Raise of the Warrior Princess

You may know her name... You may know what she stands for... You may know the reason she is feared... You may know the path she took.... Land far and wide, Hell and back want her in their side. Destined to be the fearless and mightiest if all warriors, she battles her own dark side. Forge to take stand, battle in the time of Warloads and Kings....

One shall raise. When a nation is in desperate need of a hero, will she raise as a saviour or a destructor?

Her name.... Xena... A mighty Princess....


1. One

Silence fell one the field. The strong winds blew over the silence as the flags blew in the stormy winds. There was something scary about the silence of the field. You wouldn't have guessed that few hours ago this had been a battlefield in which two side fought fearlessly. The deeper you looked the more it showed the lifeless body spread across the field. Arrows, fire, broken shields and swords lay on the field next to and around the lifeless bodies. A war to start a nation while another to keep peace. In times like this, fear spread across the land as people who were stuck killed while others living in fear. No one wanting to stand against the Kings and warlords. The country in danger, powerless. 

Slowly waking across the field, people checking for survivors. Anyone that they can help or capture. 

"Is this war necessary? What do people get from fighting each other like this?" Asked a young girl. She walked with she father and brother. Her brother barely few years older than her. 

"You are too young to understand. We fight to either survive or protect. This war has been going for centuries. With the help of Ancient Gods and the devil himself, they fight in hopes of running the land. You either fight for them or with them," replied Nelo, her father. 

"I'm 19 and I soon want to follow in your footsteps and fight in this war. Especially if that is this important." 

"Don't be silly. Woman don't become warriors and fight in a war that is dominated by man. I'll be soon joining in the fight," laughed Lyceus.

"You wish... I'm going to be the most feared warrior across the land. Other warriors will fear and bow before me as they will be scared to even cross my path," she replied. 

"I wish that that day doesn't come in which my own children have to step foot on the battlefield. Fighting for the right or wrong is a thin line that can easily be murged," said Nelo. 

The two can see the pain and saddnes in their fathers face. Suddenly he looked old and tried and they could see the wrinkles on his face.

"Which side do you stand on?" 

At this Nelo stopped as suddenly he was speeches. What was the correct answer to this question. "I'm on the side of which will spare my family. I don't fight but stand with those who will keep my family safe. The side on which there is power," he said. He bowed his head in shame. 

"Power is temporary in this world, one moment you have it and the next it is gone. This earth is full of wonder and in a blink of an eye all can change." 

A small smile spread across Nelo's face at this. He looked at his daughter and shook his head. "Since when have you grown so much. I always told your mother that you will be wiser than your age, my dear Xena." 

Xena smiled back and kept going. Looking around, she wanted to do something. She wanted to help but the fear of what this all was doing to helpless people sanded her. She didn't stand a chance going up against kings and Warloads. She was just a small smige in this this land compared to them. 

                                                           ~~~~~~   One year later  ~~~~~~~


Xena sat at her window looking out at the field. She could hear the kids playing. She kept looking outside waiting for her father. It had been weeks since he had gone away.

"Xena, you know that waiting around for him won't bring him home any time soon," said her mother Cyrene. 

"I don't get why I can't go. Lyceus has been teaching me how to fight. I want to do more than to wait around hoping  that what the men are doing out there is enough to keep us safe here," said Xena. 

"I know that waiting around isn't your best quality but I can't let you go out there. You have a job  and that is what you are expected to do. You aren't the warrior type. This is a land run by Warloads, Gods and creatures that you wouldn't even dream of coming across but they exist and they won't think twice before ripping you to shreds. This is a nation in chaos and we need a saviour which isn't you," replied Cyrene. 

Xena sat down next to her mother as she nodded. She knew that she wasn't the same as her brother and her going to battle to protect her village was out of the question but she still deep down wished. 

The laughing of the children outside stopped as the thud if horses sounded in the distance. This thud didn't sound of calm approach of family but of danger. Yelling and screaming spread the air. Gettin up, Xena looked outside her window. Horror and chaos run through the people outside and people ran around collecting their children or finding place to hide. 

Immediately Xena understood, this wasn't the return of the soldiers of the village but the attack of the enemy. As if the at atmosphere had changed dramatically, the cold wind and darkness started to spread over the village. A chill came through and as feared it was happening. 

"They are here, we have to go and find ways to keep the women and children safe. We don't have time," she instructed. 

Her mother was already collecting money  necessary items. Panic was visible on her face as she tried to think with a clear mind. They had been dreading for this day and knew soon enough it will be here. No matter how much she told herself, deep down she had fear. She knew that this was the time to prove to all that she could do this. All she had to do was fight and keep this village safe.

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