tragedy has happened when Madison's stepfather dies and her mom becomes a drunk now Madison is starting her year as a freshman in high school but she and her friends quickly find themselves in trouble when they discovers a dastardly plot against the mayors daughter as they race across the clock to save her


1. Characters

otherMain characters:

Madison Whittler: small form with porcelain pale skin, long red hair with black streaks, black and red converse with jeans and a fall out boy shirt, Nice,smart, and brave, Likes Zack Cornwell.

Best friend #1:Emily nightingale, short black hair, red flats, black skirt and red shirt, pale peach skin. Smart, witty and likes jake brown.

Best friend #2: Nick Redman, short spiky brown hair, red shirt with jeans, blue converse, tan skin, tall, kind, smart. Likes Madison Whittler.

Enemy#1: name is Lily Ashwell, forest green eyes, milk chocolate skin, medium black hair, white shirt, ripped jeans, black heals, red lipstick, small purse. Mean girl who picks on those ' below' her. Dating Zack cornwell. Is the mayers daughter.

Enemy #2: Lucy Dean-Smith, pale pink skin, blue flower dress, black leggings, and red pumps, has blonde hair with blue highlights, grey eyes. Nice but friends with mean girl.


English teacher:  Tony Beck, Black skin, brown hair, baby blue eyes, pressed suit- teacher uniform. Nice teacher, doesn't give homework.

Math teacher: Bruce Williams, black slicked back hair, leather dress shoes, school teacher uniform, black eyes, No homework.

Social studies teacher: Nicolas Salem, school teacher uniform, long brown hair tied in a ponytail, grey eyes, Gives Lots of homework.

Science teacher: Ruby Chen
, light brown skin, short black hair, sharp cheekbones, and brown eyes,. School teacher uniform. Little homework.

Drunk mom:Delphanie Marsh, honey colored hair, pale skin, ruffled white shirt with black pants and grey socks, kaleidoscope eyes.

Nerd: name is Jake Brown, tan skin, short ruffled black hair, warm hazel eyes, green shirt with khakis, black dress shoes. Likes Emily Nightingale.

Jock: name is Zack Cornwell, sun tanned skin, dating Lily Ashwell, bright blue eyes, black shirt, school football jacket, blue jeans, shoes: Jordan's. Nicish.

Music lover: Kevin Anders, olive skin, hazel eyes, white button up shirt, black band pants, black shoes.

Dead father: Jackson Marsh, was an army man and a step father wheres his army uniform, was very funny and nice, loving father, fought hard, bright green blue eyes

Shy kid: Isabella Laquita: honey colored skin, light green eyes, long black hair covers her forehead, blue shirt sleeves shirt, blue jeans, black converse.

Brave and reckless kid: Arizala Gonzola, forest green eyes, dark skin, blindly rushes into things, skips class if there is something fun to be done.

Identical twins: troublemakers: Evans Hunt and Jacob Hunt, short red hair, blue eyes, always have a mischievous smile, wear the same clothes: black shirt with jeans and red sneakers.

The bros: Randy Morse, short red hair, green eyes, black jeans, white shirt and 
Kim Foster, short brown hair, hazel eyes, red shirt with a batman logo, blue jeans. funny, do every thing together.

The artist: Kathy Spark, light blue eyes, meium length hazel hair, paint splattered white shirt, rainbow splatered jeans. very shy and nice.



(I need some help with looks and personality along with who they are friends with from the list please, i will introduce these people after the first real chapter, if you have and ideas for other people to join in the stereotypical groups please let me know and i can add them.)

The emo/goth: Robert Bery, 

The drama kid: Linda Freeman, 

Band geek: Michael Murphy,

PE teacher: Jessica Oakley, 

Art teacher:Amber Jackson,

Health teacher: Nancy Ward, 



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