My truth is this....

1. Life

My truth is this: Life is life.

Life is impossible to explain in words. Its meaning is not concealed in any syllable or hidden behind a letter. Life is simply what you make of it. You see, if you focus on a feeling of isolation, you are more likely to feel isolated and alone, by focusing on the feeling it feeds into its power. If you focus on just being happy, you may be happy, but your image of the flawed world we live in could be skewed. Seeing life through a solely happy lens may sound like rainbows and butterflies, but the rainbows shade your view. If you focus to much on the happy, you leave no room to be able to protect yourself from the things that are out of balance. Life is about finding a balance that is constantly shifting and changing to your every word and need. 

The hardest part about life is finding balance. One day you may need to focus more on the happy to cast out the unexplained empty feeling that is eating you alive, and other days you don't have to focus as much on the happy to be able to walk out the door to be with your friends. Balance is fragile and impossible to perfect, because life may be going great and you have a great balance going on, and then you break your ankle and your life is thrown out of wack. 

Balance is a scary thing, especially  when it is out of wack. It feels like you are out of control of everything going on around you and you feel helpless. Being out of balance feels endless, but balance can be found. It takes a while for balance to be restored, but just as you can lose your balance, you can regain it.

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