Murder House || An original

A group of teenagers meet their unfortunate fate one january night.
Beware of Cheslyn Manor they warned, for evil lurks around each rotting corner.
Every scary movie you’ve ever watched exists within these walls, every monster you’ve dreamt of breathes within the forests.
Unexplained disappearances fueled by myths drive 15 teenagers into the forest at midnight.
Amelia Waters and Scarlet Lockwell had enjoyed the simple things in life.
Small cafes, early morning skies, long walks that surrounded them in nature.
Nothing bad ever happens in Willow Falls, not until now.
Not until everything they have ever know is challenged and turned upside down.


2. Chapter One [Rumors]

heyy everyone!

I decided to make short (ish) author notes at the beginning of each chapter I write! If you skipped the prologue, my name is Gabriella! My best friend Mallory and I are working on creating this book together and I can't wait for you all to read it and join our characters! I also decided that some chapters would have certain songs pertaining to them, or dedicated to them. Unfortunately, this is not one of those chapters but the next bunch will be!! I hope you all enjoy this shorter beginner chapter and without further ado, I'll let you begin reading!

love always, gabs

Chapter One

Amelia's POV

My fingers trembled as they brushed against the cold metal encasing the door. Rumors. They were simply rumors of girls that have vanished upon seeking this house's location. Scarlet squeezed my arm as we stepped across the barrier from the outside to the inside.

"It's not that bad guys..." A guy spoke, his voice shaking with uncertainty. Scarlet and I are in the middle of a group consisting of fifteen scared teenagers, yet I've never felt so alone.

Our group huddled together once we all passed the doorway, dispersing once our eyes focused on what was laid before us. Rotting walls and garbage in the corner were nonexistent. It was a relatively clean place, with the exception of the thin layer of dust that had settled on the furniture. Scarlet slowly released my arm; eyes wandering in vivid confusion. This house was nothing like we expected, and in a way, that enhanced our nerves.

"This shouldn't be too bad to spend the night in." Scarlet spoke, confidence brewing in her voice as I nodded in agreement. Blankets were unrolled and spread across the expansive floor, providing a much more comforting laying spot.

"I expected spiders crawling in and out of holes in the wall, maybe some broken floorboards that led to a never-ending fall." A girl, I think her name was Taryn, announced. Everybody mumbled their agreement, and pillows were thrown into a long line.

The lights flickered ever so often, and the floors creaked under too much weight. The place was in decent condition, but it still holds a certain paranoia to it. Nobody spoke and sounds of the woods rang through the eerie air. I pulled my sleeves over my hands, thankful I had grabbed my sweater out of my car. My car, oh how I missed it. If we had driven instead of walked, I could sneak out in the dead of the night and recline the seat with the heaters blasting., instead I have to deal with a hard floor and air that mimicked a freezer.

Soon enough, people were on their phones snapchatting the entire adventure; meanwhile, a group of guys decided to explore this mansion. Scarlet and I stayed put, simply talking as it provided the most comfort.

"Do you believe those rumors?" I asked, my teeth chattering and goosebumps raised on my skin. Scarlet looked at me, her eyes big as she bit her lip.

"I-I don't know. I in the middle of the woods? Eerily clean even though it's supposedly abandoned? They don't seem likely but I wouldn't rule out the possibility that they are true." Scarlet was right, and I knew that but any thought that made me feel less terrified, I was willing to think.

"Yeah, I guess. Let's just not think about it, I'm sure this place is harmless. We live in Willow Falls, what bad could possibly occur? A stolen bike? Murder never happens here...abductions never happen here...nothing ever happens here..." I mumbled, mainly to myself as I closed my eyes. If I kept my eyes shut and didn't move, maybe I would fall asleep and nothing would matter.

A scream pierced through the air as Scarlet and I sprang up, clutching onto each other with all of our strength. Soon after, a chorus of laughter followed as I looked in the direction of the blood-curdling noise. Of course, a group of guys (and one girl) thought it would be funny to act as if we had truly walked into a murder house. A certain finger was pointed in their direction as a grunt of discontent escaped my lips. My brain was now buzzing with possibilities of what we had just walked into, sleeping felt nearly impossible.

The night was long, and mindless tosses and turns allowed the floorboards to creak every once in awhile. Subconsciously, my head would turn slightly in case I were to be face to face with a stranger whom intentions were dark and evil. My fingers fidgeted with a loose thread on my pillowcase, twirling it around my forefinger until it began to lose feeling. I slowly let it loosen up, sighing. There was nothing to do, and it only made the night feel longer and more dreary.

"Hey, pssst!" I heard a deeper voice speak, tapping roughly on my shoulder. I flinched slightly, leaning up on my elbow and turning my head to meet a pair of deep brown eyes. I barely knew this kid, what could he possibly want?


"A group of us are going to explore the house some more, you should come with us. Maybe ask your friend there too." His eyes flickered to Scarlet before returning to mine. Some sensible and logical part of me knew that was a horrible idea, but the curiosity had taken over. Maybe if I knew the house was vacant, it would put my mind at ease.

"I'll ask her..." I mumbled annoyed, angry at myself for wanting to go with this group of people I hardly knew. Before I could turn back around to ask Scarlet, she was up and peering at the brown-eyed boy with wide eyes. She smiled faintly, nodding her head as a slow blush crept onto her pale skin.

The boy, whose name I did not yet know, smiled in return before standing up. I think he was waiting for us to join him, which oddly annoyed me even further. Soon, we two girls were on our feet and being led to a new part of the house. We had joined the rest of the group, consisting of about nine other people. There were five guys and four girls. The only person I knew was Scarlet.

"This is Michael, I'm Calum, that's John and over there is Daniel." The boy, apparently named Calum, announced. Everyone smiled awkwardly, a blunt wave coming soon after.

"Shall we go?" Michael said, gesturing towards the closed door. A chilly draft hit my legs, my bare skin uneven with goosebumps. Daniel took initiative, opening the door and instead of another large room, there was a single set of wooden stairs. The cold air became more prominent. Scarlet and I were in the middle of the group, not wanting to be at the beginning or end.

Taryn stumbled in front of me, grasping the railing quickly to save herself, her breath hitching ever so slightly. A girl named Olive was stuck at the very end, her whimpers the only sound other than our breathing. The stairs were not nice as we expected, they were crooked instead. Crooked, rotting and loose. The drastic change triggered images of a group being abducted, never to be heard from again. Maybe this was a bad idea, maybe it was even a horrible idea.

Once we reached the floor, pitch black clouded our vision. John thought quickly and whipped out his phone, the flashlight soon illuminating our surroundings which caused gasps to emit from our trembling lips. Well...maybe my trembling lips, I seemed to be the most terrified.

The walls were concrete, scratches digging into its surface as jagged ends stuck straight out. Chains were laid in piles on the ground, some rusted some not. Something told me that these chains had dark purposes, and this room began feeling all the more chilly.

Scarlet squeezed my hand tightly, as I reciprocated the action. We can do this.

Nothing here is bad, nothing here is evil.

I've watched one too many horror movies, that's all.

Vacant, abandoned, empty; that's all this house ever was and ever will be.

It's not a murder house.

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