Devils Kiss

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1. Chapter 1

Beep, beep, beep!!! My alarm clock screams I slam the snooze button and immediately hear, knock, knock, knock! I groan and cover my head with my blanket.

My Uncle Percy opens the door and walks in and whispers softly “wake up little bear,” I groan and burry myself deeper in my bed. Uncle Percy gently shakes me to wake up, “Sara,” he prompts, “it’s your first day of school you need to wake up,” he urges.

I’m 16 most Knights have dropped out by now, but no I have to graduate high school, get an education, I even saw my Uncle Percy looking at collages the other day, he really wants to push this as far as Abraham will allow him.  

Uncle Percy sighs, “Fine, you have training in 5 minutes, I’ll let Jordon deal with you” he gives up and leaves.

I wait until I hear Uncle Percy close the door as he leaves then I jump out of bed and get ready, Uncle Jordan would probably strangle me if I were late to training, last time I was late he tried to throw me out the window, he would have done it too if Josh hadn’t decided then was the perfect time to come ask for his book back and stopped him from killing me. I throw on a pair of shorts, a red tank top and some sneakers then run down to the make shift gym Abraham had built years ago. Josh, I wonder what that will be like this year? He’s my science teacher at school, has been since 7th grade, always moving up in the classes he teaches just as I enter them, but more than just my science teacher he’s an Unnatural monster that serves the Knighthood. Of course it’s taboo, the Knighthood are supposed to kill the Unnatural but he has been imprisoned by my family for longer than the records remember. When it was decided I would become a Knight Abraham decided to have Josh become my tutor, who better to teach you how to kill the Unnatural than one of the most powerful, who also happens to be under our thumb. I open up the door to the training room and see a silver flash and something flying through the air then crash into the wall.

I grab the dagger out of the door, so this is how we’re going to play it.

My Uncle Jordan turns around as I stare threateningly at him he clicks his tongue in disappointment, “I missed” he sighs.

 I roll my eyes and throw the dagger down to his feet, grabbing a sword off the stand never saying a word and not daring to break eye contact. Words aren’t needed when training with Jordon but he has a big mouth and can’t seem to shut it.

 “Tough girl?” he mocks grabbing a sword, but he’s much less tense, “how did your training with the guardians go? I hear Adams is a real hard ass,” he says.

“I learned a lot,” I say.

“Oh please what does Adams know that I don’t?” he snorts.

“How to fight,” I mock.

 Jordan holds his hand over his heart, “ouch, you know I was going to go easy on you but now, you’ve hurt my feelings” Jordan lunges forward slightly throwing me off balance. He laughs at my lack of footing, “Just say Uncle when you want to give up,” he says.

I tighten the grip on my sword as he lunges again I move swiftly out of the way and scrap my sword on the floor. He straightens back up, come on old man, I think staring at him, griping my sword to strike when the time was right. He throws his sword forward and I bring mine up to block it up and down, slightly shifting my feet as we stumble together, give me something, His eyes move down to see what I will do next and just as he does I lift my foot and kick the back of his leg then kick my other foot to his chest sending him flying. I lift my sword as he falls to the ground. Standing above him I hold the tip of my sword up to his neck. Jordan smiles “I guess you got lucky for your first day back,” he sighs and lightly pushes the tip of the sword away from his neck, “alright now let’s go for real this time,” he says.

I push the dull sword into his chest, “uncle?” I ask.

Jordon looks up at me fear glimpsing his eyes, as if I could run him through, but then he has the same realization as me and he growls irritated, “fine,” he gives in and once again tries to get up.

 I hold the sword to him raising my eyebrow, “what? I didn’t hear that, what’d you say?” I mock.

He furrows his brow.

“You know the rules,” I tell him.

“Fine, you know what,” he pauses to see if I’ll let him get away but I’m not as dumb as that it’s simple really, a cat wouldn’t let a mouse loose, the mouse has to fight its way free, “uncle” he says, “now let me up, so we can go again,” I throw my sword on the ground and hold my hand out to help him up. He pushes my hand away and struggles up himself, “and maybe you won’t cheat this time,” he accuses.

