The Woman In Black

"Without the darkness of the night, we wouldn't see the dead and bright stars"

We all believed, traditionally, that darkness was meant as a warning, to not cross the danger, to stay away from the evil spirits. But should we blame the darkness for it?


9. The Woman In Black - Part 09


(For The Better Enjoyment Of The Story, Please Put The Music On While You're Reading. The Whole Story Will Be Uploaded In Parts Since One Chapter Couldn't Handle The Whole Story. Thank You And Enjoy.)


"Big brother, that was magic right?" The little girl asked her big brother in happiness as he nodded back to her with a content smile himself.

"Yes, my sweetheart, that's your friend's magic power." Her brother answered back.

"Then let's go and play outside!" The little sister chirped up lively as she dragged her brother and his childhood rich friend around to play under the rain. All of them played like they were kids again as they stumbled on water and splashed each other.

While in the famous "Land Of Heaven", the pale owner of the shop stared at the flowers growing up again in a fast motion, her tears broke down as the drops of rain got harder. She thanked God that the cycle of life is back to normal again. As she could hear the faint happy screams of the villagers outside their houses, she noticed the disappearance of the screams of agony and pain.

And then the sound of a loud thud could be heard from a far distance and it feels like it came from the forest nearby. The wet and pale woman turned her gaze towards the shriek heard from somewhere nearby, to watch as hundreds of white ghosts flew by calmly towards the forest. It looked like smiles were shown on their faces. The sight looked so beautiful yet it sent a chill down her spine. Either way, she was happy that her dear flowers are back to life again.

the little girl looked at the spirits floating by before following one of them. She caught the hand of the soul of the short raven haired villager, the fleurist friend, who gave her a genuine smile then flew away in the sky, towards the forest. Then, the spirit of the golden-haired sick girl, who died before the accident, threw a smile towards the two men and the little girl before flying away, following the other ghosts on their journey. The two men in the suit caught up with the scenery before smiling and hugging each other, knowing they'll be like that when time comes.

The king himself was in shock after seeing such savage and dark animals running towards them like they were their owners. Even a bat landed on his shoulder and started rubbing on him in affection while a small brown bear sat beside him and curled into a ball. Yet, after seeing some ghosts floating towards their way, shock was an understatement.

The woman fell down on her feet and opened her eyes as she saw all the souls group around her, happy to be free and safe, out of insecurity and cruelty of life, as they danced around her. The king stood up, never seeing such beautiful scene in his whole life, even for a Yang himself. His feet made him stand up and walk towards the dark angel in front of him. She turned around before taking his hands in hers and clutching them, him feeling her once cold hands become so warm. He was in a daze.

The woman guided him towards the tree as she signed for everyone to play around while the night is still young.

"Why did you bring me here?" The king asked

"There is a big difference between both of us." The woman with the dark suit answered, chanting a spell that made the white cape of the king fly back into his hands, dried.

"Which is?"

"The day is a symbol of light, but it has its own negative things about it. While the night is a symbol of darkness, yet has its own positive things about it too. Life may be something beautiful, yet it's a big lie that people don't get through. Death is imagined as a scary creature, but it's only a truth that will lead you to rest, forever." The woman replied back in comparison.

"What do you mean by that?" The man asked back in confusion as he stared at her sparkling green eyes.

"The cycle of life and death is equal as the Yin and Yang. If one of them disappears, humans and every living-being will be endangered." The woman answered back, smiling, before she took his hand and run down the small mountain, meeting up with the souls and animals running around.

That night everyone was happy to be alive and safe, even the tall villager with short black hair who was the fleurist's friend has visited her family to say one last goodbye to them, just like every other soul from the village.

The night was spent either celebrating for the return of life, enjoying your time with dear people, moving on from your sadness and sorrow and mostly realising that the young woman in black that people provoked her with hurtful words and treated her badly was the most sincere and great person to be chosen as a Yin to LandCoelum.

The rain kept on falling as the shooting stars started going around the whole country. People made all kind of wishes as they hugged and laughed. People of LandCoelum didn't understand the meaning of the great things they had in their hands until they realised it was gone from under their grip.

It was four and a half in the morning when the king decided that it was time for the sun to rise. The villagers were already asleep and the souls and animals started getting tired and sleepy from the beautiful night they all had. Therefore, the king worked his magic to make the sun come back to life again.

Before the rays of the sun started showing, he got the black cloak of the brunette woman beside him then put it around her shoulders to pull the hood on her head. She looked at the spirits as she ushered them to go to their beds at the cemetery. They laughed before hugging her for the last time then flew away towards their own tombstones. The woman giggled while the man just laughed before giving a glance towards the light blue sky.

The king was finally glad everything was back to normal and that he found the Yin he was looking for. He took a small glance towards her before he spoke sincerely yet quietly only for her to hear him.

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