The beginning of us

" I don't quite know how to say how I feel. Those three words are said too much their not enough. "

" Do you know where your heart is do you know how to find it did you trade it for something somewhere better just to have it. Do you know where your love is do you think that you have lost it you felt it so strong but nothing's turned out how you wanted it. "

" I could never pretend that I don't love you. "


Ariana Gilbert is Elena's twin sister, but she is anything but like her twin. Ariana is the party girl, the most popular girl at the whole school, and even though it looks like she has everything that anyone could ever have she feels that she has absolutely nothing. Nothing at all, and when her parents die it only gets worse. Ariana just acts like she is fine and she is unaffected by her parents death, and everyone believes her.

Then Junior year starts up, the thing that Ariana has been dreading ever since school was let out last year. Ariana is convinced that her Junior year is going to be horrible, and that it is going to be the worst thing that she will ever experience. But, Ariana soon finds out that she couldn't be more wrong, because when she meets Damon Salvatore her sisters boyfriends older brother, she and Damon become fast friends. But, soon Ariana realizes that her feelings for Damon were much more than " Just friends "


I felt his hands around my waist as he pulled me into his arms, his safe arms that I love, and when I looked into is beautiful blue eyes I close mine, and just savor this moment. I felt his soft lips brush against my ear softly as he whispers three words " I love you " I open my eyes slowly and look at him shocked. I couldn't believe that he loved me of all people. No one ever loved me. "You do? " I ask in a small whisper my lips brushing against his neck. "Yes. I have loved you from the moment that I saw you. " Damon whispers and that's when I whisper " I love you too " and he pulls me into the most magical kiss ever.


10. Chapter Eight


The next morning I groan as I wake up rubbing my head. Where am I? I think What happened last night? I began to think and that's when all the memories begin to flood my mind all at once and I remembered.

Damon. Grill. Drinking.

Wait...did Damon and I...?

I slapped my head in frustration and looked under my sheets to find that I was in yesterday's clothes Thank God I think. But, next to me I do find Damon sitting there shirtless smirking at me.

" Scared we did something naughty Ari? " Damon asks me smirking.

" That rhymed. " I mumbled rubbing my head. "Fucking hangover I hate you. " I mumbled.

Damon laughed, " Here's some water. "

Damon handed me some water that looked very fancy and when I looked around his room I noticed that it was very huge and that it looked very...old. Like a historic house or something like that. It wasn't something that you would normally see, but I was beginning to think that with the Salvatore's nothing was normal.

" How are you not dying from a hangover? You drank more than I did. " I mumbled as I playfully glare at Damon as I drink the water.

" I've been around for a while I don't get hangovers. " Damon says with a shrug.

" Your like 23. " I said with an eye roll. " And btw- that means by the way everyone gets hangovers. " I said with a smirk.

" I know what btw means Ariana. " Damon said as he looks at me.

I smirked, " Mhm hmm sure you do. "

Damon rolled his eyes, " Your too much for me to handle at 8am. "

I groaned, " It's 8am and I'm awake. That's horrible."

Damon laughed, " Okay you seriously need to go. "

I frowned, " But I didn't wanna leave. "

" Well you have to. " Damon said with a slight shrug not caring.

I mumbled, " And I thought you were a cool guy. Pfft. "

" Ariana. " Damon says.

" No I get it I'm the 17-year-old girl who no one wants and who everybody hates. " I said with a frown and then walk out of Damons house, after pausing for a minute to look at how amazing the architecture was in this house, but then remembering that I was upset so I would continue to walk.

Right when I was at the door Damon grabbed my arm, " Ariana I don't hate you. I'm sorry if I was a little harsh, but I just didn't....want you to see Stefan here okay. " Damon says.

" D-did he tell you what happened? " I asked. What happened between Stefan and I seemed like a million years ago now, but it was only a few short weeks ago.

Damon nodded, " Yes. "

And that was when Stefan walks through the door and he stares at me, and then he has the nerve to smile at me. How could he smile at me?! Doesn't he know that I had a crush on him! So how could he...

"Ariana. " Stefan says in a light tone, almost as if I was going to vanish at any moment and he was never going to see me again.

I gulped, " I should g-get going. Jenna will be worried."

I let go of Damons hand and wan out of the house, only to find that my car wasn't here, and that is when I remember that Damon drove me in his car and that I didn't drive. I slapped myself on the forehead and groaned. What the hell am I supposed to do now? I think.

" You okay? " Damon asks me approaching me.

" Peachy. Thanks for asking. " I said sarcastically.

" Remembered that you didn't drive just now huh? " Damon asks with a knowing look.

" Mhm hmm. " I hummed.

" Come on I'll give you a ride. " Damon says and motions to the passenger seat of his amazing car.

" Can I drive? " I asked.

" No way. " Damon says with a shake of his head as he starts the car and drives away from his house and to mine, but a huge part of me didn't even want this car ride to end.


" You sure you don't have an extra room at your house? " I asked Damon hopefully as he started to drive down my street.

Damon laughed, " Oh we have an extra room, but I don't think you want to be in the same household of Stefan. "

I shook my head, " No, not really. "

Damon sighed, " What's wrong with your home? "

" Everyone know how my parents died? " Damon nodded, " Yeah well, when they died I blocked everyone out and pretended like I didn't care, and now it seems like they don't care about me. And I just-I hate being at home, it's like I'm not even happy. "

Damon looked into my eyes sadly, " I'm so sorry Ariana Ann Gilbert you don't deserve what you have gotten. "

And that was when he looked at me once more before whispering to tell Jenna I was staying at a friends for a few days. At least Damon cares I thought as I go into my house, leave a note for Jenna, grab everything I needed, and then left the hell whole.

" Thank you. " I whisper to Damon once I get back I the car and he nodded.


I have no idea what I'm thinking at the moment, all I know is that Ariana is sad, she is lonely, and I want to help her be happy. I want her to smile every minute of every day and never be sad. Ever. I want Ariana to feel loved, to feel wanted, because she is, she is wanted by me.

I want her in so many ways, even though I just met her, even though she is Elena's sister. She is an amazing girl, an amazing person, and I can't help but find myself loving Ariana Ann Gilbert.

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