“I didn’t cheat, and the Unnatural don’t play by rules neither can we,” I say.

“I never should have taught you that,” Jordan says.

I laugh and wipe the sweat off my brow, “Sorry Uncle, I have to go get ready for school.”

“School? When are you going to drop out?” Jordon asks.

I don’t know ask your brothers, “What like you?” I ask him sarcastically. As far as he knows this is my choice and that’s how I want it, not that I want my loyalty in question I just also don’t want Jordan to know that Percy has got Abraham dragging me to graduation.   

“It’s best for Knights to leave school as soon as they start training, less, suspicion, that way” he says. Training isn’t safe, I’ve had the to meet with short women who smell like flowers many time’s as they asked me if I was “safe” at home. I am. And it’s because of me and the rest of the Knight’s that you can have a safe home too.

 I shrug, “I like school,” I say.

Jordon laughs.

I want to be a Knight. I have to be a Knight, but, no girl has ever become a Knight before. I’m the daughter of the current leader and the only recognized child so they’re willing to let me try, but, it’s never been done before. If I can’t prove that I’m strong enough to be a Knight Uncle Percy wants me to be able to do something else. That’s why he makes me go to school. It doesn’t matter though, I will be a Knight.

            I head back upstairs and start getting ready for school. I’m already running late. I don’t do much to get ready, the main problem is that I smell like I just wrestled an ape, because that’s exactly how I spend every morning. A simple hoodie and jeans does miracles in hiding all the cuts a bruises. I pull my still wet blonde hair up out of my face grab my back pack and slip on my ring.

 I run down to the basement, and knock, on Abraham’s door.

“Come in,” calls the voice.

I open the door slowly and step into the dark room, “Sorry Sir to interrupt, I just, I thought I’d let you know I was headed to school,” I whisper spinning my ring around my finger like I always do when I’m nervous.  

Abraham is turned around in his chair staring out the covered windows, “ok,” he says.

I breath in, “training with the guardians went well,” I whisper, no response, “okay,” I sigh, there aren’t just physical injuries, ever sense my mom was killed our leader’s sanity has been slowly slipping, “I should probably go,” I say then step out of the room closing the door as soon as I hear the click I sigh brushing the tips of my fingers against the door I feel a hand rest on my shoulder.

I turn around and see that it’s Percy.

He looks at me with pity that churns my stomach, “have a good day at school,” he whispers smiling sweetly at me.

I smile and nod. I’d rather be out fighting the Unnatural, people are going to die because you kept me from the fight.

            As soon as I am outside the cold air bites my face. I look around and see a boy leaving his house, his mother helps him to put on his jacket and she kisses his forehead lovingly goodbye. I pull my hood up and walk quickly away but the boy still acknowledges me.

“Hey!” he calls out.

He must be new to the neighborhood if he’s brave enough to talk to me, I don’t respond just keep staring at my feet walking forward.

He runs up to me putting his hand on my shoulder.

I’m trained to kill, I should break his arm, I could do that quick enough, then he’d to busy worrying about the pain to stop me from snapping his neck.

            “Hello?” he says with an overly excited smile the second my eyes meet his.  

He has really pretty deep blue eyes, I smile to him, satisfied?  I shrug him off and start walking away again.

 “You know, usually when people say hello you’re supposed to say it back” he calls out.

Stupid kid, “Bye,” I say then run all the way to school.

            I walk up to the glass doors marked May Canyon High School, push the door open immediately blinded by the light and the noise and the smell. Hundreds of teens are trying to ramble about everything that happened to them the past 3 months in 3 minutes before the bell rings and school officially begins again. I pull out my class schedule, First Period Honors English Mrs. Warren Room 214 I head down the English hall and as soon as I walk into the classroom I see him sitting there.  

The boy from earlier smiles and waves giddily at me. I glare at him and go sit in the back corner, but as soon as I pass his desk in the front row he stands and fallows me to the back. I want to move but the bell rings and other students start crowding into the room all talking to one another.

