Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


23. Epilogue

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Chapter 23: Epilogue

As the ship was broken in half, they recover three people from the ship. Only the Arbiter, Gold, and Crystal came out of the ship. They were met by the Dexholder squad who cheered that Gold is alive who bought Crystal back except in her human form. They were at the burial ceremony where they held a meet as how many died to protect humanity. The war is over, the war is over.

Now, they can go home. The Dexholder squad was disbanded by UNSC and Gold was called by ONI to offer a service in Spartan-IV Program, but he declined because he was tired and wished to go home. Since they could risked the program, but it was time for Gold to return home since they can do for him since they can reward him for his services.

At the UNSC military complex, they offer Gold to take off the armor he had it so long. They remove each part as Gold is freed from his armor prison. He can feel his own flesh and bone. Meanwhile, the Dexholder squad were waiting for him before he can head out to an exit.

"What you will do now?" Red asked Gold as Gold looks at Red.

"Home." Gold said with a tone of hope in his voice.

"Oh, I hope we will see you again." Red said as everyone nodded.

"Thanks. I will see you all soon. I hope. We have been though a lot. I hope our time together we will forget." Gold said as he turn to the exit until he stopped. He knows as he turn to see Crystal coming to him. Her voice stopped him from taking the exit door.

"Gold, why did you turn down the Spartan-IV program?" Crystal wondering to know why he has turn down the project.

"Because I have been away from home for those 19 years, I want to see my mother. What about you, Super Serious Gal?" Gold said as he learned that an Spartan-II was able to make an retirement possible.

"Don't call me that! I decided to help Professor Oak out." Crystal said as she points out her name tag.

"Oh, I hope you have a good life." Gold said as he walks to the exit.

"Wait!" Crystal shouts which earn Gold's attention.

"Here." Crystal said as she gives him a card. He smiles and then he walks to the doors. The sun shines as he is finally free of the duty, but he wondered that the war will ever leave him? All those lives died he seen will remain part of him. Or the people he loved were the best parts of his memories.

After he left service, he heads back home where he surprised his mother who was alone all this time and the whole town celebrated his return as they honor him. At the year of 2553 after the war was officially over, Gold was invited for honoring the UNSC forces during the war in Paris, France.

He takes his mother to Paris and he gets to greet his old squadmates especially Red and Blue are now a couple with their Marine outfits as they take part of the parade. The date of the event is no other than Bastille Day was fitting as French Revolution was a struggle for French became a symbolic struggle for humanity against impossible against all odds.

Admiral Hood is presented and fellow Sangheili especially the Arbiter was there with Sil Ver partaking with their units that to show that they helped Humanity in their darkest hours. After the parades that French Government presents Legion of Honour to Yvonne and Xavier who were award for their bravery to take the fight in the Ark.

After the awards, they have welcome their famous actress to sing one of the chosen songs for the ceremony whom no other than goes by Diantha. She taps the microphone and many are watching her on stage and by television especially those in Sangheilos. She takes a breath and began to sing.

Toi, Libert?, Libert? que nous aimons

Toi, Libert?, Libert? que nous voulons

Sois notre espoir et notre force

Sois notre joie, notre bonheur

Nous pourrons chanter chaque jour plus haut

Chanter chaque jour plus loin

Chanter joyeusement cet hymne de foi

Libert?, Libert?, je crois en Toi

Libert?, Libert?, sois notre loi

Ô Toi qui peux donner l'espoir

Ô Toi qui peux sonner la joie

Ô Libert?, Libert? que nous aimons

Sois toujours plus pr?s de nous

Sois toujours plus pr?s de nos c?ur

Loin de nous l'esclavage

Loin de nous les prisons

Plus jamais de privil?ges

Loin de nous famines et massacres

Loin de nous le temps des tyrannies

Nous chanterons toujours ton nom, "Libert?"

Nous croyons en Toi.

Toi, Libert?, Libert? que nous aimons

Toi, Libert?, Libert? que nous voulons

Sois notre espoir et notre force

Sois notre joie, notre bonheur

Nous pourrons chanter chaque jour plus haut

Chanter chaque jour plus loin

Chanter joyeusement cet hymne de foi

Libert?, Libert?, je crois en Toi

Libert?, Libert?, sois notre loi

Ô Toi qui peux donner l'espoir

Ô Toi qui peux sonner la joie

Ô Libert?, Libert? que nous aimons

Sois toujours plus pr?s de nous

Sois toujours plus pr?s de nos c?ur

Diantha finishes her singing as the audience cheered for her glorious singing which touch the hearts of the Sangheili who heard the song that they had forgotten when Sangheilos was free before the Covenant. It was a time for rejoicing that the war is over and people has a chance to rebuild humanity it was before the war came.

