New World

A young lady decides she wants to make the world a better place. She knows what she wants and knows she can do this. It will be hard work but well worth it. It will help everyone as well as animals. No one will have to do without anything they need.


29. A Worn Path

There is a two headed snake coming and it rounds the tree and passes through the old field of dead corn.  Wind blows and it does howl.  The dead cornstalks whisper and shake and are taller than her head.

In the thick dead corn she gets lost from sight.  Then as she comes out from the shifting stalks,  she touches something tall and skinny and black.  It keeps appearing,  then disappearing.

No,  ghost.  Who you be the ghost of?  She reaches out her hand,  shuts her eyes,  touches a sleeve.

She finds an emptiness inside a black coat.

Her face lights up and she laughs,  loudly,  fully,  her anxiety gone.  She's played a joke on herself.

I should shut up for good.  My sense has gone.  I am too old.  She grabs the scarecrow by the arm.

Dance,  old scarecrow,  I am dancing with you.

A big smile crosses her face as she swirls around once,  twice,  then half dizzy,  heads on,  again using her cane to part the white maze.

She arrives at an open area,  gutted by wagon tracks.  Quail are walking daintily around.  She sees them.

This is easy going.  She follows the tracks through bare fields past cabins whose doors and windows are shut.

Coming upon a ravine she sees a spring silently flowing through a hollow log.  

She bends to drink deeply from the water that's flowing out.  Then her hand trembles.

Swampy Woods Near A Ditch.

The path crosses a swampy section of woods where moss hangs white as lace from every limb.

She reaches a paved road in the 1940s.


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