He leans closer to me and whispers in my ear, “is it me or are you just afraid to get cooties?” he asks.

 I let out a laugh and roll my eyes. Is this how normal kids talk. Most people don’t talk to me and not just because of the rumors about my family but I don’t know anything about the normal world, I can’t talk to them about the most popular books and movies so even the one’s brave enough to talk to me can’t keep a conversation going.

 “You have a pretty laugh,” he says sincerely.  

What? Did he just say that to me?  I stare down onto my desk and feel my face heat up. I bet a normal girl would be flattered to hear that, but I’m a Knight, his opinion doesn’t matter to me. I’m not a stupid little girl like that I’m just, embarrassed. I pull out my notebook as the teacher begins to speak introducing herself and the class.

The boy starts talking to me again. 

 Mrs. Warren, a small dyed blonde Mrs. Potatoe head type with pink painted nails, type 2 diabetes, and 2 cats named Oliver and Felix. After introducing herself she started calling out names “Jacob Abbott?” she called.

The boy next to me raised his hand and called out, “here,” then looked back at me smiling. When I saw his smile my heart skipped a beat or twelve, I like his smile.

  “So?” he asks.

 I look back at him confused.

 “What’s your name?” he repeats.

Why do you care?

 It took too long for me to respond so he started guessing “Well you look smart so it’s probably something sophisticated like Sophia, or Elisabeth,” he says.

I shake my head begging him internally to stop talking to me. It’s the first day of school don’t give me all this trouble.

Mrs. Warren looks directly at me, “I know you’re all excited about coming back to school and seeing your friends for the first time since school let out, but you’re back in school now so I would appreciate if you could all act like respectable students,” she lectures never once breaking eye contact with me.

I look back at her in apology and then look down at my hands in my lap.

 Jacob sinkers next to me, “Is it Sara?” he guesses.

 I look up at him surprised by what he just said, he’s right.

“Sara Knight,” Mrs. Warren calls out.

I raise my hand still looking at Jacob “here,” I whisper barely audible.

 Mrs. Warren nods and marks her roll.

Jacob smiles widely and laughs quietly leaning closer to me “holy shit, wait, I was right?” he asks surprised.

 I nod my head, good guess kid.

“Now for my next trick” he says waving his fingers in my face, “I will guess what your favorite color is” he says then scrunches his face looking at me still waving his fingers, “black?” he guesses.  

I snicker and shake my head.

 “What? With a feisty, angsty, attitude like that it has to be black. Alright, well, what is it?” he asks.

Mrs. Warren looks back at us, I write the answer to his question on a piece of paper and hand it to him.

 He smiles at me and laughs a little but then he’s quiet for the rest of the class.

            The bell rings so I stand and head to the door.

  Jacob jumps over my desk and runs to catch up with me.

“Hey wait, what’s your next class?” he asks.

 I pull my schedule out of my pocket and hand it to him.

He looks it over, “History, shit, but I’ve got Math,” he pouts handing me my schedule back, “well I guess this is where we part ways,” he takes my hand and kiss’ it, “till lunch, we shall meet in the cafeteria for tea and crumpets,” he bows to me, “ado fair Sara,” he shouts as he runs off down another hall.

I laugh to myself, what is with that boy?

            I sit down in the back of my class getting a notebook and a pencil out sitting back in my chair as everyone sits down still talking to one another. The bell rings again, I wonder if he made it in time? Probably not, he probably got lost, he’s a total ditz.

 My history teacher, Mr. O’Brien, was a tall buff guy with tattoos covering his arms were his rolled up sleeves did not, and it seemed as though all the hair on the top of his head migrated to the bottom of his face making a bushy untamed beard.

“Kallie Abney,” he called a girl raises her hand and says, “here” the teacher nods and continues down to list doing the same thing with every person, “Sara Knight” he calls I raise my hand slightly but keep my head down he nods and looks back down to his roll, “Alexander Knight?” he calls.

 I look up, that’s not possible.

 Mr. O’Brien points his pencil to me, “do you know him?” he asks.

