"You don't just get to come back here and pretend things haven't change." I yelled at him outside my apartment, "Things haven't changed! I still love you." he grabs me by the shoulders and shakes me gently, then clutches my face.
There is a moment of silence.
"Eight years and you still drive me fucking crazy." he smiled softly at me, and the rain is heavy, in the cliche way. Harry leans in closer to me, moving wet strands of hair from my face, and as our lips are inches apart I hear a voice.
"What the fuck is going on?" and Roman is staring right at us.


6. Part Six

I woke up alone. 

The bed smelt of Harry, so did the sheets and the pillows and the clothes I was wearing. 

The room also smelt of cinnamon pancakes and coffee. 

I pulled myself up and wander towards the familiar smell. 

Harry was stood in the kitchen, shirtless, and cooking. 

"Good morning." I muttered and bit down on my lip, staring at him from across the room. "Nice to see you're alive. I was thinking of coming and checking you were breathing." Harry's voice was loud in the morning, booming in fact. 

"I'm definitely alive." I tell him and sit down at his breakfast bar, and picked berries from his bowl. 

"How are you feeling? Do you need an aspirin?" he offered and I shook my head, "I feel fine, tired more than anything." I shrugged and he hands me a cup of coffee, and open my mouth to ask for cream, but he points to a small jug on the bar. 

"Last night was pretty, crazy." I spoke louder so he could hear me. 

Harry sat across from me and handed me a plate of pancakes. 

"I'd rather not relive it." he smirked at me putting a pancake into his mouth, "I didn't think my kissing skills had weakened that much." I chuckled and he shook his head quickly, "Yeah, I would rate you about a 7/10, but I'd definitely do it again." he teased. 

"I'm sorry about my behaviour, you know what I am like when I have had a drink." I blushed, and he nodded slowly, "You were giving me the come to bed eyes." he laughed and I covered my face in embarrassment. 

"I won't pretend, it was hard to say no." he somewhat comforted me. 

"Well, thank you for saying no." I reached over and touched his hand, "I will admit, it was nice waking up here." I smiled over at him and he nodded slowly. 

"It was nice seeing you in my clothes, stood in my kitchen." Harry smirks up at me over his coffee cup. 

We ate and Harry filled me in on the events of last night, the parts that I missed. I hadn't smiled this much in a long time, and it was sweet to feel at home with him. 

"Will you give me a ride home?" I asked him, fluttering my lashes, he rolls his eyes and nods quickly at me. 

I find some clothes of mine, mingled with Harry's old shirts. 

I suddenly feel empty. 

Then guilty for enjoying his company so much. But, I also hadn't forgotten what Roman had done. 

Within fifteen minutes I had found some of my old clothes Harry had kept. But, I kept his shirt on, they were the kind of shirts you wore when you were sick, or hungover, or just too lazy to do anything. 

"Eve?" I heard my named, hummed in that old familiar tone, "I'm ready when you are." he added. 

I walked out to find him dressed and beaming at me. 

The ache my chest was heavy, and it almost stuck my feet to floor. Being here, where he lived and breathed. I smiled fondly at him, and he nodded towards the door.

We rode quietly in the car, and everything moved far too quickly for me to savour this moment. 

I loved him. It was foolish to pretend I didn't, but, I loved Roman too. 

Neither of them were perfect, but I swear to god, they did the best impressions I have ever seen. 

"What are you going to do?" Harry asked me, and I turned to face him slowly, "What do you mean?" I asked him. 

"About me. Roman?" he rattled off Roman's name quickly, as if the taste of his name made him sick. 

"I'm not sure what you're asking." I sighed, and looked away from him. 

"You know Roman went home with another girl last night, don't you?" he asked me, and I hummed as gentle of a yes as I could manage, "And you're okay with that?" he frowned at me, I could hear it in his voice. 

"It's not like I didn't ever let you get away with it." I remind him, "Besides, I kissed you. I'm equally as bad." I defend Roman's actions, as I had done Harry's in the past. 

"He probably slept with someone else, you kissed me, and you stopped it." he reminded me, though I could still hear that fit in his voice, telling me he didn't agree. 

"Harry just stop." I begged him. 

"Why did you stop? Didn't you want me?" He asked me, sounding like an insecure child. 

"Harry-." but I am stopped again. 

"Do you even know how much I give up just to have you back in my life?" he stopped the car and pulled over in a lay-by. 

"Harry, please don't do this." I whispered, and placed my head in my hands, as it was the safest place I could find to block out my feelings. 

"I need you to know." he mutters, "I do know." I remind him.

"Then give me something, some indication that all this hope I have for us isn't wasted. You're fooling yourself if you believe that Roman loves you better than me." he huffs in frustration and jumps out the car. 

I follow him, lost. 

"Harry. I missed you. I missed you everyday for three years. And, I don't think you can comprehend how pathetic that made me feel. I have spent so much time, trying to get over you. Trying to find someone who loves me." I stand up to him, and he turns to face me. 

