Raise of the Warrior Princess

You may know her name... You may know what she stands for... You may know the reason she is feared... You may know the path she took.... Land far and wide, Hell and back want her in their side. Destined to be the fearless and mightiest if all warriors, she battles her own dark side. Forge to take stand, battle in the time of Warloads and Kings....

One shall raise. When a nation is in desperate need of a hero, will she raise as a saviour or a destructor?

Her name.... Xena... A mighty Princess....


4. Four

Xena sat down with her brother and watched him as he drank water and ate what was left. She kept passing glances at Draco who had not said a word but kept a close eye on her. Something about this all didn’t feel right and she couldn’t shake the feeling that her brother was hiding something from her.


“Where is father?” she finally asked.


“Like I said, he was badly hurt and is still healing. He wanted to come but he was in no shape to travel this far. We had other things to take care of before we came here besides,” answered Lyceus.


“What you did outside was impressive. No one person could have taken on Draco’s army yet alone a woman. You have great abilities. That all without proper training so imagine what you could do with training from me,” stated Draco.


Xena watched him with confusion. After begging and training in secret she had learnt all this from her brother and yet now she was being offered to be warrior. Draco’s army was impressive and they were well trained. She also like the idea of fighting by her brothers side. In a time of great battle, you needed people like Draco. He had taken in her brother and now look at him.


“Xena, what are you thinking about? Isn’t that what you always wanted to do? You wanted to take on the enemy and help keep this land safe, well now is your chance.”


Xena nodded at her brother and turned to Draco. “It would be my great pleasure to have someone like you as my leader and fight along-side you,” she replied.


            //~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ 2 months later \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~//


Xena closed her eyes and drowned out her surroundings. She stood in the middle of the field and concentrated at the sounds of her surroundings. Slowly she pulled out an arrow from the back and set it on the bow. She kept her eyes closed. In the corner she heard a clicking sound and with a deep breath she turned to face the direction in which the noise had come from and opened her eyes. She aimed and within in seconds something went flying in the air and in seconds she released her arrow which sorrowed through the air and hit the object. Straight after she aimed a second arrow and shot it again in the different direction and that too hit the object.


Silence once again spread through the field. From the back she heard hooves and turning around she saw her brother and Draco approach. Both had big smiles on their faces.


“Didn’t I tell you that she will be great. She was born to be a warrior. Soon all will be scared of her and will tumble on hearing her name. She is going to be the saviour” praised Lyceus.


“It is time to see how you do in the real battle?” said Draco. “It isn’t enough to be great in your training but also how you do in battle is important.”

“I’m ready,” said Xena. She placed the bow around her neck and with a graceful swing, she hoped onto her horse. “I have been looking forward to taking on those who will not fear death.”




“Your sister Xena is quite naïve in thinking that we are here to save this land. We don’t fight to protect but we fight to take what we want,” said Draco.


Lyceus and Draco sat near the fire in the tent drinking.


“I know that she sees this world as good and bad and she thinks that she knows what they are. Once she steps foot in battle, she will learn the true meaning of survival. You have to do what it takes to fight and win. You can’t always think about others but have to take it away.”


“That thinking is what I liked about you Lyceus. Surviving isn’t easy in a world like this. We do things that we are not proud of at the moment but after a while you forget about it.”


“I do worry about my sister. She is a fearless warrior who has learnt so much. But that is also what scares me. I don’t want to her get to the point where she cant tell the difference.”


“Like you have… You have made the deal with him and now I hope you aren’t regretting it?” asked Draco.


“I wish I could change what happened but I cant go back. I can only accept it and move on. I became greedy and now I shall suffer the consequences,” said Lyceus.


“That is what happens when you get a hunger for power. When you have victory, you feel powerful and immortal. That moment you don’t want to pass so you do anything to keep it and you have done that. You don’t want your sister to know the truth so you are lying to her but remember one thing that she has to find this out one day,” warned Draco.


“I want her out of this. When I made the deal, I kept her out of it. She will only have to know when it comes to my death bed. I would now like to stop about this as that moment won’t come,” snapped Lyceus.


“Yes, but let me warn you, you have made a deal with the devil and even he comes and collects. Whatever your deal was, it will come crushing down and you will have to pay.”


From the opening of the tent, Lyceus saw Xena sitting with the other soldiers. He felt quilt raising in his stomach as the thought of what would happen when something was to happen to him. What effect would that have on her. He shook this feeling off. No, he had made a deal… he was going to be the most feared warrior in the country. He would posse the powers that all wanted and he will hold the most power… eventually more than Draco also.

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