"You don't just get to come back here and pretend things haven't change." I yelled at him outside my apartment, "Things haven't changed! I still love you." he grabs me by the shoulders and shakes me gently, then clutches my face.
There is a moment of silence.
"Eight years and you still drive me fucking crazy." he smiled softly at me, and the rain is heavy, in the cliche way. Harry leans in closer to me, moving wet strands of hair from my face, and as our lips are inches apart I hear a voice.
"What the fuck is going on?" and Roman is staring right at us.


8. Part Eight

I tucked my phone away and walked back inside with to find Harry out of the shower, wearing a white shirt with leaves covering it, a pair of black jeans and his usual boots.

"Are you going out?" I asked him softly, and he flashed a quick smile over at me, and then he nodded for me to follow him into his room.

Lay out on the bed was a pale coloured dress, a pair of skin coloured tights, and some black heels.

"Where did you find all of this?" I asked him running my fingers over the soft materials, "I've kept a box, it's got all of your old things in." he pointed to his closet, where a box labelled 'EVE'S STUFF' lay.

"Where are we going?" I asked him, toying with the buckle on my shoes now.

"I thought we could go to a hotel. Grab some drinks down at the bar, and just get away from here. I know you don't like me surrounded by memories. So, you'll just have to be surrounded by me instead. I mean, won't it be nice not to be us for a while." he muttered under his breath, and then clicked and cracked his fingers, "Well, hurry up, we also have a dinner reservation at nine." and with that he left the room.

I thought about what his motives might be.

I thought maybe he just wants to make me feel better.

I thought, maybe he is proving to me why I still loved him.

I pulled my dress on.

I eventually came outside to find Harry sat waiting for me on the couch. 
"You look nice." He beamed over at me, and then clicked his fingers as if he remembered something, "So tonight, we are Mr and Mrs Santos, My name is Alexander, your name is Marie." He tells me, and smirks offering me his hand. 
"Mr and Mrs, huh?" I smiled and took his hand softly, and let him escort me.

We crawl into his low car, and we drive in near silence, with the exception of the sound of the busy streets. 
"You didn't have to do this, you know?" I tell him softly, and he shakes his head. 
"I know. But, I know you. You need this." He tells me, he convinces me that I need this. Maybe I do, maybe I need to remember what its like to just be with Harry.

We pull up outside Lungi's. 
As we walk though the door we are greeted by a handsome boy who shows us to our table, alongside the smell of freshly cooked Lobster. 
"Here, is your table Mr. Santos. Mrs. Santos, may I take your coat?" The young boy offers me, and I shake my head quickly, "I'll hang it on the back of my chair, if that is okay?" I ask the boy and he offers me a warm smile, and nods softly.

We are handed to leather back menu's, and a wine list, the cheapest bottle beginning at £85. 
"Alexander, how much are you spending tonight?" I asked him, and he reached across the table and took my hand, "Only the best for my wife." He winks at me, and then again at the waiter, pointing to a wine on the list.

"Ade!" I hear my name, and quickly knock my head around to see Roman's sister. I flush crimson, and shoo away the boy with the wine list.
"Who is that?" Harry asked looking puzzled, "Roman's sister." I frowned harshly.

"Lisa! What are you doing here?" I hug her tightly, and smile softly. "Oh you know, out with mom and dad." She rolled her eyes. Lisa was twenty and absolutely adored making her parent loath her. She must have been kicked out of college again. 
"Your parents are here?" I begin to sweat, "Right over there." She pointed and they waved over at me, I grin and wave back. 
"Who is your friend?" I saw her eyes teasing Harry's, and he smirked and stood up. "I'm Harry. An old friend of Ade's." Harry pecks her cheek politely, and as if by bad habit, he moves behind me and places his hand at the base of my back. 
"Why don't you come over and see mom and dad?" She suggested, and I shook my head quickly, "I wouldn't want to ruin there meal." I laughed softly, nervously and begging for her to just drop it.

"Come on." She pleaded, and dragged my hand, to which I hooked Harry's arm onto mine, and lugged him along too. 
This wasn't happening. I was in a bad dream where my ex boyfriend was meeting my current boyfriends parents, and I'd wake up, realise I hadn't gone to that party, Roman hadn't slept with that girl, I hadn't slept with Luke, and I wasn't out on a date with Harry to escape my boyfriend.
Turns out it was real, and all of those bad thing did happen.

