Raise of the Warrior Princess

You may know her name... You may know what she stands for... You may know the reason she is feared... You may know the path she took.... Land far and wide, Hell and back want her in their side. Destined to be the fearless and mightiest if all warriors, she battles her own dark side. Forge to take stand, battle in the time of Warloads and Kings....

One shall raise. When a nation is in desperate need of a hero, will she raise as a saviour or a destructor?

Her name.... Xena... A mighty Princess....


3. Three

Sure enough in the distance she could hear the hooves of the horses charging towards her. With first victory, she felt confidence build up in her. She could fight as long as she could and give the others enough time to get away. She picked up her sword and swinged in her hand as she waited patiently.


As if in slowly motion, the horses started to appear in the distance. They all had their weapons at the ready. Bows and arrows, spears and swords all aimed in her direction. However, in the heat of battle, she felt calm and ready. The fear gone, she knew what she was doing and she remembered her brother’s training sessions.


Unlike the other guy, they didn’t stop to talk to her. They attacked. A first wave of arrows came flying through the air towards her. With great courage, she charged on. She swang her sword and sliced the arrow in front of her. She easily made her way through the wall of arrows and now spears.


Xena slide in the muddy ground as a spear went past so close that if she was an inch higher, it would have gone straight through her left shoulder. Just as quickly as she had pushed herself down, she pushed herself up. The guy in front of him didn’t even see her coming until the sword slashed his arm and he fell back.


She didn’t stop there. She continued to swing her sword and with each slash, he got someone and the fell. If felt like hours that she was fighting and she felt good. More than 50 men came trying to take her down but she kept pushing herself.


Four men came towards her on foot and circled her, she gave them a smirk and swinged her sword 360 degrees around and then she kicked one in the stomach, slashed one with her sword, back kicked the third and elbowed the forth.


Then suddenly all stopped. They stood there and no one dared to come any closer. She looked around, sword raised. One man stepped forward. He was a tall and looked like a half giant. He came closer. He wasn’t holding a sword but two sticks. He swinged it around trying to scare her but she stood her ground.


With a great yell, she charged forward. He blocked her attack with his sword and kicked her in the stomach. She fell back with great pain raising. Shaking off the pain, she charged again. This time he attacked. He swang his stick at her and this knocked the sword out of her hands. Then one after the other he hit the stick at her and without thinking, she raised her hand and blocked each blow. She kept taking a step back and he kept coming forward.


Having had enough, she clapped her hands and stopped the sticks between her palms. With a quick pull she stole on of his sticks and used that to stop the next blow that came.


“My turn,” she said with a smile.


She didn’t give him the chance to even realise what had happened when she bent down and hit him in the knee with stick. He stumbled back with pain. She twirled the stick in her hand and gave him a cold smile. With a great yell, she raised the stick and hit him. Each blow that he threw at her, she matched it with a counter attack. When he was distracted, she would add in a kick and a punch.  


Finally, he fell to the ground and so did she. She fell to her knees, exhausted. The soldiers that were left standing, watched her in shock. Then in the silence, she heard hooves. Looking up she saw a white horse approach and on it sat a man with great muscles. Clearly, he was someone important because all the other soldiers suddenly stood up straight.


“She single handed-ly took on my so called greatest army,” he said. He had a deep voice and loud voice. “You have been trained to take on army’s, trolls, ogre and other powerful things and yet you lost to a woman in a small town.”


Xena couldn’t tell if he was angry or amazed at this. She however, held onto the stick tightly just in case he decided to fight her.


“I’m not afraid to take you on either,” she said in a loud voice. “Don’t underestimate me or what I can do.”


“I know you aren’t. You are brave enough to risk your life to safe this village. I don’t know if that was a foolish thing to do or smart. Where are my manners, my name is Draco and I’m impressed with you and your skills in the battlefield.”


“I don’t care who you are or what impressed you. I’m just the one that is going to stand in front you, your army and my village,” replied Xena.


“Imagine what you can achieve if you train with us. We can make you a warrior,” offered Draco. He slowly got off his horse and now stood face to face with Xena.


“What makes you think that I would want to join you. You go murdering innocent people in the hopes of stealing their land.”


“Xena… I’m sorry Draco. I didn’t know that Xena was the one that stood in your way,” came a new but familiar voice.


“Lyceus? What are you doing with him?” asked Xena. She looked at each other.


“I have been training with Draco for months now. Father and I were coming back home when we were attacked. Father got hurt badly but we were lucky that Draco and his army came to our aid and took us into his protection. He trained me and made sure father was well enough to travel. I joined his army and have been fighting by his side. We came back here to drop father off,” explained Lyceus.


“But then why were they attacking us?” asked Xena still not fully convinced.


“They didn’t come to harm anyone here. We got word on our way here that there was trouble on our path. We were prepared for that. That’s why we sent one person to the village first to check but got word that he was killed. That’s why they attacked.”


Xena couldn’t shake the feeling that this wasn’t all the case but she let her guard down. She stepped forward and gave her brother a hug.


“Looks like my training paid off,” joked Lyceus.


Xena punched him jokily on the arm and stepped aside for them to come in. She watched from the corner of her eyes at Draco, who didn’t move his eyes from her. What was with him and what did he want from her?

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