Four poems inspired by each of the Sanders Sides. (Entry for the Battle of the Fandoms Competition)


2. Princey/Creativity/Roman Sanders

They'll never love me

If I show them who I really am,

Allowing them to see inside me

Only to toss me aside like garbage


They'll never love me

I am too weak, too afraid

Of failing and being useless,

Unable to do my purpose


They'll never Love me

I push them away,

And taunt them for their weaknesses

Only so I can hide my own


They'll never love me

I hide behind a broken smile,

Eyes bright with a fake joy

That I wish could be real


They'll never love me

I can barely love myself

My mirror is a torture device,

Placed to tear my soul to pieces


They'll never love me

So long as they have common sense

And see right through my walls

That I so desperately want them to break


They'll never love me

I am a failure, always a failure

Letting them down left and right

Hurting them so much I want to die


They'll never love me

And I'll never blame them

Because how can you love a man

Who doesn't love himself

A mistake

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