of black. They shouldn’t have. That was not how things went.

Someone was following her, someone with high heels, silent feet, and no body.

That made her uncomfortable.

If you’re not going to cooperate then the least you can do is do a job for me.

“What kind of job?” she knew that she was bargaining with an unknown entity but she was done with staying here. She just wanted to go home.

Get us to the Pantheon, that’s it, you get to go home, see your parents, live your life. You just need to be in the same room as the Pantheon and we will come.

“Why would I take you to the one thing that fuels my planet?” Skylar said with indignation.

Because that way you get to live.

She hesitated and agreed although in her mind she was going to do the opposite. They inserted a tracking device in her, a red liquid this time, and they took her on one more round of the spaceship for old times’ sake.

“Would it be possible to take the cuffs off, I’m not going to do anything?” she inserted just enough persuasion into the suggestion to go undetected but to work for just a second. The cuffs were off. They were the things that made her powers all the less powerful. She waited until the Goon wasn’t looking, they were a lot less intelligent than the Miracle gave them credit for. Then she kept her eyes on the ceiling and pocketed the stone – the Distractor. It would come in handy one day she was sure of it. “Let’s go, I’m ready to be out of here.”

The Goon looked a bit dazed but he shook it off and did it anyway. Maybe he contributed it to being in the same room as the stone.

They were in the room and a syringe was pushed into her, she was backhanded, and the world went fuzzy. Before the world collapsed the girl she first saw was in front of her again.

“I know you have it,” she whispered.

“Have what?” Skylar questioned her voice rolling like wine in a glass.

The girl winked.

Then the world crumbled.

Next thing she knew she was back in her bed and no time had passed since she was kidnapped.

That was unnerving. But she had something to do now when she was back home. 



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