Young Alpha

Part One in the Young Alpha Series: SUBMISSION!

��-Young Alpha-��

Darry Knight is a 30 years old man who teach history at East High. What most people knows about him, is that he is a single middle age man. Apart from what little people knows about him, he have a secret. He is a submissive wolf. He has never been kissed none caress. He is fear of being dominated, but he wants to meet his mate. He wants his mate to come and claim him as theirs, and for that, he would do anything.

This is where Justin Wilson comes in.

Justin Wilson is a 17 years old dominant wolf who doesn't have any knowledge of him being a werewolf. Apart from being a rich frat boy, Justin is the quarterback of the football team and is the captain of the basketball team. He is popular with the ladies and no one cares that he is a playboy.

What would happen when Justin figure out that he is a werewolf and that his 30 year old history teacher who he loves to bully is his mate?

Time. Will. Tell!.

*Wattpad story*


4. three

Darry pov**

Why does he keep doing this to me? One moment he's kissing me and the next he's making me feel like trash. If only I had a mate who would take away my burden of loneliness and shelter me from the pain I'm always feeling. Maybe then I would be happy.

I- I just want someone to love me, is that too much to ask for?

"Mr. Knight" I look up from my desk only to come in close proximity with Alex face to face. Smiling mischievously at me he asked, "are you coming to the game tonight?". Hearing that I look up at him a bit baffled.

"W-why are you asking me?" this might be some kind of joke, right?.

"In all honesty... I don't know, but it would be nice to see your face at the game. Seeing how you- you should come".

Shit. Please tell me I'm not blush-

"I better be on my way ~" Alex said in a sing-song voice as he starts to exit the room. Trying to look tough so I couldn't give into submission of acknowledging him, I let out a little humming sound to show I didn't care about what he had just asked of me.

When I could no longer see Alex's shadow from the corner of my eye, I sighed with relief as I when back to grading papers.

Having enough of grading paperwork for hours, I decided to use the men's bathroom, but halfway there I came in contact with a hard obstacle, causing me to fall on to the cold floor.

Cursing with annoyance I made an attempt to get off the cold floor, but I got kicked in the abdomen, it hurt. The kick was a power hit to my stomach that it send a painful shock into my whole body.

"Stay. Out. Of. My. Way!". They growled.

Inhaling a painful breath into my lung I tried to ask them why they were hitting me for no reason, but before I could utter the words from my throat, they kicked me harder then before.

"P-please stop" I begged while holding onto my stomach, and roll myself into a ball, hoping they won't break any bone as they kicked me. I couldn't breathe, the pain was so much. I have not been hit like this before, and so it scared the shit out of me, and because of my shape senses, I hear their foot lifting into the air to hit me again, my body trembling with dreads.


J-Justin? Why did he attack? Why didn't I-

"A-Alex". I said weakly as he made his way over to us, Justin retreated his foot back on the ground instead of my stomach. With weak legs and painful body I tried standing up, but couldn't. When Alex came closer to us, he helped me off the ground, putting my left army over his shoulders to steady me onto my feet.

"What the fuck man, I know you don't like him but that doesn't give you the right to hit him". Alex voice was filled with Anger.

Why does he care? Why now?

Justin said nothing, he just huffed and ran off, his footsteps disappearing in the distance.

"Are you okay Mr. Knight? He didn't hurt or left injuries on you, did he?" Alex asked as I felt my back being pressed against the walls, and for few seconds his eyes roamed over my body, looking for any sign of injury.

He cares? Someone cared about m-

Alex cut me out of my deepest thoughts when he said, "I'm so mad at him for what he did to you". I smile warmly at him, "thanks for caring".

A part of me wanted to fully believe that he cared about me, but another side was telling me to run as fast as possible from him. I mean, he's Alex; he's straight as an unbendable iron, he beat up gays like Justin, he picks on the weakest, and he loves the ladies. Why did he saved me? What are they planning to do to me?

"You're not misleading me into something dangerous are you?". I question him not realizing how bold that came out, as I tried to avoid his glaze. Alex gave me a playful mischievous smirk, leaning in closer to me, pressing his weight on me a bit, he said in a calm voice.

"Maybe yes. Maybe no".

Damn brat. Saved my life and now toying with me. Typical!.

🍃-Young Alpha-🍃

Justin pov*

There was no point in me hurting him, but why did I? I'm Justin effing Wilson and I can make anyone I want fall for me, but does it have to be him? Bullying him all the time won't make me better, I'm falling for a m- no, I'm not gay!

"I know you don't like him, but that doesn't give you the right to hit him" Alex words replay in my head. His words wasn't true because I did in fact lik- love him, but I'm not gay. Am I?... w-who cares...

Darry Knight is MINE!

I hid along the walls as I stare at Alex and Darry with burning jealousy.

🍃-Young Alpha-🍃

I hate what Justin did to Darry, but please note that this is necessary for this story. Not only that, but I feel like this chapter was a bit confusing, sowwy.



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