Cover: The Edge of Something - for the Sci-Fi Competition

A cover designed for the Sci-Fi writing competition 2017. *Won Best Cover*


1. Cover

This is my entry for the sci-fi competition. If you're interested in reading a bit more about how I came up with the concept/idea, choosing what photos to use and editing it then feel free to read below.


It's hard to write in words the kind of thought processes I have when making a cover but I'll try and explain a bit. 

I chose the title first when making this which was the general basis for the rest of it. I thought The Edge of Something to me sounded like it could be to do with being on the edge of a scientific discovery which fits into the theme of the competition being sci-fi.

I then got round to deciding which photos to use. The first was a picture of a girl climbing along some rocks (a photo I'd taken myself) which I thought looked quite dramatic really. I edited it so that it had what they call a kind of poster paint effect (I guess the top left bit looks a bit like spray paint maybe) so that it got rid of most of the surroundings in the original photo and was more of a silhouette kind of thing. This was because I wanted to put something else into the background and generally I thought it made it look more mysterious. I think this fitted more with the fact that it is supposed to be for a sci-fi based novel.

The second photo I used was a moon photo taken by a friend of mine (I asked his permission before using it of course) which I first changed the opacity of and fitted it into the top left corner of the cover with the green and black showing through from the layer behind. I then copied the photo a second time and inverted the colours of it, placing it on the right hand side as you can see. The reason I chose to incorporate a moon is because when I think of sci-fi novels I often think of space. Obviously not all sci-fi novels are to do with space but this is something I wanted to show in my cover design.

I then had to chose the right kind of fonts and lettering for the book title and author (I chose my name because why not).I decided where to put the words on the cover making sure that it didn't cover the most important aspects of the cover. I won't really go through this stage too much as I don't know how to explain properly without it sounding boring but 'the egde' was placed as though it was standing on the rocks in black so it contrasted with the white behind it and 'of something below it in white to contrast with the black beneath it. For the author name I went for the green which I had used in the top right hand corner.

The rest of the details like the lines I can't explain really well other than say I drew them and they looked right. The first version of the cover didn't have them but I felt the cover needed more. I drew with the line tool as you can see and chose the same green colour as the other green used on the cover. The different areas of lines are actually set at different opacity's to create different effects and different tones as you can see more of the layers beneath through them. 

Anyway, I think that's enough explaining, well done if you've even bothered to read all this. Tell me what you think in the comments and thank you for taking a look. :)

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