"All Gods are real now," they said. They didn't say they could escape.


9. Roger Williams University, Bristol, Rhode Island


Subject: Interview with Deities/Subjects: Elenna, S and Tuvas, T.

Hi Jean!

I managed to get some progress out of Elenna, S and Tuvas, T today. Read through the whole transcript, it becomes very interesting towards the end.

I recommend sending officers. Address for the potential subject (Tuvas, Gawonii) can be found through student files for Tuvas, T. It shall be...appropriate retribution for subject Tuvas, T.



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Transcript begins.

H: This is Professor Havellon, professor of Psychology. Recording interviews with subjects Elenna, Sherise, coded "Azura" and Tuvas, Tenasi, coded "Boethiah". This will be their fourth interview in total and first as a pair. Commencing interview. First, what are your full names?

A: Azura of the Crimson Gate, Queen of Dusk and Dawn, Mother of the Rose, Queen of the Night Sky, Princess of Moonshadow.

B: Prince of Plots, Boethiah, Queen of Shadows, Deciever of Nations, Goddess of Destruction, He-Who Destroys and She-Who-Erases, Pri- wait...wait no! What am I saying? I'm...I'm Tenasi, Tenasi Tuvas. Sherry? Sherry, what's got into you?

H: I expected to have trouble with you. Why do you think you are not Boethiah?

B: Because I'm not! I can't be! I'm...I'm me, Tenasi. I'm half-Cherokee, half-North African, not some freaking deity bullshit!

H: And yet you look like them, sound like them, and I've seen you act like them. So what is to say you are not Boethiah?

B: Because you assholes made me look like them! You've bleached my scalp, you've inserted fucking God-knows-what bullshit into me, you've been fucking with my body, and I'm not playing your fucking head games!

A: Boethiah, don't-

B: No, Sherry! They've fucked with your head, can't you fucking see!? They've fucked with your insides, your outsides, even your mind! God damn it, look at me, Sherry! What they've done to me, they're doing to you!

A: I don't see any difference, dear un-sister. What...what has afflicted you?

B: They've been fucking with my body and are trying to fuck with my head! Sherry...Sherise...why can't you see? Why...oh...oh you fucking bitch!

H: There, it appears to be confirmed. Predisposition to jump to violence, intrinsic sense for deception, viewing of your followers as nothing but mere pawns purely there to entertain yourself. You are Boethiah.

B: I am not some fucking fictional being! I'm gonna fucking kill you! One by'll see...

H: Willingness to kill your followers, also a key trait.

B: You're not my followers! I'm a fucking human being, not a fictional god! Come here, asshole!

H: You're just proving more and more by the second that you are Boethiah. Laying a hand on your followers will be concrete proof.

B: Fine. If I can't, my brother will.

H: I'm sorry?

B: You heard me, bitch. If I can't, my brother will. He'll find me, recognise me, and all you've done to me, he'll do to you.

H: Is that so? And what brother of yours would this be?

B: I ain't telling you, bitch!

H: Boethiah, tell us.

B: Go to hell!

H: Boethiah, it'll be for your own benefit if you tell us.

B: It would benefit me more if you killed yourself, but that's not happening either, God...damned...bitch!

At this point there was a pause in the interview. I was required to administer a non-lethal shock to Boethiah, for her struggling and the former administration of anabolic steroids had caused the metal of her chair to bend and I feared for my own safety. Once the electrical convulsions had worn off and minor research was done, I felt it was safe to resume the interview.

H: Now, let us resume. Please describe to me-

B: (muttering, inaudiable)

H: Yes, Boethiah?

B: I said, my brother's gonna make you fucking choke!

H: Would that be your brother Gawonii Tuvas? Several of us, your followers, have been sent to retrieve him.

B: haven't...

H: Your will has altered the fate of another. Your actions.

B: I'm gonna fucking kill you!

H: Really, I thought you'd be pleased.

At this point, Boethiah became too violent to continue the interview, thus I had to end it, call for the sedation of both subjects, and document what was recorded. In addition to the manipulation of Azura, I have the perfect figure to manipulate Tuvas, Gawonii, hopefully rendering Boethiah...willing to comply.

Transcript ends.

- Found on an email exchange within the offices of Roger Williams University, estimated date, twenty-two ninety.

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