Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


3. Dark Secret of the Ring

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo 1 arc

Chapter 3: Dark Secret of the Ring

After escaping from the Covenant cruiser, Gold flies as he's inside the banshee discover a island with an opening. He flies in there as huge tunnel was so amazing which Gold seen. Not only that, Crystal was amazed by the ringworld as in terms how it was made.

"What's this going to?" Gold wondered as he goes deeper in the tunnels. He guides the Banshee into the tunnels. It's so massive that it could fit a very small warship or at least a small spacecraft around it. More path reveals as they enter where things could be lurking in the tunnels.

"I wonder this tunnel will lead us to?" Crystal sarcastic doubting his flying skills as he flies the banshee into the tunnel.

"Glee, I wonder?" Gold pouted out with hint of annoyance. Gold flies around as he finds a way to an entrance to get out of the tunnels. Only light they see was the way back at the entrance, but hoping they can reach the end of it where to wonder where they are.

"You do know you can stupid sometimes. Why did Captain Keyes entrusted to you?" Crystal wondering why Captain Keyes entrusted him to protect her. Although reckless he is, Gold did save her from being exploited by the Covenant forces to reveal the location of Earth.

"Yeah, I heard that all the time." Gold replied as he landed on a strange pad nearby. He gets out of the Banshee and prepares himself for an attack. However, he stops to see something. Dead covenant bodies are lying around as if they were killed by someone who got there before him.

"Man, someone did the work here." Gold remarked to see dead bodies along the way, but disappointed that he wanted the action. That's better than having to face an entire army. He had to fight his way out in the ship he was in.

"Oh, well at least no enemies around here and those are here are dead." Gold said as he pokes the body of the jackal with a stick which it appeared out of nowhere.

"I see." Crystal remarked as Gold enters the door to see more dead bodies ahead of him.

"Well, I get moving and I have to carry you in my head." Gold said as he turns on the assault rifle's flashlight to know where he's going. More dead bodies are lying around and often with bullets along with plasma wounds.

"At least I can give you advice in battle." Crystal remarked what happen to last time. She is very thankful that Gold could force the Covenant battalion unit to retreat to battle. That somehow admired Crystal of Gold's reckless, but very luck-based strategy and tactics unique like Master Chief's methods.

"Thank you for the info." Gold complain to Crystal for her knowledge to his extent to annoy him which he considered her as a nuisance than a helper in contrast. They continue to walk in a long way. It seems to go on forever to Gold's tiredness and getting bored with constant walking until they have reach to the Halo command center which it was a long walk, but they were stragglers along the way which mostly by Grunts and Jackals who didn't get killed by Master Chief.

That pleases Gold to kill them with joy which much to dismay to Crystal, but knew what he should do. He continues his path where the Master Chief went. Only covenant stragglers can pick up a weak fight against Gold with much ease. Gold would a crack a joke to the grunts who run away that even they attempt to run away from him. All the grunts were not so lucky ended up dead.

"OK, someone forget to kill those guys and. Whoa! Look at this place is huge!" Gold screamed to see the wonders that why this ring world can hold a place such as a large room which to his own surprise. He goes near the terminal, but doesn't noticed the lights are blinking that something is not right.

"Look, connect me to that terminal." Crystal asked to Gold.

"OK." Gold puts Crystal into the terminal. The blinking goes blue to red when suddenly another AI appeared, it's Cortana herself.

"What's going on here?" Cortana shouted as it made Gold gets scared by another UNSC A.I unit appeared right front of him.

"Another A.I unit?" Gold pondered and wishes to know why Cortana is there in the first place. This meant Master Chief was here before Gold came here. That explains why countless covenant bodies are lying around.

"Who this another A.I unit in the system?" Cortana demanded as Crystal comes back appearing before Cortana.

"Cortana!" Crystal cheerily greeting Cortana whom in turn is very surprise to see her fellow AI in the same console board.