After the event, Gold was received a college scholarship for his services of the UNSC as he went to college. He went to Tokyo U as he was able graduate with honors. He became a breeder as he noticed that he loved animals ever since he was a kid. He was a successful breeder even they found other alien animal species he taken care of.

He was very well-known of the human world. During the time, he was contracted by Sangheili to help them to rebuild their world. It was a request from Sangheili he knew during the war. He meets Silver again as they became very close friends and actually improves the relations between Humans and Sangheli.

He manages to rebuild Sangehelios in Silver's domain whom Silver taken his place as ruler of the domain that his father left him. Meanwhile he returns to Earth to find that he was invited a wedding of Blue and Red. They have been dating for over year since they got together after the fighting has creased. For Gold and Crystal, that is a different ending for them as life for them until they reach to age of 21 to meet again at last. Life is funny when the dark things happen for a reason. The Path had led to this. They been together in Halo Ring, return to Earth, Back to Halo, Escape from High Charity, back to Earth, Ark, High Charity, and at last the Halo Ring. Gold looks at the stars to wonder that life is full of mystery while life goes on. One day, Gold visits Crys in the lab unnoticed.

"Hello" Gold said as Crystal startled while Gold laughed at her.

"Gold! Don't do that!" Crystal said as she pouts when he does that.

"Come on, I know you like it." Gold said as only teasing her to get her rile up.

"Renowned Breeder, you are." Crystal asked as she is typing in the computer.

"Come on, let's go out. We should have some fun?" Gold said as he trying to hug her from behind.

"No, I'm busy now." Crystal said as she types the computer in a rapid pace. She's getting use to her human body and able to type faster than anyone else. She still retains her ability to get information quickly.

"Come on, please. I pay." Gold said as it gotten her attention.

"I will pay for the dinner. If you want to." Gold closes his eyes because Crystal's skin was soft and warm. He never imagined that the machine worked in the end. He decides only option left

"Come on, you need to get out of here." Gold said as he attempts to drag her out.

"Gold! What are you doing?" Crystal shouts as they are out of the lab building.

"What's the meaning of this!" Crystal yelled at him to know what's wrong.

"Come on, Crys. You need to get out of the lab and enjoy life you can." Gold said knowing that she's been cooped up in there for too long.

"But what about the report!?" Crystal whined knowing they had to be finished today.

"You can do it later. I want to take you out to the dinner. You need it." Gold said as they reach to a fancy restaurant.

"Two seats, please." Gold said as he got the tables.


"Oh, fine." Crystal enters inside with Gold despite she's wearing her outfit which it's a lab coat, but Gold is no fancy himself as well.

"Um, Gold." Crystal said as she puts down the menu.

"Yeah?" Gold wondering what's up with her mind.

"Is there something wrong with you?" Crystal demanded to wonder why he's taking out to dinner.

"Well, there isn't. I just want to…see the look on your when I took you in. But…it will be rude for man like me to treat a lady when they are on a date." Gold said as Crystal sighs, but was surprise what he is saying.

"Gold?" Crystal wondered that maybe despite his actions that she knew during the war, that the war did made him grow up. Gold is being a gentleman, but not perfect. Crystal feels flattered and she comes to realized that having fun is important as work. After dinner, Gold and Crystal are walking to the lab.

"You know I enjoy the moment with you Gold. But an escort is not needed." Crystal said as she can handle things on her own.

"Well, I have to. Real man need to give a lady escort whether it's needed or not." Gold said as he holds her hands which give Crystal a shock. They arrive back in the lab as they are near the door way.

"I would like to thank for this date, Gold." Crystal said as she puts her hand on the doorway.

"No problem. We should do this more often." Gold said as they stared at other for a moment and then somehow Gold surprises Crystal by a kiss. He broke the kiss right away.

"Sorry, it just…." Gold said with shame that he felt that he ruined the moment, but Crystal notices it right away that what he was trying to do.

