New World

A young lady decides she wants to make the world a better place. She knows what she wants and knows she can do this. It will be hard work but well worth it. It will help everyone as well as animals. No one will have to do without anything they need.


24. A Worn Path

It was December a bright frozen day in the morning.  Out in the country there was a woman and her head had a rag around it.  She was coming through the pine trees.  This lady was old and small as she walked slowly in the shadows. Moving from side to side with heaviness and lightness,  she had a cane and it was tapping along the frozen earth.  This made a great noise in the air,  that sounded like a chirping bird.

She was wearing a long dress and a long apron,  with pockets.  She was neat and tidy.  Her shoes were untied and as she looked ahead.  Her eyes were blue and her skin had a pattern of their own.  There were wrinkles and a golden color.

Her cheeks were a little yellow burning in the dark.  Her hair hung down in curls as black as the night and with the smell of copper.  You could see foxes,  owls,  beetles,  rabbits,  and coons.  The hogs were in the path but they did not come near her.  

She went on and the woods were deep and very still.  The pine needles were bright like the sun,  and the wind rocked.  Light as feathers the cones dropped.  The morning dove was in the hollow.  

Up the hill there was a path.  With chains around her feet.  Then she said something always comes after me when I come this way.  When she got to the top she looked behind her as she turned and now through the oaks she went.

She stared gently and her eyes opened wide.  A bush caught her dress before she got to the bottom of the hill.  She was intent and busy as she moved her fingers around and her dress kept getting caught in the bushes.  She could not afford to tear the dress.  The bushes never wanted you to pass.

She finally stood still and was trembling.  She looked back with tears in her eyes and said the time is just about gone.  There was a log across the creek and she said now comes the Trial.  She shut her eyes and mounted the log,  as she put her right foot out.  She put her cane before her and lifted her dress,  and she looked like she was in a parade,  as she marched across.  She opened her eyes and she was on the other side.  Then she thought I am not that old.  

She spread her dress out and sat on the ground and rested.  There was a tree with the breeze blowing around it.  It was in a pearl like cloud.  Then someone came and handed her a slice of cake.  She knew she would not close her eyes.  Then she looked and her hand was in the air.

She went through a barbed wire fence as she left the tree.  She spread her knees and crawled.  It was late in the day and she had to hurry.  As she got in the clearing she was safe at last.  The trees were dead and there sat a bird.

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