The Vampires of Mist Gate

London, 1822. When twelve year old Simon Lowe, the son of wealthy archaeologists, trespassers through the haunted Mist Gate cemetery, he meets Gemma Carnavan, the third daughter of vampires, whose own taste for blood threatens to ruin their love for each other.


2. The Village of Vampires


Byers started to feed on the fruit that he had stolen. He was a thief. The first time he committed a crime was a decade ago when he was sixteen. He left home since his parents had died from the cold winter of 1812. Then he survived by doing small crimes. Suddenly he saw Myers, another thief.

"What are we going to do, Myers?", he asked him.

"We can go to the cemetery", Byers answered.

"Let's go!", Myers said.


The black road was full of mist. Byers focused his attention on a flower girl.

"Hello, how much is for the flowers?", he asked her.

"£1", she answered.

He gave her the a five pound note.

"Keep the change".

"Thank you, Sir. If you need anything else, let me know". Byers nodded. He was thinking that he needed a wife; he was thinking about the time that he was rejected by other girls when he was in school. In short, he smiled at her. "I'm Byers; this is my friend, Myers. We're in the village working near the cemetery". The flower girl shivered. "No one goes there at night, Sir...because of the vampires". Myers looked around. He shuddered. Before he could speak, the flower girl attended to other customers....and they walked about the village market to buy food for the week.


"I don't like this", Byers said. He was scared. Myers saw a dense fog. He couldn't see anything. When he saw the ominous black wrought-iron fence of Mist Gate castle, they noticed a carriage. Two rich couples were talking to each other as the driver who wore a grey hat on his head, gripped his black coat with his cold hands. Three lamps illuminated the cobbled roads; the road was full of villagers smiling as they went about their own business, unaware of the danger that they were in-especially when night time arrived.


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