 I shake my head. I can hear the kids around me buzz with new rumors and stories. “A new Knight?” “The Knight family is so weird.” “If Sara doesn’t know him maybe he’s not part of their weird cult.” “Maybe it’s just a coincidence.”

Knight, is a name given only to those who serve the Knighthood. Could Uncle Percy really have forgotten to mention something like this to me. That there’s another Knight here at my school?

            I continue thinking to myself the entire class period not paying attention to a single thing the teacher says. When the bell finally rings I get up staring down at my feet still deep in my thoughts I fallow the crowd to the lunch room. Standing right at the entrance to the cafeteria is Jacob with his stupid gleeful smile. Is he waiting for me? Should I scare him off? I ask myself as my stomach flutters happily seeing him again, I smile at Jacob and wave slightly, no I’m too busy for this if I just keep my distance eventually he’ll learn to stay away.

            I walk up to him ready to tell him to piss off but he takes my hand, “geez you’re slow Sara, come on,” he says leading me to the lunch line, “red and yellow apples like this one are the best, trust me this is going to be a good apple,” he says placing the apple on my tray then filling it with more food.

Then he leads me to a table full of people, “oh, Jacob—” I start to protest.

 “Hey Brice what’s up man?” Jacob says high fiving a boy with long brown hair and an oversized jersey. Cutting off my protest Jacob turns to me “hey guys this is Sara Knight, she’s mine so don’t even try it, Tyler that means you,” Jacob jokes.

What is that supposed to mean?

Everyone laughs at what he said.

One girl pouts, “I thought we would be cute together,” she says.

“Nah,” he shrugs her suggestion off, as if it didn’t even matter, as if he didn’t care about anyone but me. He sits down and I follow his lead, “I like Sara,” he says wrapping his arm around me, I stiffen naturally wanting to put him in a choke hold for touching me. 

One guy laughs, “first day at May Canyon and you’ve already got a girlfriend,” girlfriend? I’m not his girlfriend!  “Tell me your secret?” he says

Jacob laughs, “Oh no she’s not my girlfriend,” he says, “well I mean unless you want to be?” Jacob turns to me and shocked I just shake my head in absolute culture shock.  

Everyone looks confused as they laugh.

The other guy speaks again, “Well whatever she is to you, is she coming to the game Friday?” he asks.

Jacob shrugs “I don’t know,” he turns to me, “Do you want to come to my game Friday?” he asks.

“Football?” I ask.

 Everyone laughs again. Jacob keeps eye contact with me to keep me calm, “don’t worry they’re laughing at me not you,” he says, not that I care what they think but the way he looks at me is still reassuring, “but no I play baseball, we’re having our last home game Friday.”

I shrug, “I don’t think I can, I have, a family thing,” he says.

Another boy laughs, “Don’t feel too bad Jacob you’re going to hear that a lot from her, her family is a bunch of freaks,” he jokes.

My eyes glare daggers into him, how dare he insult the Knights.

“Roy! Don’t be a dick!” Jacob yells.

I stand up and smile, “No, it’s fine. He’s right my family are freaks,” I say and Jacob looks at me apologetically then I smile and continue, “and we’re going to be busy on a murder spree Friday, maybe we’ll start with you,” I glare at the boy who insulted my family then run out of the cafeteria, I want to rip his throat out with my teeth but I have to calm down and handle this, like a Knight. He’s just an innocent I can’t do anything to him.     

Jacob fallows close behind me, as soon as we are out of the cafeteria he starts laughing, “What the hell just happened?” he asks.

I turn to him, “It’s nothing,” I say.

Jacob smiles his thousand-watt smile and I don’t feel upset anymore, “Well remind me never to piss you off,” Jacob laughs then he looks at me sympathetically and brushes a loose piece of hair behind my ear, I instinctively move away from him but his hand is so warm. The place on my cheek where his fingers brush makes my skin set fire. I’m frozen in front of him. He smiles gently, “but seriously, do you want to talk about it?” he asks.

 I smile and shake my head. I was so mad but now I can’t focus on anything but his beautiful eyes. I could get lost for hours in his kind eyes. As I stare at him I start to notice just how gorgeous he really is.

