Raise of the Warrior Princess

You may know her name... You may know what she stands for... You may know the reason she is feared... You may know the path she took.... Land far and wide, Hell and back want her in their side. Destined to be the fearless and mightiest if all warriors, she battles her own dark side. Forge to take stand, battle in the time of Warloads and Kings....

One shall raise. When a nation is in desperate need of a hero, will she raise as a saviour or a destructor?

Her name.... Xena... A mighty Princess....


2. Two

Chapter 2


“Xena, what do you think you are doing? We don’t have time to stand around and wait, help me,” yelled her mother snapping her back to reality.


“Mother, I can’t run away when I have been taught to stand up and fight. You and I bouth know that even if we start now, we wont get much far before we will be captured. There are no one to stand and fight.”


“You cannot possibly think that you can fight them alone.”


“I can, I have been practicing with Lyceus. He has taught me enough to keep them busy out there,” said Xena.


She was now looking around the room looking for Lyceus sword. Cyrene watched her as panic and concern rose in her. She couldn’t just stand around and watch her daughter prepare to fight.


“Xena, im not going to let you risk yourself just because you played sword with your brother,” pleaded Cyrene.


“Mother, you are wasting valued time here. Nothing you say here will change my mind. We all know that and I’m not scared to face those army.”


But before either one said anything else, Nadia, a short blond woman with freckles on her face came running in. She tried to take as much breath as possible before she spoke.


“The first lot of army have been spotted. They have nearly passed the gates. People are running leaving everything behind.”


“Mother, you have to go with Nadia and leave. Get to safety, I know what I have to do,” said Xena determined.


Cyrene turned around and with a gasp of breath she saw Xena stand at the end of the bed, holding a sword. She was determined and showed no fear. She started to make her way to the door when her mother stopped her. She had tears in her eyes and Xena could tell that she wanted to stop her but her mother also knew that she had made her mind and wasn’t going to change it.


Nadia on the other hand had disapproval over her face but she pulled Cyrene. Resisting at first, Cyrene tried to follow Xena but then gave up as she saw Xena disappear outside the door. Tears fell down her eyes as she bid farewell to her daughter. She didn’t even know if she would see her again…




Xena fought the urge to go back to her mother and make sure that she left safely but she knew that the best thing that she could do was to stop the army from getting through. She passed people as they collected their children and ran to the other side of the noise of the approaching horses. Gripping the sword tighter, Xena waited for any sign.


…… Suddenly there was silence…. Wind slowly blew and she saw the branches sway in the wind yet there was no sign of the army. She knew that the attack would be brutal and that they weren’t planning on leaving without slaves.


Slowly in the distance… she saw the first horse ride closer. The man riding it was a large build. He was wearing a brown goldish suit of humour and a blue cloth made of silk blew in the wind like a flag. He rode with great speed and pose that it for a second Xena was not sure how she was going to take him on.


He came to a stop close and she saw that he was smiling at her.


“Put that away… that doesn’t suit a woman like you. You will be better off as a servant for our king,” he laughed.


“That kind of tone and statement makes me want to kill you on the spot. I can and will take you down,” answered Xena in a calm voice.


At this smile was gone and anger appeared. He clearly didn’t like been spoken to like that. He kicked his horse and he started to charge towards Xena. Taking in a deep breath, Xena tried to stay focused and raised her sword. A war call came from the man and Xena charged as well.


Sword swinged and with a loud cling… their swords met but Xena was stronger and with a shock the man jerked back and fell to the ground. He was not expecting this. Xena turned around, also surprised but still focused.


Getting up the man ran towards her again and again Xena blocked his attack with her sword. She pushed it hard and he went back, this time she charged forward and swinged her sword. It hit his and while blocking her blow, she turned and spined her legs tripping him. He fell to the ground and his sword went flying out of his hands.


Quickly he got up and when Xena went to hit him with her sword again, he kicked her in the stomach, loosing balance she stumbled back but balance herself quickly as he was taking advantage of this and grabbed her hand. Pulling it, he managed to pin her against his back and flipped her. She fell to the floor hard. Looking up she saw him preparing to jump on her and knocking her unconscious.


With a deep breath, she pushed her hands over her head and jumped up onto her legs. She eyed her sword which had fallen when she was flipped. It was too far for her to reach it but she was not giving up. He took a punch at her which she blocked. She kicked him in the shines and then at his stomach. Without waiting for a response, she continued. She turned and back kicked him in the side and then crossed punched him on the face. Continuing she upper hooked him and stumbling back he saw blood pouring out of his face. Xena knew that by now, he was fully unaware of what was happening and she finished him off with a round house kick. He fell back with a loud thud.


She smiled at her victory but this was not over. This was only the beginning of what is to come

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