tragedy has happened when Madison's stepfather dies and her mom becomes a drunk now Madison is starting her year as a freshman in high school but she and her friends quickly find themselves in trouble when they discovers a dastardly plot against the mayors daughter as they race across the clock to save her


2. chapter 1

The sky was on fire. Smoke rose in great clouds as the deafening sound of many guns could be heard for miles. This was war, and there was no turning back, you had to give it your all and hoped you survived another day. As I hurried to find cover i thought of how things led up to this moment, the war in Afghanistan had started just this year and I still haven't retired to my one year old daughter and wife as the Sargent has requested I stay till the end of this year. A man screaming in pain brought me out of my flashback before I got to lost in thought and I winced as I hoped it wasn't someone I knew. I heard footsteps nearing closer as I turned to peak around one of the few trees left. I turned and dropped down as i saw on of the enemy and as I prepared to shoot I realized i had yet to refill the bullets before I had the flashback. The last thing I thought of was how I would never see my daughter grow up before I heard the shot and i fell to the ground while my vision blurred till everything went black.


I woke up as the sun hit my face seeping threw the curtains and the smell of morning dew brought a refreshing smell. I yawned and sighed as I hear my mother enter the house probably still drunk from wherever she had been last night. My mothers name is Delphanie marsh as she took the last name of my step father, she has auburn colored hair and pale skin .My step father was an soldier in the Afghanistan war but died on November 23,2003 a day before my birthday and a month before he retired. My father was always nice and loving, he fought hard to protect us and usually wore his uniform he had reddish hair with bright forest green eyes mixed with a little black. He was a great man and I hope I live up to his expectations. Anyway I guess I should introduce my self, my name is Madison whittler and I am currently fourteen years old and am a freshman in high school, I have a small form with porcelain pale skin and natural red hair with black streaks. I hurried into my clothes that consisted of black converse with jeans and a fall out boy shirt i ran down stairs as I read the time, it was 7:20 and my bus got here at 7:30. I ran into the kitchen to make myself some toast before I grabbed my backpack and hurried out the door and got there just in time to greet my best friends.

"Great timing as always Madison", Emily giggled.

"It's not my Fault my alarm doesn't wake me",I replied trying to defend myself.

"Sure it isn't", replied my friend Nick who was always the one to make us laugh.

"Haha very funny guys",I pouted but the look was ruined by my smile.

These two have been my best friends since kindergarten. I first met Emily Nightingale when I was being bullied about my dad and she stood up for me and showed me to Nick.  Then there is Nick Redman but he usually is always nervnous around me for some reason. But enough about that today is the first day of school and a chance for me to make new friends and be away from the house as long as possible. I just really hope nothing goes wrong and we have a normal school year. The bus arrived and we quickly chose the back two seats. I sat down near the window and thought of how nothing could go wrong in our little town. I watched the scenery fly by as we pulled up to the school and I grabbed my bag. I walked out to see the social groups all walking together. See our school is one that people attach stereotypes to often, we are the outcast as we don't fit in with any other group. First we have the jocks who love football they can be a bit thick minded though they usually get out of trouble because they've won us two games and the teachers don't want us to lose to the red raiders. The main person you think of when you see the jocks at our school is Zack Cornwall he has sun tanned skin with bright blue eyes and red hair he usually wore his black shirt with his school football jacket and blue jeans along with a nice pair of Jordan's. He was also dating my number one enemy Lilly Ashwell. Lilly was one of the two mean girls, she had forest green eyes, milk chocolate skin, medium black hair she was currently wearing a white shirt with ripped jeans, black heals along with red lipstick. She liked to pick on those below her meaning us and the geeks, she was also the mayors daughter so she never got in trouble she also had a satalite named Lucy Dean-Smith. Lucy has pale pink skin, blonde hair with blue highlights and grey eyes, today she wore a blue flower dress with black leggings and red pumps. We walked into the school with our locker number and schedule. I had English first with Tony Beck, then Math with Bruce Williams , and social studies with Nickolas Salem. I had science with Ruby Chen on A days along with health and social studies with Nickolas Salem along with PE on B days and art everyday,

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