“Why are you talking to me?” I ask. He already has a lot of friends for being new. He’ll be king of the school in no time, he’s kind, funny, and attractive, I’m sure everyone will love him. Even if he hasn’t heard the rumors about me and my family I’m still not the type of girl guys like him talk to.

“Because that’s how conversations work,” he jokes.

I should laugh but my stomach clenches nervously, “I’m serious.”

Jacob sighs and runs his fingers through his hair, “I don’t know. I’ve moved around a lot and I’ve met a lot of people. You’re different, I can tell, you’re stronger than the rest of them,” he shrugs looking a little sad, “Maybe I need some of that strength. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for hazel eyes,” he jokes getting back to his normal self.

I made a mistake, I can’t let this go on, he actually thinks we can be friends, I’m a Knight I can’t have friends, “Jacob,” I’m sorry.

            The bell rings. “Damn already? Well, what class you going to next?” he asks. I pull out my schedule and hand it to him. I hear him mutter under his breath. Jacob looks at me staring for a moment, hesitating then sighs and hands me back my schedule, “to room 216 for science with Mr. Green” he says.

I smile and follow him even though I could easily find this room without his help.

I saw a shadow move outside of room 216 and stand in front of it getting ready to greet every student as they enter his class just like he does every day every school year. The Unnatural Joshua Green, my teacher, a tall scrawny guy with a big nose dark blonde shaggy hair and glasses so big they barley fit his face who wore a tailored brown suit with a blue shirt and tie the same suit he always wears the only one he has. The air feels thick and evil when I see him, an Unnatural I can’t help that my instincts as a Knight want to kill him. But he works for my family so for the time being he has been granted life.

Josh smiles looking next to me right at Jacob, “back again so soon Mr. Abbott? Did you not get enough of my riveting lecture last period?”

Jacob laughs, “not me G, just dropping off a friend.”

Josh turns his head and glares at me, “a friend how lovely, well maybe you can re-explain the lesson to Mr. Abbott since he fell asleep during my class this period,” he’s bantering but his tone hides a clear threat.

“I can’t help it your class is boring,” Jacob says and Josh turns his attention back to him.

“Boring?” he says as the bell rings.

“Shit, I got to get to art intro, see you later Sara,” Jacob yells then runs off down the hall.

“So, a friend?” Josh says then leans in to whisper in my ear, “do you really think that is such a good idea?” he asks.

Personal relationships with innocents will get in the way of my work as a Knight, but, I’m not a Knight yet. Like Uncle Percy keeps telling me, I’m not a Knight until I’ve proven myself. So until then, I don’t see the harm of just letting Jacob do what he wants, I don’t have to get emotionally involved but I don’t want to hurt him by rejecting him so I just won’t let it get in the way. That should be fine, right? “I’m aware of the risks.”

 “The current world population is over 7 billion, .5 percent of that 7 billion are Unnatural and we are only able to locate about 3/4ths of the .5 percent…” Josh rants. I sit at a desk in the storage unit Uncle Percy has rented for Josh to do his weird experiments and sometimes Josh brings me here for my lessons, but I hate when he does its cold and messy.

This is so boring.

 “Sara?” Josh says.

 I raise my head, “Hmm?”

 Josh glares at me, “I know this isn’t as fun as punching people but if you want to fight the Unnatural you need to understand them,” he says. It’s the same thing he and Percy always say, “For 4 hours after school is the only time I have to teach you everything you need to know but that is not nearly enough time for you to be ready to be a Knight. Now if you would,” he says asking for my attention.

I put my head down on the desk. Bored.

 “Fine, let me give you a hypothetical and you tell me how you would approach this case. Two newlyweds are on their honeymoon the wife if a fairy the husband knows nothing about this what do you do?”

“Wait for a time when the wife is away from the husband and kill her, bullets made of gold and filled with fairy dust should do the trick,” I say.

“And what do you do about the body?”

“Call someone else to clean it up.”

“Wrong” Josh says.