"He doesn't love you, not like I do." Harry shouts in anger at me, but I don't stand down. 

"Harry." I warn him, and clutch his face in my hands, "Harry. You know that there will always be a part of me that is in love with you, it will be there for the rest of my life." 

I need him to look me in the eyes and know that I love him, but he can't have me. I know it selfish to lead on his deluded hope, but I am frightened that if he looses hope, he will only leave again. 

"I will always be waiting for you. I will never want anyone else." he whispered as he presses his forehead against mine, and I smile into him. 

I feel every desire to kiss him, but I know that I can't. 

"I need to get going." I tell him, and let go of his face, and he looks lost. 

Within five more minutes, we are back on the road, driving in silence. The gentle hum of the radio is muttering to us in the back ground. 

"I'll call you." Harry mutters, and doesn't look at me. 

"The last time you said that, you left." I remind him, and I cannot seem to stop making him feel guilty about his past. 

"I'll see you around then." he mutters again, as we pull outside my block of apartments. 

"Thanks, again." I whisper back to him, and hop out of the car and watch him drive of without a second look at me. 

Did it hurt him that much to look at me?

Or, Had he lost that hope?

I hoped that Roman wasn't home. But, to my dismay, Roman was stood in the kitchen cooking pancakes. 

But, the smell was divine enough that I could endure a second breakfast. 

"Good morning." I peer around the corner, and he jumps. 

"Ade?" he frowns and walked over to me, and looks wearily over my shoulder. 

"It's nice to see you too." I frown from his lack of enthusiasm to see me. 

"I thought you'd gone into work." he rushed his sentences, and I sighed softly and shook my head, stretching up to kiss cheek. 

"It's my day off." I smiled. 

"Before you take your coat off and get comfortable why don't you go and get some milk, we don't have any." he lies, and I squint at him. 

"Aren't you interested where I have been all night?" I cocked my head, and he nods quickly, "I sure am, and I will be even more interested when you're holding a carton of milk." he smirks at me, and kissed my forehead, handing me back the coat that I removed. 

"Roman, what is going on?" I fold my arms across my chest. 

"Nothing." he blinks quickly, checking over his shoulder. 

I move past him, and follow his gaze to our bedroom door. 

"What am I going to find when I open this door?" I asked him, and he shrugged, "Why don't you just leave it alone." he suggested, "Because that way I won't know who you've done this time." I smirk at him. 

I open the door to find a small red head lay in my bed, my white sheets are wrapped around her. My dressing gown is wrapped around her too as she sleeps soundly. 

I laughed to myself, to prevent myself from crying. 

I closed the door softly careful not to wake her. 

I moved past Roman slowly, and walked over to the kitchen cupboard. I pulled out my favourite mug, Roman had got it me on our first date, he got me a mug, chocolate and roses. It wasn't any use now. 

"What are you doing, Ade?" Roman asked cautiously. 

"Well, she's in my bed, in my sheets, in my dressing gown, my boyfriend has been inside of her, she might as well use my fucking mug." I slam it down onto the side, and it smashes behind my force, leaving small cuts on my hand. 

"Ade, just calm down. It didn't mean anything." Roman rushes over to me, pretending to care. 

"Roman, just leave me alone." I whispered, and picked up a dish rag, and my coat. "Where are you going?" He yelled to me, "Anywhere but here." I whispered to him. 

"Don't call me." I warned him. 

I wrapped the dishrag around my hand, grab a different pair of shoes from where the sleeping girl lies, and my purse from the bedroom.I grab a small bag, underwear a few shirts, some toiletries. I make an effort to slam my keys onto the kitchen table as Roman follows me around our apartment. 

"Ade, just talk to me." he begged me and grabbed my arm, but I rip it away from his grip. 

"Don't touch me." I say so calmly its frightening. 

"You've never gotten like this before." he cocked his head in confusion. 

"Exactly, i've made you think that it's okay for you to do this. Well, it's not, and you need to learn that." I tell him and slam the door behind me as I leave. 

I hit the pavement quickly and moved as far away from that apartment as I could. 

I knew who I was going to ring before I even got my phone out. 

I scrolled for his name on my screen.


I bit down hard on my lip, because if I did this I was as bad as Roman. 

But, I'd already pressed call. 

"Well, Well, Well, Evie, Evie, Evie." I heard his raspy voice down the line. 

"Did I wake you?" I smirked to myself. 

"You keep me awake in my thoughts all the time." he hummed, and I chuckled, "What can I do for you?" he asked me. 

"I have a preposition for you." I smirked and continued to walk through the rain. 

"Go on." I could feel the smirk in his voice. 

"How would you like to lie in bed with me all day, naked. We could watch TV, order takeout, I could let you play out some of those thoughts." I teased him, and I heard him gulp.

"What about that boyfriend of yours?" he coughed.

"What about him?" I smirked to myself, not believing the words that kept flowing out of my mouth. 

"How soon can you be here?" I heard that rasp was back in his throat. 

"Twenty minutes?" I suggested and he chuckled down the line. 


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