Four poems inspired by each of the Sanders Sides. (Entry for the Battle of the Fandoms Competition)


3. Morality/Patton Sanders

Just keep smiling

As they call you stupid

And insult you to your face

Like you aren't even there


Just keep smiling 

Maybe they won't notice

How forced it is

They never have before


Just keep smiling

And loving them all

Because everyone deserves love (except you)

No matter what they do (except you)


Just keep smiling

As you fight back tears,

Flinching at their angry words

And wishing you could disappear


Just keep smiling

As you hold them close

When they cry and panic,

Because that's the only time they'll love you


Just keep smiling

Trying not to doubt your purpose

Because all of them need you

Even if they don't say it


Just keep smiling

That's all you're good for anyways

That and being used for

Whatever suits them best


Just keep smiling

As you slowly fade away

No longer needed

To keep Thomas functioning

A useless trait

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