“27 Knights where convicted of murder last year because they left trails of evidence proving that they had done it,” Josh says, “You sneak into the hotel room when its most unlikely anyone will see you, you shoot the wife in the chest then you shoot the husband,” Josh holds two fingers like a gun under his chin, “through the head, put the gun in his hand,” Josh lowers his hand looking me dead in the eyes, “murder suicide.”

“The Knighthood doesn’t kill innocents,” I say.

“A newly wed husband is expected to search for answer, which of course will lead back to you, he’s newly in love, he won’t give up effortlessly,” he says.

I shake my head, “A true Knight would find another way, even if it leaves risk.”

“And what other plan would you suggest?” Josh asks crossing his arms over his chest.

“Make the fairy write a note and frame it like a suicide. Just suicide,” I growl, I would never kill an innocent.  

“Very well, I’ll accept that, let me change it up a bit, same couple but this time you are only told one of them is a fairy but you aren’t told which one, your orders are simply to kill both. What do you do?” he asks.

Damn immortal. The purpose of the Knighthood is to protect the innocent who cannot protect themselves, but the only way to do that is by fallowing orders. As a Knight, if you don’t fallow orders, people die.  I hold two fingers to my temple like my teacher had, “murder suicide.”

Josh smiles pleased, “Maybe you are ready to become a Knight,” he says, “Alright next question, where is the world’s largest Unnatural detention?” he asks.

“Norway?” I guess.

“Nicaragua,” he says, “58% roman catholic,” he mumbles the random fact.

I sigh, “I was close,” Josh raises an eyebrow, “They both start with N,” I reason.

Josh sighs and turns around walking over to a cupboard he opens it up pulling out a large Mortuary sword.

I brush my fingers against the sharp blade then look at the carvings in the handle, “Ginfaxi and Freyr?”

“Courage in battle and peace. I was thinking I could give this one to Zachery when he gets home. I know he’s not a Knight but, do you think he’ll think it?”

Knights are usually the ones who use weapons like this. Hunters use guns but, “I’m sure he’ll love it,” I say.

Josh’s cell phone dings and he looks at it confused.

“What is it?” I ask.

He hands me the phone and I scan the message from Uncle Percy, “Your father wants to speak to you,” Josh says.



“What happened?” my father asks.

I look over to the Unnatural monster, Joshua. His stomach is being stitched up by Percy. he’s bleeding fast, his skin is losing color as our kitchen floor is being stained red. The Unnatural lies completely still. He might die.

“I missed,” I say.


I knock on the door nervously, what could he possibly want to talk to me about?

“Come in,” calls Abrahams voice on the other side of the door.

I open the door and step into the pitch black room, “Sir,” I say respectfully bowing to him.

Abraham booms with laughter, “you’re not a Knight yet, regard me as your father not your leader,” he says standing up and walking around the desk to get a good look at me, “How did training with the Guardians go?” he asks.

I look around confused, “good, I learned a lot,” I say hesitantly.

Abraham laughs again, “You can relax, I just want to talk.” he sits on top of his desk his crossing his arms just like his legs, “I won’t bite, I’ll leave that to the werewolves,” he says.

I laugh and breathe a sigh of relief, he’s acting strange but I guess I don’t have to be worried.

“Now how did your training with the guardians go?” he repeats.

“It went well, I learned a lot that will prepare me to be a Knight,” I say.

“Well that’s good to hear because you will be having your exams at the beginning of next month.”


“You’re turning 16 soon,” in a month, “16 is the age one can be accepted as a Knight and you are no exception to that, but don’t think that just because you are my child this will be easy, just the opposite it will be even harder for you because you are my child, so prepare yourself.”

“Yes, of course, I will thank you Sir,” I say bowing and smiling as wide as I can.

“Don’t thank me,” he says taking a serious tone then laughs again, “of course after that we will have to discuss the treaty with the Hunters, its likely we will wait another 2 years before joining with them, but Luke does want to talk about it, apparently he can already hear bells,” Abraham laughs then stands up again walking back to his desk placing his chin in his hand to study me, “How is Zachery?”



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