The Not so Grim Reaper

who said a reaper had to be grim?
this is the diary of the " not so grim" reaper and the things she encounters as she goes about delivering souls to their designated places.

p.s- first attempt at writing fiction guys xd
CC appreciated.
Disclaimer- i intend to refer to a lot of different cultures and don't mean any offence so please refrain from calling me blasphemous or whatever .


1. Well hello there ;)

This diary is the property of  Ms.Myra Reaper 


So first things first.

Yes im a reaper

Yes my job for eternity( i know right? should have read terms and conditions carefully) is  to collect souls of the dead and take them to heaven. Or hell. Or the wheel of rebirth. Or just whatever rings bells dude

But please, for the love of my boss, stop calling me the 'Grim' reaper. its so annoying . 

I kinda get pissed at how many times people are like " so you're the grim reaper? why are you wearing a flowery skirt? and aren't you supposed to be a guy?"

Umm because i have a cool fashion sense,duh. And my being a man?

I honestly have no idea where they got that idea from. you think a man could put up with hundreds of wailing people in denial, every single day?

lol not a chance.

But despite everything i think i have the best job in the universe. Do you have any idea how many cool stories i hear all the time? A shit ton. some of the really cool ones i write down and read when the company is not so enticing.

so yeah. its going to be a helluva ride, ;) get it?

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