"I don't mind about it. Gold, all those years. All those adventures, I did enjoy the moments with you. It just I just how forgot about it. I can feel how you are so reckless. I couldn't tell you how I feel about you, but you were soldier for humanity. I noticed that since on Reach. You were on dates with Lyra. She was special to you, yes?" Crystal said to Gold as she touches his face which Gold blushes.

"Yeah, but you reminded a lot of her." Gold said as he remembers how she looks and her personality.

"How?" Crystal wondering to know what he meant by that.

"First, you are serious, sexy, intelligent, and beyond wonderful." Gold said as he describes her in detail which Crystal felt that he's not bragging. He's very sincere about it.

"Are you serious?" Crystal said as Gold turns away from her, but he turns back to her.

"Yes. A true Spartan is always serious." Gold said as he wasn't lying about it.

"Those missions to protect Lyra was me." Crystal said that she was the one who set Gold and Lyra up.

"Crys…." Gold said as he looks at her in the eyes.

"I wanted for you to have a happy life. Once we met, I wanted to capture your feelings." Crystal confesses to Gold which understands why she did it in the first place.

"Crys…you already did that ever since we met. ON the first halo ring." Gold said as he got close to Crystal as they embrace very closely.

"Gold…" Crystal said as she kisses back. The Kiss was very intense and it lasted for 30 minutes.

"That was amazing, Gold." Crystal said as she puts her head in his chest.

"Indeed, it was." Gold said as he looks up into the sky.

"Do you want to come inside?" Crystal asks Gold who smiles at her.

"It's my pleasure." Gold grins as they enter inside. They did enter to help and finished the report. The next morning, Oak returns to the lab to grab the completed report until he spotted Gold and Crystal sleeping in the couch.

"Those two never amaze me." Oak said as he recounted the days when he met his wife in his youthful days. The war was over, he knew that the young troubled Spartan and an AI did fell in love. He knew it was a start of a new beginning. Professor Oak retired from UNSC to work more alien animal-human relations.

His lab is in Tokyo which Gold could visit her time to time. Not only that, Ruby and Sapphire gotten together in Collage. Emerald gotten himself a girlfriend too which Gold was proud of him. But they were glad to have their lives going very well. During their first year college, Ruby married to Sapphire as Sapphire became a housewife and a wrestler while Ruby became a fashion designer.

Red and Blue's marriage was very blissful except they had their fallouts, but they still love each other. It didn't end there. Red decide to have army as his career. For Black and White, they went home to resume their lives. White went on TV business and Black in the military career. Then, they started dating and married when they were 18 years old.

For Cheren and Bianca made a fine recovery and gotten together as they got married at age of 19. Cheren become a scientist while Bianca a housewife as they live out peacefully in the aftermath of the war. For Platinum, she returns home as she receives many awards for her services.

She met Diamond once again in the award party as they begin to fall for each other since they were at the Ark. Diamond went to college with her in Tokyo U with Platinum and gotten married after college. While Pearl was relieved of his services and invited to his best friends' wedding which he cried. Pearl and Diamond went on to become Human space's greatest comedian duo that his fame bought him to Sangheili home world.

For Yvonne and Xavier return back to Paris to find their friends survived from the Covenant occupation. Yvonne greets her mother after the parade as they knew that since Reach that both will survive to the end of the war. However, Yvonne and Xaiver are an official couple and marry year later.

After that, Gold and Crystal began a relationship that lasted 8 months until Gold purpose to Crystal to become his wife. The Breeder and the Scientist are married at the age of 22 as they invited everyone they knew from Sil ver hailing from his planet to former Dexholder squad. It was a beautiful wedding that they pledge each other to be with each other until death tear them parted. They had their honeymoon at hotel near Mount Fuji where they made their first time. Their marriage is a blissful one.

Two years later

Year of 2555

They heard that a new planet was found and ready for colonization. It was already since humanity able to recover most of the inner colonies and trying to rebuild outer colonies. The colony is a joint colony program meant to test the relationship of humans and sangheili in order to bring two species in peace with each other.

At Tokyo apartment where Gold and Crystal reside in where they have their oldest child at two years old. They named him, Kenta who inherited his mother's hair and eye colors. He's a very quick learner as he taken his steps at early age. Gold finished making dinner as Crystal comes to her with papers.

