The Woman In Black

"Without the darkness of the night, we wouldn't see the dead and bright stars"

We all believed, traditionally, that darkness was meant as a warning, to not cross the danger, to stay away from the evil spirits. But should we blame the darkness for it?


8. The Woman In Black - Part 08


(For The Better Enjoyment Of The Story, Please Put The Music On While You're Reading. The Whole Story Will Be Uploaded In Parts Since One Chapter Couldn't Handle The Whole Story. Thank You And Enjoy.)


When she reached the heart of the whole village, the woman sat down on a dry place from a fountain. She gazed as people either screamed when they saw her, fainted or just acted as if she wasn't around. For her, this sadness and sorrow was enjoyable to watch, but this was her land and these people were like her family, she couldn't bare to watch them live like that.

When the time has come to go home again, and for the last time, another scream caught her attention.

"You, the woman with the black cloak! Please wait a moment!" The woman stopped for a moment to gaze at her surrounding, looking for anyone in this village who wore a similar black cloak like hers, but it looked like she was the only one. Therefore, she turned around towards the three people who called for her, the hood of her cloak is still on covering her face from the sunlight.

"Hello, miss. Can you please tell me your name?" The elegant man in a navy suit asked but the woman stood silent on the road, looking at these two people whom she helped hundreds of times already.

"....Then I'll just call you the woman in black, I guess...." The man affirmed.

"Ms Woman In Black, please, may we talk on an important thing? It won't take time if you're in a hurry." The pale woman asked as tears started going down her face.

The black woman quietly nodded and motioned for them to move along. A smile appeared on the shortest man of them before they ran towards the flower shop, entering it and closing every window and door around.

"Thank you Ms Woman in black for accepting our request." The elegant man said as the woman in black nodded before taking the hood of her cloak off, showing her hair and face to everyone.

"It was all the pleasure to me for meeting you all." She quietly said, a small smile appeared on her face. The three people surrounding her gasped, since it was unfamiliar to see her face, let along a smile of hers.

"Why did you make everything so complicated, if we may ask?" The brunette man asked in curiosity while his black haired friend gave a glance towards him.

"I didn't, the villagers asked me a favor to leave this country and them alone, even the king. I did as requested." The woman answered in all honesty, not giving them any glance, as her voice sounded sad but still lacking of emotions. The two male friends looked at each other while the owner of the flower shop didn't hesitate to ask the next question.

"Then why the night sky disappeared? why can't we sleep and the heat is getting much of not only us, humans, but plants and animals too? Why should we suffer from the lack of sleep and the sickness and not die and rest forever? Why doesn't it rain anymore like it usually does? Why didn't you tell us you were the Yin of LandCoelum earlier? People would of actually respected you, highly, if you said something from the first." By now, the poor pale woman was crying her heart out as she clunched on the fabric of the black cloak.

"A dark witch isn't accepted in a human village, their fate was always intended death, even when we did nothing to humans. And people won't trust a witch, even if she was a Yin or Yang. That's my purpose of living outside the village. And by accepting your request, I have to leave alone physically, meaning my body and my powers. You're now under the king's responsibility only." The woman in black answered back as briefly as possible, her voice tone sounded deadly but emotionless, as always. Everyone in there nodded except her before the shop owner stood up fast and hurried to the table to get something.

While the two men hugged her and told her she is a family to them, the pale woman returned back with the pot and the night flower.

"This is for you, I hope you like the gift. This rose hates any kind of lights and has to be planted in a rough and hard soil, but still is breathtakingly beautiful, just like you." The pale woman said, giving the pot to the mysterious and dark woman before involving her into a hug, resulted into everyone hugging the dark woman.

Before she had to go, she sent her new family a small and genuine smile then she pulled her dark hood on, keeping the rose under her dark cloak safely.

She decided it was time to finally go home and start again with her work.

When she reached home, she could hear her owl making sounds, indicating the king had woke up. The woman in black opened the door as the king looked towards her. They locked eyes before she moved towards the shelf, taking out the special book that her grandmother gave to her a long time ago then pulled it under her sleeve and walked towards the door. She knew the king would eventually follow her, that's why she didn't need to tell him so.

Truly to her words, the king had already slept well and ate something from the cold cabin that the owl showed him, and the curiosity got over him so he followed her around the forest.

Both of them walked towards the old tree, the woman's favorite place to sit, sleep and think. When she stopped, she took the book out and put it on the grass then pulled her cloak off her body, along with the flower, and put the the pot next to the book then covering the rose with her cloak. The sun's rays may hurt her skin and burn her, but she dismissed the pain as she took the book carefully in her hands.

The king watched her in sadness as her glowing skin started burning holes in it while smoke coming out of it. Without even noticing, he took his white cape and came towards the woman, hugging her to ease her pain then wrapping the cape around her shoulders. She turned her head towards his and nodded as a quiet thank you before continued on reading from the book. The king returned back to his seat, under the tree and beside the rose that looked like a night sky then watched the woman wearing white in front of him.

The woman searched through pages of the book before closing it with a quiet thud, fearing that she'll disturb the scenery in front of her. He breathed in the scent of the light before she started whispering lullaby words, which what felt to the man sitting behind her like she was singing rather than pulling a spell.

As she put her hands in the air, she started floating, a dark aura surrounding her tall form making her look more darker and safer from the rays of the sun. Her hands shot out suddenly higher in the sky and with with a circular motion, they fell down in front of her. The sky, in an instant, turned into pitch black as the sun completely disappeared. Then, she just had to move her hands around as she sang the spell, making hundreds of bright stars shining through the sky. As if habituated to her movements, the moon started to move on its own, climbing slowly through the sky and setting its position highly in front of them, illuminating the dark sky. The king watched from a far distance as the scene moved in front of him, gasping sometimes from the unfamiliarity of everything happening around him.

Then, one after another, shooting stars appeared falling from the sky in graceful movements, looking like a night-time rainbow. As the shooting stars continued on, a long beautiful breeze flew by, slipping the white cape off the woman's shoulders and on the floor as drops of rain started falling down. The little girl and hr brother, along with his best friend and the owner of the shop, looked at the sky as the little girl's eyes sparkled.

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