You move to New York to start a new life. You meet a special someone. Harry Styles. You’re starting to get close to each other. But after your dads recent death, you have commitment issues. Will Harry be your knight in shining armour and manage to break down your walls? Or will he be like the rest?



1. Before the concert

The day had finally come. My first concert. Harry freaking Styles. Not only that I'm going to see him sing passionately through the microphone by I'm going VIP. I'm taking my friend Maddie who is also OBSESSED with One Direction.

*In the car on our way to the concert*

"How far away are we?" Maddie asked.

" Less than five minutes." I said trying to hold my excitement.

"Gives enough time to listen to a track, don't you think?"

" Not a bad idea...." i said as I was inserting the CD. IM HAVING YOUR BABY, ITS NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS. As he strummed the guitar on the last note.

" We're here!" Maddie said relieved even when we had arrived 3 hours before the concert began.

We walked inside the massive open space on the tennis courts at Hisense Arena in Melbourne.

"Whoooaaaah...... I expected it to be big but not THIS big......" I said.

A strange looking man with a white t-shirt and grey trackies came over towards our direction.

" Hey, I'm James. Harry's manager. Nice to meet you." He greeted us shaking our hands.

"You must be VIP."

We both nodded.

" Came here pretty god damn early, huh?"

We nodded once more.

" First ones here" He added.

"C'mon, right this way." He invited as he was leading us to a narrow hallway.

" Harry's in his dressing room. He'll be out any second now" He reassured.

" Anyone there.....?" Said a delicate British voice coming from the dressing room. Maddie and I looked at each other raising our eyebrows in anxiousness.

" Just a second....." He said once more. Within seconds a striking looking man with piercing green eyes and plump rose pink lips came outside the dressing room. To our surprise, he was only wearing grey shorts. His tall built frame was covered in tattoos, the one that caught my eye was the butterfly on his torso. His abs clearly exposed as Maddie's jaw dropped as he was within a ruler length away from us.

"We've got some people here to see you..." James said. "Quite the fans I'll say... 7 hours early." He added. With all of a sudden I got tingles down my spine. Harry then looked down at his watch and raised his eyebrows looking surprised. He glances over at Maddie who is absolutely speechless had still had her jaw right open. Harry chuckled as he saw her reaction.

"Uhhh.... hey I'm Y/N, nice to finally meet you." As I shook his hand with a bright smile on his face.

"Glad to meet you, love." He said with his strong, deep Manchester accent. He glanced at me looked away, and glanced at me again. This time he was looking up and down my body with a smirk on his face. "Damn" He muttered. Low enough for anyone to hear him but a small voice.

"Say something Harry?" James questioned as he looked at him then looked at me.

"Uhhh no, not at all" He said still looking at me from the corner of his eye.

" Okay.... then" James said trying to fill the silence in the hallway. A ringtone came on from Maddie's phone. She glanced at it and rolled her eyes. "Ugh not a great time mum" She muttered before answering it. I let out a little giggle as well as Harry. " Sorry, I've gotta take this. I'll be right back." I looked to the ground twiddling my thumbs.

"OI OI JAMES, NEED SOME HELP OVER HERE." Someone screamed from the end of the tennis court.

"Yeah I'm gonna see what that guy wants...Get to know each other or whatever you kids do nowadays." He said. Harry and I lightly smiled when James said that still looking at the ground. He looked over at me and looked from up and down. I looked over at myself and saw I has goosebumps surrounded all of my skin.

"Here I've got a jumper in here somewhere." He said.

"Uhhh..... Come in if you like." He invited before I entered the surprisingly decent dressing room.

"Not bad....."

"That's one way to put it." He chuckled.

"Em, here you go, Y/N. Sorry if it's too big." He said holding up an oversized bomber jacket."

"Oh, that won't be a problem." I said putting my hands through the sleeves. It went down half way down my shorts.

He came out and closed the door behind him.

"You look cute in that." He said looking at me as I blushed and looked at the ground again.

"Keep it." He offered.

"Oh no no no I couldn't keep this, it's yours.” I pointed out.

"Trust me it looks a billion times better on you than on me."

I blushed as we locked eyes.

"I owe you."

"No need."

Maddie came back in the hallway as she saw Harry and I. She looked over at Harry then at me with a wired look on her face.

"Y/N, can I speak with you for a moment?” Maddie said hesitantly.

"Sure." I said, walking over to her.

I looked back at Harry smiling and mouthing"Thank you" to him and he replied with "no problem."

We moved to a more private area as she grab held of my hands trying not to freak out.

"What's wrong?"



"THAT!" She said looking over the bomber jacket Harry had given me.

"I was cold and he offered to give me his bomber jacket."




"No he doesn't." I said twiddling my thumbs.

"HE.GAVE.YOU.HIS.FREAKING.BOMBER.JACKET." She said leaving spaces in between each word.

"He's just doing it to be nice and not to get a bad image." I pointed out, trying to defend myself.

"Ever since he walked out of his dressing room he kept looking at you and you and I both heard what he said under his breath."

She was referring to when he muttered "Damn" under his breath as he looked at me.

"Whatever." I said walking away the opposite way.

"Wanna grab something to eat?"

"Nah, I'm good. Need to sort a deal with Harry about this jacket."

I walked down the hallway as I saw Harry leaning against the door of his dressing room.

As I walked closer I saw him writing down something on a small piece of paper.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Ummm..... i wanted to give you this."

He reached his hand out giving it to me as I read it. Smiling.

It said:






I slid it in my pocket and looked up at him. Still a bit confused. Why did he give me this? Wait, does he actually have feelings for me or is this what he does to every girl?

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