"Gold, do you want take of the colonization?" Crystal said as he looks at the papers.

"Yeah, why not?" Gold said as he thought that the family is expanding and needs more space.

"But what about our friends and family in earth?" Crystal said in a worried tone that moving to another planet is a big step.

"Don't worry. We will visit them. I hope the new planet will raise our child. Hey, you never know. Life is full of surprises. I hope he will never have childhood like mine." Gold kissed her head and lowers to her growing belly.

"Hey, you never know. Life is full of surprises. I hope he will never have childhood like mine." Gold recounted the days he was taken away from his mom to become a Spartan-II.

"Times have changed. We can start new lives for ourselves." Crystal said as she kisses him. Gold grabs Kenta that they are heading to another planet to make their own home which Kenta cheer in joy.

They planned to move to the new planet, but they heard that Red and Blue are heading to the new planet along with Sapphire and Ruby, Platinum and Diamond, Green, Black and White, Cheren and Bianca, and Yvonne and Xavier. Their friends joined them as well along with numerous people they knew from the war especially Gymleaders ODSTs as well.

Also the professors are heading to the new planet too because they discover a strange exotic animals that somehow similar to Earth. They named them, Pokemon which they planned to study them. Sil Ver leads his own followers into the planet as well to bring peace and coexistence to humanity.

However, he has to return back to sangheilos to deal with civil war in there which Black and Red has seen combat in Sangheilos. The planet was settled with new colonists and they set up defenses except the new reforms of UEG that allowed the colony to be self-ruled as long they are of the UEG. Both species agreed to send their representatives to their respective goverments while maintaining local governments to oversee their affairs.

14 years later

Year of 2567

After the events of Created Crisis, a boy around 10 years old with blue hair and blue eyes coming down the stairs with backpack is heading to the door. He sees breakfast was being made and decides to take a bite before he goes. He sees his blue hair mother with her hair down.

"I will be back home once I'm done with Professor Elm's errand." The young boy said to his mother after he finished his meal. The photo shows that has his parents with his older brother and three sisters.

"Be back soon." A woman around in her 30s shouted out. Then an older man surprises her whom no other than her husband.

"Gold, don't do that!" Crystal said as she works on the food.

"Why? I thought you like that?" Gold said as he kisses her in the cheek.

"Oh, Elm called. He wished to see Ethan to run an errand for him." Crystal mentions to Gold which he knew the old man from before.

"Our son? On a job? You know he's more like you. Serious and strict. Have you seen his room?" Gold said as how he describes that Ethan does in his own room compared to Kenta, Marina, Kris, and Lyra.

"Well, he's sometimes like his father. I think he looked like you more than me. He gotten his hair color and eyes from me." Crystal teasing to Gold that all the boys in the family got her features instead of him.

"Yeah, want another one?" Gold said as he hugs her in her belly. Crystal feels ticked by his touch on her belly.

"Gold, please." Crystal moan as Gold stops rubbing her.

"Come on, I know you want another. What if he goes on in an adventure?" Gold nips her ear, but he stops for now.

"Yeah." Crystal said as she knew that her oldest son and daughter are out there taking on Pokemon Championship. It has popular sports for Sangheili and Humans to use pokemon in pokemon battles, but with rules not to harm the pokemon that much.

"That's the Crys I like the most." Gold said as she slapped him silly that made her giggled. They make out while Ethan enters Elm's lab.

"Do need to see, professor?" Ethan said. It has become a happy generation from the generation whose lives given by the Human covenant war. Their loss of youth brought a new future. The new children from those who fought the war. For Ethan was son of Crystal and Gold whom raised him with care, but allow him to grow. For many future generations, their story will soon to come. Life has found the way and their story is only the beginning.

A young girl in Pallet town is waking up from her bed as she hears her mother from downstairs.

"Leaf!" Her mother with long bruntte hair yelled at her.

"Coming, mother!" Leaf said as she takes out her backpack and wearing a red cap as she is a daughter of Red and Blue where her name is Leaf as her journey is about to begin. Meanwhile, in the region of Kalos where young twins named Calem and Serena, son and daughter by Yvonne and Xavier won the Kalos Pokemon Champion. At Hoenn, a young girl named May who is a daughter of Ruby and Sapphire as she looks more like her mother, but she loves contests like her father.

Their stories will begin as the stars and planets are aligned with each other.

-The End-

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