The Not so Grim Reaper

who said a reaper had to be grim?
this is the diary of the " not so grim" reaper and the things she encounters as she goes about delivering souls to their designated places.

p.s- first attempt at writing fiction guys xd
CC appreciated.
Disclaimer- i intend to refer to a lot of different cultures and don't mean any offence so please refrain from calling me blasphemous or whatever .


2. The curious

,14th july 2014

Pondicherry, India

time- does it even matter?


so the interesting person of the day goes to Ms.Ruby Chatterji of Pondicherry ! wohoo!

so what's so fun about this little lady? well for one she's 6 and the first  things that she says to me are these

Ruby: are you god?

me: no sweetie, that's my boss. you'll meet her soon, i'm taking you to her.

Ruby: so she is a girl! i knew it! oh and that's a pretty dress, do all angels have pretty dresses?

me:(don't judge me for playing along ok she was cute.) well i'm not exactly an angel, i'm a lot older than a lot of them and have a much better fashion sense.

Ruby: so you've been around , forever?

 me: yeah sort of.

Ruby: so what all do you remember?

now look, when you've been interacting with people on a daily basis, you see and hear a lot of weird stuff. So nothing really fazes me anymore. But i had like zero idea as to what this little kid, who died of a head injury, meant.

i didn't have to ask though, she just went on about the entire worlds scientific curiosities,natural curiosities,and everything under Helios, Apollo and Ra combined.

so i said the what i remember is info-classified .

then i asked her "how do you even know all this dude? you're 6." 

she gave me such a sassy eye roll, that one, imma have to compare it with freaking cleo the 7th.

she said that she had a 135+ iq.

i said oh so human are that smart now?

she said nah most of them are still pretty dumb.

favorite 6 year old ever.


totally amused




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