The Woman In Black

"Without the darkness of the night, we wouldn't see the dead and bright stars"

We all believed, traditionally, that darkness was meant as a warning, to not cross the danger, to stay away from the evil spirits. But should we blame the darkness for it?


10. The Woman In Black - Part 10


(For The Better Enjoyment Of The Story, Please Put The Music On While You're Reading. The Whole Story Will Be Uploaded In Parts Since One Chapter Couldn't Handle The Whole Story. Thank You And Enjoy.)


"I want you to visit us everyday, even at night. I don't mind your company around the village, nor in my castle, and I'll be sure that everyone in Landcoelum accepts you for who you are. You're welcomed back to the village." The man requested with a smile, a hint of nervousness can be noticed on the features of his face. He didn't know from her covered face if she was with this idea or against it.

"I don't want you to force anyone. If they don't want to, it will be fine by me." The woman in black continued emotionelessly, as if the matter didn't bother nor pierce her heart.

"Everyone is just scared of your dark cloak, so why not take it off? You can visit us only at night if you want?" The man asked back in hope of her not turning down his request again, but her shaking her head made his smile turn into a frown.

"Your village doesn't hold what I feel comfortable around." The woman answered back as she clutched tightly around her cloak. The man beside her looked down with sadness. When he finally found a woman that makes him live and die, warm but cold, happy and sad, all of them at the same time, she had to fly away in the wind, out of his hands and mostly out of his reach. He hated that feeling.

He took the palm of her gloved hand and pasted it on his cheek, feeling the warmth of her presence next to him before that dream of having a life with her disappeared.

"I hope I could see you some time soon....?" The light man's reply was left hung as a question in final and desperate hope she'll, at least, show her face around the town again rather than stay in the forest for the rest of her life. He picked up his white cape and tied it around his shoulders, the cape falling down his back in a straight and sumptuous way.

The woman in black waited for her pet owl, who just flew down from the big tree and landed on her shoulder gracefully, then pulled some of her dark cloak around the small form of his body. She gave a glance back towards the king then started walking forwards to his way.

"It is my time to visit the village. Would you not mind talking a walk around the village with me and showing me to your castle?" The woman asked, a glimpse of a smile could be seen from under the cloak of hers. The king's lips widened into a big smile before offering his white gloved hand to hers. The woman bowed in respect before answering back his pleas with her own black gloved hand in his.

Finally, both of them threw a small glance at the big tree and the night rose, which was planted under the old tree and surrounded by many other colorful flowers. The color of the dark rose and the sparkles panted on its petals made this rose stand out the most in all of the other flowers, not only in her uniqueness, elegance or darkness but what made her existence in life made her a mysterious flower.

The woman gave a smile to the king then both of them flew away, on their way towards the small village near the castle, to great her new family and the villagers with her dark cloak and mysterious features. Even if the happiness couldn't be shown on her face, the people of her hometown could sense that she was happy for who she is.

They finally knew why she looked so dark as the night sky yet still full of her own bright stars and moments of kindness. Not only did the sun love that her face looked as beautiful as the full moon at night but the humans too wanted to watch her as she worked from a far distance, wishing to be more closer to her than before.

That's why the moon is and will always be a beautiful sight for us to see every night.

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