"Ade! Don't you look beautiful!" Susan, Romans mother cooed And kissed my cheek. "Oh, well thank you. I'd like for you to meet Harry." I smiled politely . Harry shook everyone's hand like a dignified gentleman. 
"Good evening." His raspy voice spoke, "Have you broke up with Roman?" Andy, Roman's father asked me. I glanced up to Harry, and shook my head quickly. 
"Roman and I-" Harry cut me off, "Roman let me steal her for the night." Harry gave me a light pat on the back, and winked at me. 
"Yeah. Me and Harry are good friends, we grew up together." I smiled, "Does that mean your fair gain, Harry?" Lisa asked, and his looked at me and smirked.
"Lisa! Show a little bit of respect." Andy warned her, "No, really it's okay." Harry smirked at the extremely pretty brunette at the table.

"Join us?" Andy offered, and I went to refuse but Harry had already sat down. 
"Sure." I smiled.
I spoke to Susan about her book club, and the PTA meetings she'd been attending for Roman's younger brother, Jason, Who was in his final year at high school. 
Andy told me all about the firm, and that it was doing well. Roman had been telling him all of the handwork I'd been putting into the company, and that he'd have a word with my boss about giving me a pay rise. 
Lisa had been kicked out of college for reckless behaviour, which only made her more attractive. Lisa would be in town for a few months trying to find her feet. Andy was seeing if he could find her a place at my office. 
I don't think there are any openings.

We stayed there for two hours. Harry and Lisa were completely encapsulated by one and other, and I made an excuse to go outside, telling them I was going to call Roman, and make sure he was okay.
But, I stood outside and let the cold air hit me. 
I let the leaves fall around me, and the rain drizzle hit me in the caw, because through the window I saw Harry and Lisa, exactly where me and Roman were sitting months ago when he introduced me to his parents. 
Selfish as I am, I didn't want Harry to be happy. I want him miserable and loving me, rather than happy and not loving me. Because, sometimes his love for me was the only thing in the world that made sense. It was like no matter how crazy things got, I could always remember that somewhere outside the walls in which I was sat there was a boy who wrote m poetry telling me he loved me and that was often enough to pick me up. 
But, I saw the way his eyes studied her face, the way the cogs in his mind were turning, he was thinking about al of the beautiful things he could write about her, and as those thoughts filled his head, I saw the ones of me leave. They all fell out of his ear, and landed on his shoulder, which he brushed off so casually.

So, I called Roman. 
I told him I was at dinner with his parents, Lisa and Harry. I needed him to come and save me, he didn't ask why, or how I ended up here. Roman just came. Roman turned up in a suit, as I stood outside in the drizzle, and he smiled softly at me and walked over to me with caution.

"This doesn't mean you are forgiven." I whispered to him softly, and let him wrap his arms around me. 
"I am so sorry." He muttered into my hair, and the familiar smell of warm leather made everything, for a moment, okay. "It's fine. Can we just go in there and play happy families. Harry brought me here to cheer me up, but your little sis has got ten him all wound up." I Seth slightly, glancing back inside watching them undress each other with their eyes.

As we walked inside, Roman put his hand on the bottom of my back, and pulled me a little bit closer. 
"There's my boy!" Andy bellowed and pulled all attention to us. Harry face dropped and an anger grew inside of his green orbs. 
"Nice of you to join us!" Susan cooed and kissed her sons cheek, "I could leave you alone with, Ade." He teased her and she shushed him nicely.

We went on making pleasantries, and soon enough it was past midnight. Roman took his little sister outside for a cigarette, whilst Andy and Susan settled the bill. 
Leaving only me and Harry.

"Why did you call him?" Harry asked quietly, "Because, things don't get better by running away from your problems." I snapped. "Besides, you said tonight was for us, and there you were fawning all over Lisa." I snarled and pulled my coat on over my shoulders. 
"Are you jealous?" He smirked, "I just-I thought you'd changed, but you haven't you're still the same liar you have always been." I yell at him, and eyes turn to us, but I lower my voice.
"You spout all of this shit about wanting me, and loving me but the moment a pretty girl comes along and shows you some attention you drop me." I Seth, and he comes in closer, "You seem to have forgotten you have a boyfriend, you're unavailable, which you have made abundantly clear." He throws back, "All that which you said about waiting for me, what that all bullshit too?" I snapped. 
I can no longer defer my anger to Harry or Roman because I hate them both,

"You expect me to give up Roman for you? You're worse that him. Roman might hurt me, but at least he is honest, at least he doesn't fool me." I tell him sadly, "I don't believe you were ever going to wait for me, Harry. I think you were going to break us up, and then move in on me, and I wouldn't know any better because every inch of my body is telling me to let you in. It is telling me to love you." I whispered.
"Then love me." He whispered against the nape of my neck. 
"I do. That's the saddest part." I sighed, but I stare at Roman through glass windows and I love the way he is looking at me like I am everything in the world that he is scared to loose. 
"But, I love him too." I spoke close to Harry lips, but pull my self away and walk towards Roman, leaving Harry alone. Again.

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