New World

A young lady decides she wants to make the world a better place. She knows what she wants and knows she can do this. It will be hard work but well worth it. It will help everyone as well as animals. No one will have to do without anything they need.


34. Durham

At the end of the interview Jean stopped in mid sentence and glared at me.  We had been talking about her life.  Of back breaking work with hard decisions and uncertainty.  I was on the couch listening to her.  She tapped her finger on the table and said we were not foolish women.  I had to agree.


Then I started working in NC with crab pickers.  It was hard work but enough for me to get information.  They were black and poor and people was always putting them down and I wanted to stop it if I could.  I was white and had to win their respect and show them they could trust me. 


It was not easy but I finally did it and I was proud.  It came to a time that they were coming to me for everything.  I would always help them in any way I could.  I showed them respect and they gave it back to me.  I would visit with them and eat with them.  Go for walks and write letters for them.  I even went fishing with them.  


I read papers and books about everything and went to church with them.  I watched the children for them and I played with them.  I went to plays with them.  The more I read about them I knew that it was easy to get into people's mind.  You don't see the quick sand spread around them.  We turn people into objects of our wisdom and our pity,  and then coerce them into caricatures.


The last laugh is on the reporter.  He over looks the silence,  the veiled comments.  Sometimes the truth is told but most of the time it is nothing but lies.  They piece together things to write about from gossip,  papers, friends,  anything they can get their hands on.


But what is so great is the fact that these women have power and accomplishment's.  The women are proud of their work.  The low class has more than the rich.  If you have nothing when you do receive something you give thanks.  When you are rich you take everything for granted.  


The poor is ready to share and help.  The rich only think of what they want.  They live honest and don't take nothing from others.  The Tar River flows knee high and warm as bath water.  They go fishing and hunting.  They cook their meals from scratch,  not like women today that have nothing to do but cook a tv dinner.



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