Young, wild and free

A girl with a past and and a boy with class


2. Birthday girl

"So what type are you looking for tonight" Jas said. "The usual" I smiled back.

Jas is my best friend, she's the only person I let in since i was sixteen. Her name is short for jasmine btw.

I heard a sigh for Jas, but ignored it. "Where are we going anyway" I asked. "It's a surprise, and yes I know you hate surprises but let this one slip because you only turn 21 on time" she answered and nearly screamed the last part. I laughed at her screaming for the few drinks we had at home already.

I hate my birthdays it's just and excuse for dressing up and getting drunk and that's exactly what I'm going to do. So I dressed up in a black skintight dress that's was short, but like I never worn something that's was shorter.

After 20 minutes driving we pulled up to a big mansion, in the Hollywood hills. We got out of our uber I looked at the big house in an awe.

"Wow you really stepped up the our game Jas" I said mostly to myself but just high enough for Jas could hear it. "I know right" Jas said while texting someone.

"You know we can only come in if we are on the list" I asked a bit confused. "Yes of course I know" Jas said back looking up from the phone while raised an eyebrow at her. "I got some guy I had sex with last week to put my name with a +1 on it" she answered smirking. I just chuckled at her ruthlessness.

We made to the door and got inside. We were instantly met with they loud music and smell of alcohol and smoke. We went to get something to drink, there were people making out and one vomiting in a trash can. It took us 20 minutes to find the kitchen in this place, when we finally found it we were met with 20 at least different liquids, and 10 cans of beer these rich kids don't go low on alcohol. But hey I'm not complaining, and I needed something really strong. So I started with 4 shots I closed my eyes shut while the warm liqueur spread in my chest.Boys were undressing us with there eyes and girls killing us with them for taking "there boys" attention. But we didn't care we got used to it 3 years ago. I made a drink with well everything in it.

My and Jas jam came on and we immediately ran to the dance floor with our drinks without throwing them everywhere. We danced in want felt like forever. We only stopped to drink and an quick note if you mix a lot of things, it usually taste really bad, but if you want to be really drunk fast it's good. And I was right I tasted horrible but as I say " if it taste horrible chuck it an get it over with it".

At this point I was fleeing really good, and the same was Jas but she has always been a lightweight drinker. I finished my drink and started to dance to wild thoughts mostly using my hips and flipping my long dark brown straighten hair. Suddenly I felt a hand on each side of me hips, I looked over at Jas to send her the "is he hot eyes" and she nodded so I kept grinding my hips in his crotch I could a bulge forming in his pants.

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