The Safe House

When Blaine runs away from her own wedding she has no idea where she is going. She has nowhere to go. When a handsome young man invites her to stay with him, that marks the spot when her life gets flipped upside down.
When she finds love with one of the five boys she meets, she knows she is in deeper than she ever could have imagined.
Louis finds the girl and invites her back to his home but when he falls for her he knows he is in deeper than he ever could have imagined.


1. i

It wasn't my fault that i was running away from my own wedding.
It was my fault that i had stayed with him.
It wasn't my fault that he took his anger out on my.
That was the fault of the booze that haunted his breath every day and night.


     I should have ran away a long time ago, but I never had the chance. In this crowd of people, there would be no way he could see me take off. He would only be able to ask his guests where the lovely bride-to-be had misplaced herself. Lucky for me, nobody would recognize the bride without her gown. I had stripped down and out of my dress in the hall washroom, ditching it in the trash bin, taking soap and water fro the sink and drenching the thing. It was a beautiful dress: rhinestones, form-fitting material, train as long as a winter's night; but why have a beautiful dress wasted on an unintentional wedding day? It was better in the bin out of it's misery.

I had then shimmied out the window in a pair of black pants and a hoodie.

Running away from him was easy. I felt weight fall away from my shoulders and into the parking lot of the hall. 


"Nathan, what are you doing here? You know it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the ceremony."

He puffed on a cigar and reached for my laced fingers. "You know I don't believe in that wives-tale bullshit."

I swallowed in the scent of cigars and expensive champagne. On our wedding day. He couldn't even do without until tonight. Not that I wanted that either. He was an abusive asshole when he was drunk. I had heard Nathan talk in his sleep about the things he would do to me. Beat me. Leave me. Kill me. I knew then that i had to leave but it wasn't the right time. I don't like making a scene and knowing him he would probably kill me in the street outside our apartment.

He placed my hand against his chest, the rhythm of his heartbeat drumming under my fingertips. "You know the plan for tonight, yes?"

I nodded my head. I knew exactly what his plan was. I was nowhere close to ready for that.


"There she is!" I glanced behind myself and saw five men along with Nathan chasing after me on the pavement. I pushed myself harder, to run faster than what i already was. My lungs were burning, the muscles in my legs were cramping and my throat felt like it was bleeding. Only another few minutes. You can run for another few minutes. My car was just outside the gate to the hall. A little black civic. I could make the last of the run in a few short sprints, my keys were dangling around my fingers. I clicked the starter on the remote and reached for the door handle, slid inside and locked them again.

The men were much farther back than what I had thought. Nathan was leading the pack of mutts. Without looking back, I drove away. 

I stopped at our apartment and ran inside, grabbing the black duffel bag that sat in the bedroom closet. I had already packed it the night before. My only mistake was forgetting to throw it in the trunk.

Leaving again, I left the door open, letting the rain in. Throwing the duffel bag in the front seat, I sat in silence for a moment to let some of this sink in. I was finally free.

I would miss the look of his face before he woke up. The taste of his lips on my mind when he was sober; that was very rare. His deep brown eyes and curled brown hair. Strong arms...

I started the car and started to drive.


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