The Woman In Black

"Without the darkness of the night, we wouldn't see the dead and bright stars"

We all believed, traditionally, that darkness was meant as a warning, to not cross the danger, to stay away from the evil spirits. But should we blame the darkness for it?


4. The Woman In Black - Part 04


(For The Better Enjoyment Of The Story, Please Put The Music On While You're Reading. The Whole Story Will Be Uploaded In Parts Since One Chapter Couldn't Handle The Whole Story. Thank You And Enjoy.)



It felt like hours since people from the village kept on preparing while the king was painting her face. He couldn't even compare his painting to her natural face. So, normally, he took the palette and threw it aside, starting on a new one.

On the moment the thin black brush touched the white animal skin, a loud knock was heard, making the king draw something far from a small line. He breathed in a sigh to calm himself down and to not lash out at the servant. The servant, an annoying woman who always tried to flirt with him just like all the other female servants around the castle, entered the room and tried to throw herself on the king, just in time for him to back off. She landed off her covered-with-makeup face on the light colored carpet, leaving a noticeable big sign on it.

As she stood up and bowed down, trying to show how short her maid dress can be, she gave the king the news about the party planned for tonight, while batting her eyelashes at him to try and make him say yes. In his shoes, he was sick and tired of all the female maids acting like that so he asked for her to bring the only butler of the castle, asking himself why did he order for all the servants around the castle to become maids.

When she ran out of the room, he checked the time on the big golden clock to realise it is actually eight at night. He turned around towards the window and noticed the sun is still in the centre of the sky, frightening the Yang of LandCoelum himself.

This wasn't supposed to happen at all....

"Yes, your majesty?" The butler came and asked the king as he bowed.

"Is the clock broken or something? Because it just reads eight when in fact it is still noon." The king replied.

"Well, your majesty, the thing is.... That the clock isn't wrong and the sun didn't move nor did the sky become any darker since noon." The butler replied as he bowed again, nervousness was hinted on his face.

"Order everyone to meet me at the centre of the town, I'd like to talk to all of them. Oh, and also, fire all of the servants and hire new ones." The king ordered and started pacing then he signed to his butler with his hand to move along. The butler bowed for the last time before closing the door and walking out of the room, hurrying up to do what his master ordered from him to do.

While the king was in deep thought and some villagers actually realised that the sun's position didn't change at all, the brunette woman was reading a new book, peacefully. As she looked at the large wooden sand clock in the corner of the living room, she hummed in content as she continued on with reading the historical book, flipping pages when needed to.

She knew the consequences were hard when a Yin or a Yang leaves their job, but they were the ones who asked that request from her and she can't just refuse to take a rest once in her life. Although, as said in her book of spells, leaving your position, as a Yin, means a lot of things to the world; lack of sleep on all of the creatures in Landcoelum, the rising of the sun's heat, the disappearance of the night sky, the moon and the stars and, finally, the continuous screams and the unluckiness of people with illnesses along with aching screams of being between being alive and being dead.

Yes, it was a bad idea to leave her position, but the people, along with the king, need to understand the importance of her job. Along with the fact that they requested for her to stop.

When she felt like it was the right time, she took her cloak and locked her house behind then left towards her favorite place in the forest; on a small mountain in the big forest and under the oldest living tree. as she reached the place, she sat down under the tree, watching the scenery of the clear and blue sky. The sun was still in the middle of the sky and white clouds surrounded the blue space, despite it being only night at night.

In the mean time, the villagers crowded around , waiting for the words of their recent king. The king was nervous since it was his first time doing something like this to his people, but he had no choice. He breathed in a sigh before his lips opened for the next words to be let go.

"My people, as you may know the sun is already still visible in the sky, despite it being nine at night. I'd hate to say this for you but there is something terribly wrong with the weather." People gasped in shock.

"Your majesty, you're our king and Yang, can't you just find a solution to this problem?" One of the villagers asked desperately while hugging his dramatic and sobbing wife.

"I'm no God, I have no control over the skies, only the sun. It is the role of the Yin to act so. That's why I'm out here. I want to be informed of the Yin of LandCoelum at this moment! Please, who has this job comes forward to help us and explain why this happened." The king asked in full force, trying to look through the crowd for his other half.

People kept looking around and at each other, trying to find the Yin itself. From afar, the young woman, who was the owner of the most popular flower shop, was giving the last bouquets of flower to two of her friends from the village.

"Who do you think is behind this sick joke?" The first woman, with short raven hair and bear brown eyes, spoke in an annoyed tone while her friend, a tall woman with short black hair and creamy eyes, shrugged her shoulders.

The fleurist knew who was the one behind all of this, it was amusing how people didn't realise it until now. But no one would want to believe her answer, so she stood still as she watched the king and people from afar with her friends.

"By the way, what happened today at the middle of the day, anyway?" The tall woman asked both her friends. While the pale owner of the shop was in confusion of either telling her about the story or not, her dark skinned raven friend spoke in an irritated attitude, a fist of hers made contact with the wooden glass-less window filled with flower pots.

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