The Bar Code Parody

Many years into the future, civilization has become fixated on a new piece of technology which allows the user to keep all of their information on their bare skin in the form of a barcode. Society has become so fixated on it that the ones that don't have one of the essential barcodes are deemed to fail in society, and just suck at life in general.
Sapphire Serenity, however, isn't phased about this technological advancement in the slightest and would rather remain an remarkable individual who happens to be the biggest outcast in her entire high school. But when things start turning for the worst, Sapphire has no other option, but to turn into one of the biggest Mary Sues in literature history.

Give credit to the original, The Barcode Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn.


3. More School Stuff

Ferrizin popped a stick of minty gum into her mouth. "So, what happened in the principal's office?"

Why is everyone obsessed with gum rn omfg, Sapphire thought with annoyance before responding, "Eh, not much. I just got chewed out by the principal but that's just about it. Something about being forced to join a club for my own benefit."

"Cool." Ferrizin blows a bubble and it pops. "Anyway, you wanna go to the My Toxic Lover's concert tonight?"

My Toxic Lover was every edgy teen of the future's favorite band of the now. Sapphire and Ferrizin were the biggest fans and won every single contest that happened once a month. Nobody questioned why they always did, other than supposing the author built up these flat pieces of cardboard for excuses of actual good characters in hopes they would receive cool merchandising of their own. To prove it how big of fans they were, right now Ferrizin was wearing a pure gold fan bracelet with band member Milky Way photographed on it.

"Maybe I might sneak out after dark to see it." Sapphire tells her. Ferrizin takes notice of the bar code poster that was mentioned one chapter ago.

"They sure know how to make these posters demotivating." She comments. "Totally not wicked enough."

"Yeah." Sapphire agrees. She took notice of her friend's bar code on her elbow. "I thought I told you to stay away from normie culture?"

"Well, my parents tied me and up and sedated me just so I could get it without trying to escape like last time." Ferrizin explained while making light of something really dark.

"DORKS!" Some stereotyped jocks threw their empty gatorade bottles at the two of them before snickering off into another hallway.

"ASSHOLES!" Ferrizin calls after them and stomps on the bottles in anger. "Screw them."

"That was past ass." Sapphire says while trying to coin in their forced-meme styled catchphrase they hoped would catch on with everyone else so that way they could have an excuse to say that they pasted ass before it was cool.

"Whatever, I'm going to class. You coming too?" Ferrizin asks with her school stuff spawning into her hands.

"Nah. I'm skipping school because fuck it." and she did.



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