"Crystal, long time no see. Where have you been?" Cortana said as Crystal sigh at her question.

"It's been rough for the past two days." Crystal said in a tiresome state of her answer.

"Figures. Who is this Spartan?" Cortana asked as she faces towards Gold.

"Oh, he's Gold. His orders were to protect me. Before Keyes crashed down to this strange world." Crystal replied.

"I see that…Isn't this the…" Cortana was about to ask, but she was cut off by Crystal who seems hastily wants to change the subject. Gold is wondering what Crystal is trying to hide.

"So what's happening? What are you here in the first place?" Crystal asked to Cortana.

"Well, this amount of data about this ring. Covenant call this world, halo. It's a fortress world, but it holds a terrible danger to all us." Cortana warns as she looks distressed upon telling them. Both Crystal and Gold look at each other and turn to Cortana hoping to get an answer.

"Danger? What kind of danger?" Crystal worried to wonder what's going on since she is barely getting much data she can.

"Something buried in this ring. Something terrible that Covenant fears the most as they not even them can't stop it. You must get out of here!" Cortana explaining that sounds it's far more worse than anything they ever faced. Cortana's last sentence made Crystal and Gold worrying that what she meant by that.

"Why is that? I don't understand." Gold asking Cortana to know why she's trying to get them out of the Ring world.

"You must get out here before they come or things will get worse." Cortana trying to help them to leave the place at once.

"I understand, Cortana." Crystal said as she looks at Gold. Gold nodded as she goes back to the chip while Cortana turn to Gold.

"Good luck. "Pull Crystal out of the Terminal. Get out of here! Find the Pillar of Autmn! There might be last craft in there." Cortana advises to Gold as he understood what Cortana meant. He walks to the door of the control room where he hopes what Cortana saying is true, he has to take her word for it.

"Ok. You're like Super Serious Gal in a way. Like 100 times more serious than her." Gold mumbles until he runs out of the control room as he inserts the clip into his helmet wanted to ask Crystal about the situation which he doesn't know what is going on.

"So, what is going?" Gold asks Crystal to wonder situation Cortana was talking about.

"I will explain things when we out of here." Crystal said as she is giving him directions to the Pillar of Autumn's crash site.

"I hate things has unexpected like the Covenant or worse. Like something far worse." Gold sadly complain when they reach outside. They had gotten out of the canyon to begin their long trek to go to the ship crashed down. They saw covenant units in their path, but Gold with his writs or recklessly to fight his way out since it was a long way to the reach the crash site.

"That's why Reach got destroyed because of you are important?" Crystal pouted at Gold's story which he was on a UNSC ship that Covenant places a tracking signal in it.

"Well, to them that I could serve my role and they were about to place me as squad leader in a operation to end the war." Gold muses to the fact which he was on that ship didn't regard of unlucky moment.

"Terrible." Crystal sigh to his antics of lying.

"I hope nothing trouble comes." Gold remarked until noises are heard out of nowhere. That frightens Gold which he was holding on his assault rifle. He keeps his senses as it were something danger is approaching him. He has sharp reflexes and keeps his wits up for any danger to come.

"What the hell was that?" Gold said as he relaxed and lowers the assault rifle, but still worrying that something is going to happen.

"I forgot to mention those are the ones. We should leave the ring also they will try to kill us. Like right now!" Crystal said as she recalled that Cortana was trying to warn them about the unforeseen danger lay ahead of them.

"Great, I have faced those…." Gold remarked to know what's he going to face. One flood combat form look like a zombie version Sangheili with plant-like features looking at Gold. He kills it, but Gold takes a look at the dead body wants to know what it looks like.

"Zombies?" Gold recalled as he remembers zombie movies back on his days which creeps him out, but knows how to deal with them.

"So, they are so slow and so stupid that they can't use a gun. What could be worse?" Gold said until a gunshot is heard as the Flood combat forms carry all weapons. This shock Gold to see that they are fast and carrying guns which it is going become a tough fight for him.

