The beginning of us

" I don't quite know how to say how I feel. Those three words are said too much their not enough. "

" Do you know where your heart is do you know how to find it did you trade it for something somewhere better just to have it. Do you know where your love is do you think that you have lost it you felt it so strong but nothing's turned out how you wanted it. "

" I could never pretend that I don't love you. "


Ariana Gilbert is Elena's twin sister, but she is anything but like her twin. Ariana is the party girl, the most popular girl at the whole school, and even though it looks like she has everything that anyone could ever have she feels that she has absolutely nothing. Nothing at all, and when her parents die it only gets worse. Ariana just acts like she is fine and she is unaffected by her parents death, and everyone believes her.

Then Junior year starts up, the thing that Ariana has been dreading ever since school was let out last year. Ariana is convinced that her Junior year is going to be horrible, and that it is going to be the worst thing that she will ever experience. But, Ariana soon finds out that she couldn't be more wrong, because when she meets Damon Salvatore her sisters boyfriends older brother, she and Damon become fast friends. But, soon Ariana realizes that her feelings for Damon were much more than " Just friends "


I felt his hands around my waist as he pulled me into his arms, his safe arms that I love, and when I looked into is beautiful blue eyes I close mine, and just savor this moment. I felt his soft lips brush against my ear softly as he whispers three words " I love you " I open my eyes slowly and look at him shocked. I couldn't believe that he loved me of all people. No one ever loved me. "You do? " I ask in a small whisper my lips brushing against his neck. "Yes. I have loved you from the moment that I saw you. " Damon whispers and that's when I whisper " I love you too " and he pulls me into the most magical kiss ever.


15. Chapter Thirteen


As I drive I continue to glance over to Ariana and wonder what she was going to tell me? All she said was " I " well, she was stuttering a bit so maybe she was...nervous? I had no clue. What was going on with her?

I look over at Ariana again to see her moving and she was rubbing her forehead as she begins to groan. "Damon? "

" How you feeling sleeping beauty? " I ask smirking pretending like I wasn't very very very worried for a Ariana.

Ariana glared, " Peachy. Cause ya know crashing my car was so on my to do list today. "

" Hey, why are you mad at me? I'm the one who saved you. " I say and that's when it gets very silent in the car, and my head only comes up with one answer.

" Ariana, I need to tell you something. " I said as I glance over at her.

" What? What your a vampire? That Stefan's a vampire? Or how about the fact that my sister knows? And we can't forget about the little fact that you don't even love me, but you love Katherine. " Ariana says with a glare, and I look at her with a look of hurt.

I stop the car, in the middle of road and look over at Ariana. " Do you really think that I don't love you? " I asked.

She nods, as she looks away. I notice a drop of water on her neck, and that's when I hear the sobs. She was crying. Ariana was crying? Because of me? No. No I couldn't have that. " Ariana look at me. " I say, but when she doesn't answer I look into her eyes softly. "Ariana. " I whisper.

She slowly turns her head towards me as tears continue to fall down her face in a quick motion. "W-what?" She asks. I sigh as I crease my thumb across her cheek and wipe away some of her tears. Her skin, it was just so soft and oh how much I wanted to explore it...but that wasn't my focus right now. I think.

" You're so beautiful. " I sigh, " I'm sorry, I know that I can't keep on doing this to you, but my brother kill kill me if I don't do this. But, because I'm doing this.." I cut myself off by kissing her.

It felt so good, not just this time but every time that I kissed her. Her soft lips, so kissable, so lovable, so beautiful and I never wanted to stop kiss her. We pull apart, and we are both smiling but before Ariana has a chance to say a word, I compel her. " You don't know about vampires, you don't remember about this kiss. When Jenna asks what happened to your car you will tell her that you got into an accident by crashing into a tree. Do you understand? "

" I understand. " She whispers.


Once we enter the bar I am immediately greeted by Breana, a girl I was using to get into the tomb. She greets me by kissing me, and I kiss her back, but I can't help but wish that she was Ariana. This kiss was nothing compared to the one that Ariana and I shared. That kiss, that one was magical.

Ariana rolled her eyes, " I was promised alcohol if you two wanna make out, at least get me some bourbon or something. "

I smirked at Ariana as I shrugged. " Your underaged Ariana. "

Ariana gaps, " You promised me booze! I need alcohol Damon. "

Couldn't she beg me for other things, I think. What? No. No. No. I am in love with Katherine. Not Ariana. Not Ariana.

" How about a shot of bourbon? " Breana offers Ariana. Ariana nods excitedly as she follows Breana to the bar and she sits down as Breana severs her. This was going to be a long night.


" Ha! That's Oneeee for me! And noneeee for you! You suckkk! " Ariana slurs drunkly. I can't remember how many drinks we've had...maybe 15?

" Honey you should be on the floor. " A woman tells Ariana with a smirk.

" Not uh! My tolerance is like-, " Ariana jumps up, "-way up here! All the way up the skyyy! Seee! " Ariana says drunkly, and then hits her knee on the table.

" Sure Ariana. Sure. " I teased her with a smirk.

Ariana smirks back, " You look mighty fine drunk day moon. "

" That's not my name. "

" Oh I know. "

She never ceased to impress me.


After having an conversation with Breana, and finding out nothing useful at all I join Ariana for a game of pool with the strangers who are playing.

" Day moon is loosing guys! " Ariana announces drunkly.

" Yeah he sucks at pool! " Breana yells from across the bar. Ariana smirks at me as I roll my eyes.

" See? I'm right day moon! Your ex agrees! " Ariana says slurring her words once again.

" She's my ex for a reason. " I said smirking teasingly at Ariana.

" Yeah, cause you probably sucked in b...bed. " Ariana slurs with a smirk.

" He's actually very good in bed. " Breana yells making me smirk. Ariana rolls her eyes as she mutters, " I'm sure he is. "

On the outside, I'm smirking and acting cocky. But on the inside, I'm imagining sex with Ariana. But I'm guessing my imagination doesn't serve it justice. It would be so....

Cutting of my thoughts is Ariana's phone. Ariana groans as she takes her phone from me and answers it. She mumbles something I can't hear because of the loud music in the bar, and then stumbles out of the front door.

" You two are cute. " Breana tells me.

I pretend to not know what she's talking about. "What are you talking about? " I ask.

"You know what I'm talking about Damon. Are you really sure that you want Katherine and not that girl?" Breana asks.

"Yes. " I say, but to be honest no matter how many times I say that I just think about Ariana and the answer changes to no.

" Mhm hmm. " Breana hums and she leaves to help someone else.


I walk outside looking for Ariana twenty minutes later, not seeing her anywhere freaking me out on the inside. I walk over to the side of the outside of the bar to see Ariana on this fence thing tied up. "Ariana?"

Ariana just shakes her head and yells, " Damon no! Get out of here! "

That's when from behind me some guy knocks me down, and he throws me against a wall. I groan, as I look over at Ariana worriedly, only to see her off the fence and near us. "Ariana get out of here." I groan.

"No! I'm not leaving you Damon! " She yells at me as she glares at the man. The man looks at her baffled not understanding anything like how she had the courage to look at a vampire like that, but he just glares at her in return.

" Let him go. " Ariana growls. Wait, growls? Yes, growls. Ariana growls as she shoves the man angrily pushing him back so far that he hits the fence. The man looks at Ariana shocked, but he doesn't hesitate to speed towards her and starts to choke her, but Ariana seems to have the upper hand on him and she throws him on the ground hard, making him groan.

Before ariana or I could do anything, the man was gone. I glanced over to Ariana's eyes to reveal them glowing a bright white. What the hell was going on?

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