"All Gods are real now," they said. They didn't say they could escape.


6. Three, dry. Should be wet though. Wet like the sea, the silty mud, the waves slamming me into the rock. Only wetness comes from my clothes, hanging off me like weights. Instead dry, earthy...forest? No...can't be. Nearest full forest from the bridge is in...hmm...

"Don't you dare move," something growled, coldness pressing to my temple through thin cloth and rough leather wrapped tight around my wrists, "there's more of us than there are of you, and you're unarmed. We're going to ask you a few questions and it would be in your best interest to answer them. Do it correctly, and we cut you free. Clear?"

I bit my lip as chills creeped down my core, the cold weight pressing my forehead. "First, the fuck were you doing in Rán's bay? You gotta be suicidal or insane to do that."

Her bay? "I...shit, I was just following my sister. One of her mates went missing and she wanted me to come with me looking for her. Fuck are you gonna do to me- fuck did you do to her!?"

El...she'd be fighting tooth and nail if she were here and awake. Or...alive. Rán...Eloise shot her in the eye. It ain't fatal but it's aggressive. Probably blinded her. Could...whatever or whoever the fuck these bastards are...could they have harmed her?

"Do you know who Rán was?" They rapped the cold metal against my temple, it clanging like a bell and rattling through my skull.

"Some Norse goddess psycho that drowned people. Why does that fucking matter, and fuck did you do to my sister!?"

They muttered, someone else whispering back. "Do you know what happened to create her?" They slammed the cold thing against my temple again.

"Hell no! I don't bother with all the in-depth mythology shit. Long as they don't rip me or El apart, I don't care where or how or whatever they came from. Now what did you fucking do to her!?"

More muttering and whispering. "Next question, and answer it carefully. Do you believe in witchcraft?"

Witchcraft? "No, well...shit, I dunno! People talk about shit like that occasionally and I think some of us in the old Mamie practice, but I don't pay much attention. I ain't one if that's what you're asking. Now what did you fucking do to my sister?"

More muttering, whispering. More people joining in? Can't tell. "Last question. Answer right, it's home free. Answer wrong and-" they went silent, biting their lip maybe? "-well, have you ever heard of the Hunters? Faith's End?"

What? "What kind of a question is that? What have you done to my sister!?"

I'd heard of Hunters. Insane or suicidal groups tracking down wandering or hostile deities and putting them down. Occasionally one wanders into Vacancy or Karmatown asking if anyone's had some trouble, but that's about it. They turn up dead too often to ever form some group or whatever. Don't know when to back down, give up, and run for it.

"Just answer it!" They thunked the cold metal against my temple again, dragging it almost, sliding it across my forehead.

Damn, fuck if I know. I mean...they existed. But not as some fucking group lurking wherever.

"Son of a bitch, answer me!" A soft click ran out, the gentle whirring of a revolver barrel spinning and the snap of a safety being clicked off.

Shit! "No!" I yelled. "No I haven't heard of Fate's whatever! I've heard of Hunters, I've seen them a few times, but they turn up dead too often to give a shit about! Now what have you fucking done with my fucking sister!?"

More whispering, more muttering, the cold gun barrel withdrawn from my forehead. "What does she look like?"

Shit...would they ask that if they got her? "Bit shorter than me but a bit bigger, bit chunkier. She's black, got dark brown eyes and black hair in micro-braids down to her elbows. Got a big cut going through both her lips, her front teeth stick out kinda rabbit-like, and she's got on khaki's with a big rip in the back and a yellow tank top with two purple flowers on the front."

Whispering was back again, funny-feeling hands fiddling around down by my ankles. "Was she the one firing at Rán? If so..." they paused, fiddling with the leather biting into my wrists, a sudden burst of light assaulting my eyes as some cloth thing was pulled off me, "...I'm sorry. Rán won."

Rán won...she was like a cold pit had opened up in my stomach, sending chills all up my body. Eloise was...gone.

"I'm sorry."

Sorry? sister's dead and whoever this is...they're sorry? "Fuck off!" I yelled, getting up to my knees before my body decided that was a bad idea and twisted my stomach again. Bile rose in the back of my throat, bitter and slimy, my stomach twisting and knotting all over.


"I said fuck off!" My nails dug into the earth, cool and dry, caking under my nails with rocks and gravel scratching my fingertips as the bile threatened to gush out. Eloise was dead. My sister was fucking dead!


"Leave me the fuck alone!" I flung the dirt out, setting it loose in a scatter of earth and rocks and gravel. Did I hit? Fuck if I care! Eloise was gone...El was gone...and what was the last thing I said to her?

El, just fucking move, stupid bitch.

Eloise was gone.

It should have been me.

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