At the start of the year the universe was calling me to write a new set of poems. I let the ideas that I had sit with me for a while and then I set about writing out what would be the storyline into what the poems would fit. It seemed the work would involve written set pieces and poetry. I was all set to go and then...... THE WORLD SEEMED TO GO CRAZY! It became clear to me that I was not being called to write out MY idea but that I needed to report on what was happening in the world and how it was making me feel.

the BLACK dog is a term used to describe depression and it a dark dog. As I started this work we are in a very dark, depressing time in the world and I had to reflect on that. So this is me, the Dark dog, barking back at the world! This is very much a live piece of work as we turn through this year. I also have my reflections in here, on my own thoughts, feelings and life. This is my heart open and my soul on show for anyone to see. It is me being brave, I hope you enjoy!






The peace unlike anything I have ever known

The sunlight through the trees

I touch those trees and I know they are alive

I say "good morning"


Then by the lake as I walk to see my mother

I feel the nature around me

Every living thing, every colour 

I draw on the energy I feel


It grieves my heart that we are killing her

Gaia you have opened my eyes

I open my arms and welcome you

Mother Earth


This transformation  is moving deep inside

It moves through my veins and my blood

I want you to know I understand now

WE need to protect her, to care for her like a mother


We, her children can not turn from her

Lift her up, lift her until she is exalted 

Don't poison her lands

Don't blacken her sky


Here her crying

Hear her weep

Hear her pray for our souls to keep

Listen and hear our mother call.

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