The Woman In Black

"Without the darkness of the night, we wouldn't see the dead and bright stars"

We all believed, traditionally, that darkness was meant as a warning, to not cross the danger, to stay away from the evil spirits. But should we blame the darkness for it?


7. The Woman In Black - Part 07


(For The Better Enjoyment Of The Story, Please Put The Music On While You're Reading. The Whole Story Will Be Uploaded In Parts Since One Chapter Couldn't Handle The Whole Story. Thank You And Enjoy.)


Her hands were surrounded by his, and in a glance they were around his cheeks, stroking him gently. The king gasped at the feeling of her chilly hands sending waves of pleasure down his body. She must be either pulling a spell on his body, or Yin finally heard his screams.

The dark woman kept on rubbing his cheeks and saw his eyes flutter shut before she guided his head down on her lap, leaving him to sleep soundly, finally. Her owl fluttered around before landing on her shoulder to get comfortable and take a nap with his mistress. And like that, everyone inside the old house fell into slumber.

While, in the village, people started getting impatient with how the king is doing and demanded a solution. The elegant rich friend stood on his balcony, giving glances between his sick and aching sister and the fuming of the village people. Maybe the Yin died and the King of the world still doesn't know?

Getting frustrated at what happened around, he left his little sister in the care of the servants and went down to the heart of the village, walking around and watching people's sorrow and misery. And then, the woman in black hits his thoughts.

"Did the woman in black really deserve what happened to her the other day? From her action with my sister, last time, it looked like she was a nice person under that dark cloak of hers rather than a bad witch as people claimed." The man in the navy suit said to himself, deep in thought.

"No, she didn't." A voice cut through his thoughts, making him turn around and glance at the owner of the voice. He got surprised when he found out the famous fleurist and owner of Land Of Heaven standing there. Bags to be appeared under her red eyes and it looked like she was hiding something under her sleeve.

"I know we didn't meet before, sorry, but I want to desperately answer your question. Can we go to my shop to talk in private?" She asked and he nodded, following her footsteps towards the famous flower shop, which looked like it was rundown.

Entering the big shop, the elegant man took a seat on a chair that he found still available to sit on while the woman went around, closing some windows and all of the doors.

"Sorry, but what did you mean by no earlier?" The man asked as the woman finally realised the hiding thing from under her green cloak, revealing the night rose. The man held in a breath at the beautiful but unfamiliar rose. Then the words went out of his lips like it was too natural to say them.

"The woman.... In black...."

The owner of the shop looked at him and nodded with a smile, finally finding someone who shares her feelings too.

"I found that flower the day that accident happened, and it must be fate because both this mysterious woman and this flower have some unique beautifulness, despite the fact that they look dark from outside. Also, I feel like this woman doesn't deserve to be taken as a bad person, since she never did anything bad to us." The woman spoke in sadness as she remembered how the woman in black helped her two times in her whole life and never caused her any misfortune.

"She helped me, the day of that accident. I lost my little sister at that time. After what I've heard, she was a child kidnapper, that was why I was afraid of losing the only member of the family. Before the accident would happen at about one hour, I found the woman covered by the black cloak lurking around the alley of the small houses where I lost her, along with my little sister. At first, my sister looked so scared to cross the darkness of the alley. Until I saw how the woman just hugged the little girl, out of nowhere. My sister, when I had a talk with her, she told me that at that moment she realised that not all dark places must be evil and mean from inside. And with that, she walked all the way of that dark alley towards my arms. She told me she made a new friend, and when I asked her who is it, she pointed and waved at the woman in black as the woman, herself, left. I didn't know what to do at the moment, but the only thing I had in mind was that she was the nicest person I've ever met in my whole life. She didn't even wait for me to repay her back, she just flew away." The man's composer cracked as some tears started falling from his eyes while the woman beside him just nodded with a smile as tears started flowing from her eyes too.

"The rose was fate, and I feel like I finally understand why it is here, not only the existing of this beautiful rose but the existing of such a beautiful woman in the darkness herself." The woman answered back, her voice cracking too.

The whole time, the two adults sat there, gazing at the marvellous flower in front of them, not caring nor embarrassed that they are actually crying in front of each other.

Hours passed and the owl woke the dark woman up. She petted her loyal pet on the head before she looked down at the figure sleeping on her lap. Remembering what happened earlier, she tried as best as she could to move his head from her lap and on the soft sofa slowly and carefully not to wake him up. Then she stood up and walked towards her black cloak while pointing at her pet to stay here and look after the tired king. The owl bowed its head as a sign of understanding what the woman said. The woman put on her black cloak and walked outside, deciding to go on and visit them for the last time before the village fell down, along with all of its people.

If the king was asking for her help, the least she could do is visit the people in it one last time, because they were her family after all, even if they didn't accept her.

As she reached the destroyed gates of the village, her expression widened slightly at the sight of the people. They looked like mindless sick people walking around aimlessly. She, at least, felt familiar with all of the darkness and sadness surrounding this village. Since, by now, the whole country must of turned into a cabin of hopeless souls walking around, waiting for their judgement, she decided to stick around a little and check on the people.

She passed by the reeked houses as she could see all of the villagers gasping yet not running away from her in fright. There is no use, no one will understand. She shrugged and continued on with her visit. Screams of pain, of sadness and sorrow could be heard from homes. This was the real sadness that they were talking about, but people still don't understand the importance.

She continued floating around the town until she stopped in front of the house of one of the richest men in the country. She could hear the screams of pain of the little girl inside. She didn't know the little girl, but the woman was happy at how the little girl smiled at her when she passed through the darkness of that alley. The girl actually knew the truth, that's why she flew inside the house, passing by the servants who ran in fright and sitting across from the little girl.

The child's screams started to easy upon seeing the new friend she made and she tried as best as she can to smile towards the woman. The woman took her hood off, revealing a sweet smile, and took the little girl in a tight embrace. The little girl whimpered from the pain until it finally vanished, leaving her tired and ready to fall asleep any time soon. When she did fall asleep, the woman put her in a sleeping position and covered her up with the sheets before going downstairs, continuing on with her visit.

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