The Woman In Black

"Without the darkness of the night, we wouldn't see the dead and bright stars"

We all believed, traditionally, that darkness was meant as a warning, to not cross the danger, to stay away from the evil spirits. But should we blame the darkness for it?


3. The Woman In Black - Part 03


(For The Better Enjoyment Of The Story, Please Put The Music On While You're Reading. The Whole Story Will Be Uploaded In Parts Since One Chapter Couldn't Handle The Whole Story. Thank You And Enjoy.)



This king was known for his narcissism and arrogance also charming face but fake royalty manners. In addition, he doesn't take things seriously, and when he is bored, he just makes the wrong and reckless decisions. That's the full reason why his kingdom is somehow poor when it comes to political and economical experience and decisions.

"And what do you have to say to defend yourself? Oh wait, you can't because you, yourself, are a dark witch from the gates of hell." The king answered back in mockery as the other villagers laughed along with him.

Even thought the words do sting, the woman in black was prepared for all of this to happen any time soon. and then, her fate will lead for an ending all the witches and wizards in real life and fairy tales had; getting judged then either skinned and using that skin as clothes for the royal family or getting burned while praying for her to go to hell, her and all the witches in the whole world.

The mysterious woman stood tall and proud, a small chilly breeze going by making her cloak float as some strands of her dark brown hair did so. She waited for the next move that these people will make, eyes everywhere on everyone.

"You've heard them, why not go back to hell and leave us alone?" The king asked in mockery as people burst out laughing, surrounding the woman.

The king advanced towards the mysterious woman in light footsteps, wiggling around and acting childish and reckless as he put his hands on the black hood attached to the long cloak and quickly removing it.

Gasps flew by the air, the first one was the king's.

The woman in black turned out to be as beautiful as the moon at night; honey glowing skin colored with long brown hair tied in a half-do, mysteriously natural brown eyebrows, forest emerald moon green eyes with black eyeshadows, upturned long nose, thick jawline and pointy natural lips painted with black. Even the makeup she wore didn't make her look as scary as people expected, nor ugly as the expected from a normal witch to be.

The king, taken aback by the beauty of her face, despite her always wearing that dark black cloak, backed away from her with a surprised look pasted on his face.

Deep silence filled the whole village, everyone was shocked to even form some words. The woman looked like she didn't mind people staring at her like that at all. She closed her dark eyes, breathing in a quiet and small sigh before she faced the king and everyone else with one of her deadly serious faces. People flinched.

"As you want, I'll leave the village and won't return back. But understand what you're all putting yourself into. Goodbye and have a nice afternoon." The voice of the woman was sweet and shocking, since no one ever heard it in their lives, but still lacked emotion. smoke started coming out from the skin on her face but the woman tried to handle the pain, bowing slowly then pulling the cloak around her face to secure herself from the rays of the sun.

With a small turn, she flew out of the village, as she promised them to leave this village peacefully forever.

It took some time to get out of their shocked state, but the villagers decided to celebrate the great news while the king returned home, the face of the woman not leaving his mind. She even was shorter than him yet older by her high cheekbones. In the mean time, some people from the same village didn't feel happy at all of the acceptance of the resquest.

The woman, finally returning to a dark wooden cabin in the forest that she calls home, she opens the door and walks in and closes the door slowly behind her. She has been living in this forest since her grandmother took care of her, when she was a baby. She was taught, by her grandmother, how to work spells and witchcraft and the elderly woman gave her a book of spells and recipes to work with.

When she grew up, the king of the world gave her the job of handling the Yin of the land of LandCoelum while the prince, who is now the king of the country, took the job of the Yang. The Yang involved providing people with a home, luck, safety, peace, light and most of all life. While the Yin's job was to judge people's mistakes, give bad luck, test people through the difficulties of life, giving people darkness and most importantly they are the reason for people's deaths.

And as a Yin, she is absolutely forbidden to rest until the sun appears in the clear blue sky, because at that time, it's the job of the Yang to take control over the cycle of life. But now, since she isn't responsible for them anymore, she can take a break and try some new spells, take care of her dark pets or just read books and watch the beautiful sceneries of nature that she couldn't watch when her job was on.

Outside the forest and in the village, people were going around, planing for the big and upcoming party. Every store was filled and busy with people. But since it's early spring time, people were filled off in flower shops mostly, looking for decorations.

In the most famous flower shop of the whole village, going by the name of Land Of Heaven, a brunette woman with pale white skin and hazel eyes gazed at the excited villagers in sadness and disappointment before going back to work. While serving one of the costumers, a weird looking flower caught her attention. It looked like a burnt rose thrown on the streets. In shock, she picked it up in a hurry, getting cut by one of it's thorns but sliding the pain off, and returning it back to her shop.

She put the dark colored flower in a bowl filled with water, in desperate action of bringing her back alive again. However, after giving her some glances, it looked like a black rose in full bloom rather than a burnt red rose. She put it aside and continued on working in her flower shop, whenever someone asking about that flower to either buy it or know about it more, she would refuse to sail it or give information about it before moving on.

Time passed so fast and people kept preparing for the party. Whenever people looked at the sky, the sight made it clear that it was still noon. The king himself found himself bored and the time is passing too slow for him. As a result, he decided to try and draw a portrait of anything to pass the time. He took a palette and a brush along with the tubes filled with colors and a glass of water before he started painting the only thing that never left his mind; The woman in black. Who would of guessed that this mysterious witch of darkness was actually beautiful from inside?

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