The Woman In Black

"Without the darkness of the night, we wouldn't see the dead and bright stars"

We all believed, traditionally, that darkness was meant as a warning, to not cross the danger, to stay away from the evil spirits. But should we blame the darkness for it?


1. The Woman In Black - Part 01


(For The Better Enjoyment Of The Story, Please Put The Music On While You're Reading. The Whole Story Will Be Uploaded In Parts Since One Chapter Couldn't Handle The Whole Story. Thank You And Enjoy.)



In the famous forest of Landcoelum, at the time the dawn started its beautiful sight, a shadow was lurking around the tall trees in quick movements. The animals started to wake up slowly from their slumber and upon seeing the darkness formed into a shadow floating around, they either ran on their four paws or just flew to no return to that spot.

At the summit of the small mountain overlooking the rising of the great sun, sat a woman, looking all black and gloomy with her dark chocolate long brown hair, toxic forest dark green eyes and a black long suit filled with darkness, on an old big tree and watched as the sun started appearing from behind the grass.

For the brunette, it was her job and she was forbidden from sleep until she finishes it. She, herself, despises sleep. As a result, she stood up from her spot, wore her black satin cloak to fill herself with warmth and darkness that doesn't exist in the sky any more and walked slowly her way towards the village, looking like she's floating more than walking.

Reaching the arch of the small village neighbouring the forest, the woman in black floated around the not-very-busy streets, trying as best as she could to cover herself from the rays of the burning sun.

As she was walking by, she could hear the faint whispers and the glares of the villagers, the looks and the names sending her way never bothered her. She would love to take a rest for a while, but it is forbidden to have a break on this job.

The King of Landcoelum had a similar job as the woman in black. Yet, by slacking off in his job, he spread rumours about her to the villagers saying that she is an evil witch, death is her passion and witchcraft is her hobbit. And who would believe the woman in black anyway?

The murmurs and mockery giggles continued on, but the woman choose to shrug it all off and walk around the village, watching the result of her everyday hard work. the villagers were all into movement, people running around either buying what they need from the stores, walking their way towards their work and home or standing by in fear and watch as she floated past them.

The cloak covered her face so no one was frightened by the look she had on her face at the moment, even if they dared to look at her face anyway.

As she turned the corner, a child come in contact with her, loosing control over their feet and falling down. From the one part, she was caught from hitting the cold and hard floor, but on the other part, she was caught by the woman with the black cloak.

People around them gasped in fright. They feared the little girl might get kidnapped, harmed or cursed by the witch. But the little kid didn't pay them any attention, she just stood up and tried her best to rub the dirt off her clothes while the dark woman appeared to be watching.

When the girl finished cleaning herself, she turned her gaze higher towards the covered woman with the collation of both of her hands together before she bowed in respect, mumbling a small sorry before standing up correctly and pulling a smile on her face.

The woman kept looking at the innocent girl, that's what seemed to people. Some minutes of the girl and the woman gazing at each other, the woman started moving again, passing by the little girl. People looked in fright at the sight of the floating woman rather than her walking like any normal human. But that's the witch herself.

People stared at the dark cloak disappearing then gave the little girl a look. The child's eyes were still following the woman as they sparkled before she took off, herself, running behind the woman. What people could only do is watch and pray for her to be safe and not get eaten by the witch.

The girl tried to keep pace with the tall woman, not caring about people's stares neither and always staring either at the road or her new-found friend. On the other hand, the woman found herself sighing in silence. She was going to take the route as always and watch humans work, but after this little raven girl appeared, there is no going back.

Both females kept walking, the woman floating around while the little girl jumping and skipping steps in happiness. And in a matter of seconds, the little girl took the black gloved hand of the woman's, sending shivers down her body. The hand was deadly cold.

Several minutes, the woman came to a holt and put down her feet on the floor. She turned her head towards the girl and motioned for her to walk through the alley in front of them. The little child was scared at first from the darkness until she was surprised by a small hug from the woman herself. Since no one knew this alleyway, the dark woman in the cloak and her reputation were safe. Letting go, the two females exchanged looks as the girl's eyes sparkled before running towards the alley.

The woman heaved a sigh in relief before turning the other way and walking down another road leading to the centre of the town, oblivious to the stare of an elegant and wealthy man who was hugging his little sister.

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