The Safe House

When Blaine runs away from her own wedding she has no idea where she is going. She has nowhere to go. When a handsome young man invites her to stay with him, that marks the spot when her life gets flipped upside down.
When she finds love with one of the five boys she meets, she knows she is in deeper than she ever could have imagined.
Louis finds the girl and invites her back to his home but when he falls for her he knows he is in deeper than he ever could have imagined.


4. iv

     Louis let me settle for the rest of the day. He could tell I was shaken by the presence of the four other men in the house. I had fallen asleep again until around six, which wasn't too bad as I had missed so much sleep last night.

The boys were in the living area when I ventured back out into the kitchen to find Louis. Niall, Zayn and Liam were playing a first person shooter on the flat screen. Louis was watching contently while Harry was the first to see me walk in.

"Sleeping beauty has finally risen." He grinned, "Didn't that princess only wake up because she was kissed? Which one of you lads took a shot?" Laughter bubbled deep in his throat. I shot a glare at him. I hope the cold grey got my point across a little better.

"Leave her be Harry. She's got enough on her plate already without you being an arse."
God, I loved the sound of Louis' voice. It was soft and sweet and sounded like melting caramel in my ears. However, I felt like this while thing about standing his ground against Harry was new. Harry always seemed to just roll his eyes and the others kept quiet when Louis spoke up.

Niall cleared his throat and spoke to my attention, "So, when will you tell us some of your story? How did you get mixed up with our bunch?"
I glanced at Louis and he motioned for me to take a seat next to him. I sank into the couch and folded my arms across my chest.

"Do you want the real story or something a little more tame?"

The console shut down. "Tell us whatever you wish to tell us."

I looked into Harry's eyes and then at the floor. Louis traced small circles on my back and somehow it made me feel better, like I had known him for years. I was comfortable with him next to me. With his touch. I breathed in, heavy and deep.

"Yesterday was my wedding day."
Immediately the room fell silent. "Skipping right to the point, I didn't follow through with the plan. I abandoned everything at the ceremony hall."

"Why?" Liam quizzed.

"Becayse my fiance was an abusive drunk and he had plans i didnt want to go throught with. He's a fairly wealthy man, could offer me anything I wanted. But, I couldnt take being hurt anymore."

Louis placed his arm around my waist and I let him stay there.

I sighed and my voice broke a little. "Nathan really didn't want anything to do with me. He wanted to take me home after our reception and wanted to try and get me pregnant imidediatley. He wanted to have son, someone to leave his money to that was in the bloodline. I was just the other pretty face in the equation."

"He wanted to do what do you? That's insane. Did he know you weren't ready?" Niall piped up.

"I never told him." I wiped away tears from my eyes and continued. "It was either I expect and be okay for almost ten months or be beaten until i gave in," I let out a heartbroken laugh. "He probably would have beat me while I was pregnant too."

Louis tightened his grasp around my waist and pulled me a little bit closer.
"I cant believe i just told you that. I'm sorry."

"Stop apologizing for everything that isn't your fault. Christ." Harry stared me down. "You did what you needed to do."

I looked back at him and felt my eyes well with tears. Louis cradled my head against his chest and I silently cried into his blue t-shirt. It took me a while to calm down. The boys proceeded to play their game but it wasn't as enthusiastic as before, and I had drifted off to sleep, worn out from the crying.

When I woke up again I was being carried. I made a small jump, like when you spasm trying to wake from a dream where you're falling. "Shh. Shh. It's alright."
I looked up through my eyelashes and let my eyes roam around Louis' face. He looked down for a moment. "You fell asleep on my lap in the living room. Figured I'd bring you to bed." I nodded sleepily. He opened the door to the guest bedroom and placed me on the bed, pulling the blankets over my body. His fingers traced my jaw and pushed a few strands of hair behind my ear. Pursing his lips for a moment, he softened and quietly whispered "Goodnight, love."

I watched as he left the room. Almost immediately I heard chatter.

"She's had a rough...I don't know how long but we can't let her go alone."

"We can let her do whatever the hell she wants, she isn't our responsibility and i wont be held responsible if her psycho fiance finds her living with us."

"Harry. We cant let that happen. He beat her. He was going to force her to have a baby. That's insane. She's not safe right now."

"Louis, she may not be ever safe--"

"Styles listen to me. It may be temporary or it may be a little longer. Just let it happen. He will not find her. This will be good for her and good for us." There was a silence.

"What happened to you?"


"What happened to the quiet Louis Tomlinson I knew? As soon as she came along, you changed."

"I don't know but at least I can stand the fuck up to you now." I listened as footsteps stalked away and doors slammed.
I froze in bed. I hadn't heard Louis swear yet. He didn't seem like the type to. I couldn't help but enjoy it though, it proved he had an edge.


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