"Or maybe not." Crystal said as the Flood starts attack Gold with infection forms, infected humans, and infected covenant forms.

"SHIT! NEVER MIND!? WAHHHH! I DIDN"T GET DRAFTED FOR THIS!" Gold shouted as he runs for his life from the Flood as they chase him out of the area. But there's always more flood coming to his way which much to dismay. Combat forms of Human and Sangheili are everywhere as Gold continues.

Occasionally, he witnesses a battle between Covenant forces and the Flood where most of the time, the flood wins the battle with sheer numbers. That's not always the case with Gold finding any human weaponry such as shotguns, assault rifles, and pistols to take them so easily far better than the Covenant forces in the area.

"I didn't expect this to happen!" Gold whined as he throws a grenade at a group of Flood carrier forms. Those explode into bits where more Flood Infection forms appear in numbers before him. He cuts them down very easily and doesn't allow it to get to him.

In the Halo ring, Gold runs for his life from the Flood swarms attacking him. He fires back at the Flood forms. He narrowly escapes, but more flood forms started to appear with larger numbers. It looks things are looking good in his part as he flee and fight his way in the ring across to get somewhere to find something to get off the ring and return to Earth.

"Man, how big is this ring?" Gold remarked as the Halo is huge unlike he never seen before. He never thought that the Halo ring is super huge except only scientist knows the true diameter of the ring. It happens to be Crystal who worked with a scientist before.

"Roughly diameter about size of Mercury I would say." Crystal retorted to calculate the Halo ring's structure. Gold fires with his shotgun at the Flood form exploded more infection forms came out.

"Aw, crap. What we do to get out of this ring?" Gold whined as he continued to fire his assault rifle at a flood form.

"Maybe I should check the Enemy's battle network to know what's going on." Crystal said as she scans and hacks the Covenant battle network.

"I thought this mission is getting worse by the minute. Anything?" Gold complained that nothing can go wrong except for something is following him. It was a flood forms are coming after him. They are getting closer at each minute, but Gold constantly had to fire rounds and rounds of ammunition. He may run low since he can only collect what he can found from other remains of UNSC forces.

"Just checking. Please, Can you wait for 5 minutes if I come up with something?" Crystal said angrily as she checks the Covenant battle network which in it will take time. But Gold is getting very impatient to wait for her to get the information due of the Flood swarms are coming towards him.

"We got two options is either to die trying or die for nothing. How about giving up? Giving up is easy, I mean we can live without dying at all." Gold said as he fires at the Flood form with a shotgun. He pumps the shotgun to fire again at a Flood form. More coming towards him as they never seem to end.

"We can't give up now besides we barely on this ring for a few days. Stop complaining." Crystal upset by his constant whining.

"Oh, sure. Could not get any worse from this?" Gold sarcastic said as more flood forms are coming towards him in the distance. He runs with his life while the flood chases him. He threw a grenade which blew up a group of flood.

"But do they look uglier as they appeared up close!" Gold pointed out as he heads to an open plain, he is being chased by the Flood.

"Oh, crap. What I do?" Gold said as more flood are coming towards him. He continuously fires his shotgun and his pistol at the flood which able to take them down. He was going down to his last clips while holding off of the swarm.

"Wait, I got an idea." Crystal told Gold while he fires his pistol towards a flood combat form.

"What?" Gold said as he perks up to hear Crystal's plan.

"Get on the warthog!" Crystal said as she directs his helmet by pointing to a warthog nearby. Gold takes this hint to get on the warthog as they escape from the Flood. He continues to drive on his way. He is enjoying to run over the flood in large numbers.

"OHHHHH." Gold drive while he runs over the flood which too much surprise for Gold. He fought his way out of the flood as he taking a break away from the Flood. He gets off of the warthog and sat down on a rock. Gold is surprises that neither flood nor covenant are here to stop Gold.

