The Woman In Black

"Without the darkness of the night, we wouldn't see the dead and bright stars"

We all believed, traditionally, that darkness was meant as a warning, to not cross the danger, to stay away from the evil spirits. But should we blame the darkness for it?


2. The Woman In Black - Part 02


(For The Better Enjoyment Of The Story, Please Put The Music On While You're Reading. The Whole Story Will Be Uploaded In Parts Since One Chapter Couldn't Handle The Whole Story. Thank You And Enjoy.)



The stares kept on returning back and rumours kept on going but as always, she didn't bought them any care. And then, upon hearing something weird noises, the woman stopped flying and stood straight on the ground, giving a small turn of her head towards a wooden house next to her.

From the small house, the cries and screams were heard from one of the windows as people with black clothes kept going in and out of the place. She heaved a sigh before she started her way towards the doors herself. People who saw her do so either fainted, ran away or ran inside the house to warn the others inside.

The woman flew up the stairs, following the cries and the slow heartbeats. From the sudden gasps, it doesn't sound like she is invited in the house. Yet it is the course of life.

Upon reaching the door to the bedroom full of people, the people in the room got frightened and ran out of the room, some of them screaming and some even fainted on the way out. The dark woman flew forward before descending on the wooden floor and knocking on the open door lightly.

The teenage girl opened her eyes slowly and looked at the woman, before realising who was in front of her. She let out a small cry of fright and started whimpering in her bed. The woman surrounded by the cloak continued on her way and sat down gracefully on the chair beside the bed.

From the girl's point of view, it looked like a floating black cloak entered her room rather than a woman wearing one. She tried as best as she could to slide towards the other side of the bed, making contact with the wall. It was time, and time decided that today, at his hour, she must die.

The woman in black pulled a black gloved hand out from her cloak and pointed it towards the girl. At first, the blond girl hesitated but then gave her hand completely to the dark woman. In a matter of seconds, the blond hit her head on the mattress.

The woman adjusted the girl's position so her body lied comfortably on her bed then she arranged the sheets on top of her whole body before floating downstairs and outside the house.

She flew around the routes of the village, preparing herself to return back to her home, when a bunch of frustrated screams were heard from somewhere nearby the village. Not giving them any thought, the mysterious woman continued on her way out from this village once and for all.

Until a scream divided towards her way reached her ears.

"Can you just leave us alone for one day already?! You've been stuck in here trying to survey our lives then ruining them slowly!"

The cloaked woman flew in a full circule, gazing at the rebellious female villager. People, after seeing her turn around, got frightened and stepped back. Silence filled the village and everyone else stopped what they were doing earlier to pay attention to the scene. Even the king himself rode on his white horse and went outside to the village to check on the problem currently happening.

"Huh? Are you going to keep your devil mouth shut and keep on bothering us like always?" Another female villager, her neighbor apparently, screamed siding by her friend.

"Do you know what you caused us all? everyday, something bad must happen! Children missing, animals going wild, death of people out of nowhere, rainy days on the worst times ever!" This time, a male villager shouted in anger. Then one after another villagers piled on the dark woman with hurtful words and sometimes throwing sticks and stones at her. But the woman was shielded with a cloak, safe under the darkness the black cloak providing her with.

Upon the arrival of the king, he stepped down from his horse, looking all handsome under the sunlight. The villagers stopped what they were doing and backed off, while the woman in black cringed at all the light and white surrounding him.

Thank God no one can see her expression from under the dark cloak.

"What is going on, people?!" The king asked loudly for everyone to hear, looking all charming rather than serious.

"It's the black witch again, the daughter of the devil! She doesn't want to leave us alone to our daily and peaceful life and she keeps on hurting us, physically and emotionally!" A villager, female, ran towards the king, clinging on him like her life depended on it.

Now, the tall and dark woman felt like vomiting sooner or later.

"Is that true?" The king asked his villagers, not paying to the woman provoked any attention, as people nodded eagerly for him to do something about this problem.

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