Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


47. What A Day To Tab

  How about a suicide tab?

Since I couldn't resist torturing Sans' some more, this chapter happened! Sans now had only 5 minutes left of work and was close to the breaking point of breaking. Tons of fangirls and boys of Metatton's had now filled the 1st floor of Dillards and Sans was reallly tired from burning way more calories than usual. He starts to chillax in a box of newly manufactured clothing.
 "zzz....." Slant was about to finally go to sleep when an high pitched noise came from the speakers and almost cracked his bones from how godfully loud it was. He looked up from his box to see Metatton dressed in flashy costume. The fans were now in a frenzy and crowded around the stage.
 "WE LOVE YOU METATTON!" The crowd yelled along with other variations. Metatton grabs the microphone.
 "Thank you all for coming out tonight, mah darlings! Tonight, is a special night, for a close friend of mine has finally found that special someone," Alphys groaned as she positioned a second spotlight onto a certain skeleton in the front row looking extremely emotional and holding Mr. Effing Squeakers close to him. "He has requested for everyone to come to his wedding - well except for some kid named Sans. Without further ado, I will now preform my latest single I just finished writing 5 minutes ago."
 Metatton began singing,

THE FABULOUS WEDDING SONG ( Dedicated to Papyrus )
Written by Metatton

 ( Song starts up with  Metatton strumming random notes on a guitar as if it was Guitar Hero )

Yeah, fam,
Today is the day,
You're gonna get Married Today

( Mett throws the guitar into the shrieking audience as the instrumental continues to play )

It's been quite a while,
With you and your style,
You had finally said the words to your lover,
Oh, how adorable you look!

( Chorus )

The Bells are ringing,
The birds are singing,
It's a wonderful day,
Wonderful to get married.

The song continued as Metatton pranced around like an idiot on stage. Fans including Papyrus were going rabid at the sight and some fangirls began chanting for him to strip. Sans cringed at the sight of everything and left without getting his pay of a penny.

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