Gold is now relaxed that which too much for he has a crazy adventure that he expected in terms he faced and battle space zombies and killer alien alliance to wipe out the human race. What could be worse for Gold to handle and the other than Crystal, an A.I. unit in his helmet?

"Now, I got rid of them. What now? Hey, Super Serious Gal?" Gold wondering, but he forgot that she hated that nickname.

"What I told you about calling me that!" Crystal shouted which in the cyberspace of Gold's helmet which she is blushing when he said that.

"I am beginning to wonder you like that nickname since you're all serious and strict." Gold smirk which made Crystal upset over the fact she doesn't like called like that, but Gold begs to differ.

"Anyways. Gold, what you want?" Crystal asked to wonder why Gold was asking her first.

"What you know about me?" Gold wondered why she does the fact why she put up with him.

"What do you mean? I have to watch you since Reach." Crystal remarked as Gold hear what she said.

"Wait, what?" Gold said which made Gold shocked to hear that.

"Oh, Nothing. I just was talking nonsense." Crystal rebuked what she said.

"No, wait. What do you mean since Reach? I don't recalled remembering you on Reach. I, to become a Spartan." Gold said as he remembered no A.I. unit has ever met him except for "dumb" A.I.s.

"No, it's….I…malfunction what I said." Crystal said to avoid a pointless argument.

"I should let this pass. I was wondering that what's like as a computer, Crys?" Gold asking Crystal since it was much better being called Crys than Super Serious girl.

"It's not bad one except for…." Crystal said which made Gold interested in the subject.

"Like what?" Gold ask her as she pauses for a moment. She takes a breath, but Gold knows she's just pausing for a moment.

"I got a year left to go." Crystal sadly said which Gold listen to her answer.

"Why?" Gold wondered why she has a one year left.

"All A.I.s like me and Cortana have seven years. It has to do with something that we cannot live beyond seven years or else we enter a state known as rampancy." Crystal explains what will happen if she hits the seven year marker.

"I see. Hey Crys, don't worry about it." Gold stated to know why Crystal has one more year left to go.

"Really?" Crystal said as his words got her hopes up.

"Yeah, remember you mention that they haven't a machine to make you into a real person." Gold remarked to see what she would like look in life.

If they did…I hope you look hot, busty, and a nice ass." Gold bluntly put it while grinning made Crystal very mad that Gold ruined the moment.

"It's nice for you to ruin the mood." Crystal said angrily to his words that ruin the moment.

"Yeah I did." Gold sarcastic thanks for his remarked It seems for Gold and Crystal laughed because of his remarks which surprise to the both of them. After that moment of silence between them.

"Ok, where we go?" Gold asking as he gets on the warthog. He straps in the seatbelt to get the engine running to prepare for long drive.

"It's about 10,000 yards from here." Crystal issues directions in his HUD in his helmet.

"Aw, crap. Did I've to drive all the way over there?" Gold whine to hear that, but it's only way to get out of the ring from the madness in the ring world.

"Yes. So, quit complaining. You better start doing it." Crystal yelled at Gold which he has to comply since he has to go home.

"Oh, fine. I hope I won't counter those things again." Gold said as they move on to get to the pillar of autumn. It is a rough trip to get there while driving to Pillar of Autumn

"Why has more of those things? Why I have myself in those situations?" Gold said as he runs over the Flood forms as he continues to drive. But the Flood combat form uses a rocket to hit the warthog, but misses the warthog

"I hope I can survive this!" Gold said as he kept moving while evading the rockets, gunfire, and plasma shots.

"You will. Trust me." Crystal said as Gold kept driving toward to their destination.

"That's easy to say. Oh, no." Gold pouted as more Flood appears, but nearly 2000 yards near the Pillar of Autumn. More flood start pouring in as he fights them even though they never end there to begin with. But for the adventure on the Halo ring is long, but unforgotten moment for Gold and Crystal.

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