Kiten Boy

"Hey hat boy."
"Hey pretty girl."

// a Michael Clifford fanfiction


2. Chapter One

"Hey hat boy," I said walking into class the next day.
"Hey Kyler," Michael said and smiled at me.
"How's life?" I asked and smiled at him
"Same as always," he said and sighed.
"How's always?" I asked.
"Shitty," he said.
"Oh, well mine's pretty bad too," I said.
"Tell me a secret," Michael said. "Just so I can understand you as a person better."
"Tell me one of your secrets," I challenged.
"Come to my house after school and I'll show you. I can't do it here," he said and gave me his phone number. "I'll text you later."


'Hey Michael, when can I come over?' I tossed my phone onto my bed and waited for Michael to text me back.
'Umm, could I possible come over to your house instead? I don't think it's a good idea to be here.' I reread the text, trying to understand what he meant.
'Okay, I'll me there in an hour."
I put my phone down on my bed, and walked down the stairs.
"Hey mom, I'm having a friend over tonight," I said.
"Who is this friend? Do I know them?" my mom asked.
"His name is Michael, and he just moved here a little while ago,"
"It's a boy?" my mom asked. "Do you like him?"
"As of right now, we're just friends," I said.
"Okay," mom said.
"Can he stay the night?" I asked, pushing the limits.
"I guess," she said. "Well, I'll just stay out of your guys' way."
"Okay. I'm going back upstairs," I said and walked back to my bedroom. I walked into my room, grabbed my phone, and walked into the bathroom built into my room.
I locked the door behind me, and I sat on the floor. I opened one of the cabinets underneath the sink.
Michael's P.O.V.
I knocked on Kyler's front door. Her mom answered the door.
"Hello, you must be Michael. Come in," she said and smiled. "Kyler's room is the second door on the left. She's either in there, or in her bathroom."
"Okay, thank you," I said and walked up the stairs, to Kyler's room. I opened the door, and let myself in.
Kyler's P.O.V.
"Hey Kyler, its Michael. Are you in there?" he asked in a soft voice.
"Yeah, I'll be out in a second," I said.
I stood up and unlocked the door. I opened it, and walked out, seeing Michael sitting on my bed.
"Hey Kyler," Michael said.
"Hey Michael."
"Kyler, I need to tel you something. Something I've never told anyone before," Michael said.
"Is this your secret?" I asked.
"Kyler," he said, and took off his hat. I gasped and hugged him.
"Oh my god, you're a cat," I said and kept my arms wrapped around him.

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